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GE Side by Side Refrigerator Not Cooling or Working?

Buying a new refrigerator will give you the best service, and you won’t find a problem with the cooling system. It will give a smooth user experience since the air compressor will be in good condition, and relying on it for a couple of years is not a big deal.

After that time, you may find some cooling issues or any other compressor problem. Using the GE side-by-side refrigerator will provide you with a secure service or performance for a long time.

GE side by side refrigerator not cooling or working?

Your GE side-by-side refrigerator is not cooling or working because of a compressor error. Maybe something inside your refrigerator is blocking the cold air and not allowing it to work correctly. Otherwise, your refrigerator motor is damaged or not functioning properly. You must repair it soon. 

These are the common reasons your Ge side-by-side refrigerator is not working or cooling. Apart from those reasons, you will find some silly causes that will also not allow your refrigerator to work correctly. 

Among them, a dirty and overused refrigerator is one notable cause of your damaged refrigerator.   

If you open your refrigerator too often, the door will be damaged, and your cooling system will be affected. When you keep your fridge open for a long time, the room temperature will go through your refrigerator. 

Eventually, the refrigerator cooling system will fail to maintain its preset temperature.

Let’s go through all the specific reasons why your GE refrigerator cooling system is not working.  

Compressor Error:

If your GE Side-by-side refrigerator stops working like before, you must check your fridge compressor. Maybe it is going down or fails to provide enough cold to maintain the temperature. 

Sometimes, the compressor loses its efficiency, and they become a threat to the entire refrigerator. 

Something is Blocking Cold Air:

If you can’t find anything on your compressor, and it is working just fine, you must keep an eye on your cold air system where the air is coming to your fridge. Maybe something is there that hinders the airflow. 

In most cases, dirt and other obstacles may block the way of airflow. Consequently, you will find that your refrigerator fails to maintain the temperature and is not working.

Manufacturer Error:

If you bought your refrigerator recently and face this problem, you must ask your manufacturer and inform them about it. You must have enough warranty to ask for a replacement. 

Very few refrigerators or electric devices come with manufacturer errors.

Too old to Work:

If your GE side-by-side refrigerator becomes 10 to 15 years old, you must plan to change or replace your existing compressor. 

When your refrigerator or compressor ages past 10 years or passed the warranty time, you may face such problems since it’s already come across the promised service time. 

How do you know if your GE side by side refrigerator compressor is bad?

You will get signs of a bad compressor that will notify you that your GE side-by-side refrigerator compressor is bad. One sign you will notice is the temperature imbalance. 

If your compressor is bad, it will fail to maintain an even temperature for a long time and will not work properly. 

Another sign could be compressor sound and unusual start & stop point. It’s true to get some sound from your compressor for a while, but it will be a sign of a bad compressor if your refrigerator compressor creates a weird sound. 

It only creates much sound once it gets damaged and forces itself to maintain an even temperature.

Ice maker will not work, or failing to ice something like before would be another sign of a bad compressor of your GE refrigerator. These are the common signs for every refrigerator. Check your compressor’s health and ask for repair service whenever you find such a sign.

If you have warranty time and can claim a replacement from your manufacturer or seller, you should inform your manufacturer and ask for a replacement. It will be the best choice since you have a new compressor without any cost. 

How much does it cost to replace a GE side by side refrigerator compressor?

It will cost you around $500-$600 to replace a GE side-by-side refrigerator compressor. Typically, a compressor will cost you around 300-400 bucks, while the servicing charge or the labor cost will be another 100 bucks. 

Before replacing your refrigerator’s compressor, you must check it yourself.

Maybe your compressor has some minor issues you can solve in an hour and save your cost. If you are a DIY, you must know how to remove the compressor from your refrigerator and reinstall it in the same place. If you have that skill, you can save labor costs.

Otherwise, you must invest in other labor to install or replace your existing compressor. In that case, you need to ask your nearby electrician if they can do the work for you. Or you may book the service online. They will give you the best service. 

If you want to avoid all these issues, you may ask your compressor seller to provide the installation service at a minimum cost.

How do I fix my GE side by side refrigerator that is not cooling?

You can fix your GE side-by-side refrigerator that is not working with the following tips. I always follow these tips to solve my GE refrigerator problems. If there are no major or severe problems, you can solve them soon.

On Power Switch Button:

If the ice maker is not producing ice, you will need to turn the power switch for the ice maker to the “On” position. 

Suppose the refrigerator was only recently plugged in, or the door to the freezer section was left open for a lengthy period. In that case, you will need to wait approximately twenty-four hours for the ice to begin forming in the ice bin. 

If the ice maker indicator light is flashing, empty the ice bin of any surplus cubes and ensure that the remaining cubes are the same size.

Push Dispenser:

If water is not being dispensed from the refrigerator, you need to push the water dispenser lever for roughly two minutes to expel any air trapped in the system. 

If the water dispenser is locked, you can unlock the system by pressing and holding the “Lock/Light” button for a few seconds. This will turn on the water dispenser.

How do I reset my GE side by side refrigerator?

Resetting your GE side-by-side refrigerator is always an easy task. You need to go through the given process to have a safe reset.

Turn Off:

Flip the switch that turns off the power to the freezer. The switch that turns off the freezer’s power also operates the cooling system for that particular portion. 

The system in the freezer can restart and function correctly after it has been turned off, which helps. Turn on the freezing chamber. Find the switch that turns the device off. 


If you want the result to be better, you should wait thirty seconds before turning it back on. Doing so allows the freezer’s system and cooling function to restart completely. To turn it back on, move the switch from the “off” position to the “on” position. 

After that, shut the door to the freezer.


Now, you have to open your GE refrigerator to access the arm that shuts off the ice machine. The shut-off arm of the ice maker switches the machine on and off and regulates the amount of ice it produces. 

In most cases, it is white in color and takes the form of a half-hexagon. 

The next thing you need to do is move the shut-off arm of the ice maker in an upward and downward motion three times. To accomplish this: Turn the handle and open the door. Take out the tray that’s sitting on the ice maker. 

Discover where the arm that turns off the ice machine is located. Perform three gentle motions of pushing it up and down.

Final Thoughts

Compressor error, manufacturer error, and other inside problems are the main reasons your GE side-by-side refrigerator is not working or the cooling system is not responding. Sometimes, you may need a compressor replacement to solve the issues and get back your GE refrigerator.