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GE Dishwasher Soap Dispenser Not Opening? (Explained)

The dishwasher has now been frequently used due to its functional use. No one wants to waste their energy especially when they are exhausted after all day’s work. Dishwashers help in such situations and cover up the cleaning of utensils. 

Not functioning properly can also be frustrating.

Following the below tips and information regarding the Ge dishwasher would help you to solve your problem with the soap dispenser not opening and also provide solutions. 

Ge dishwasher soap dispenser not opening

The Ge dishwasher soap dispenser might not work when there is a problem with the dispenser door. The dispenser door would not open when the door spring is broken, so the soap gets clogged making the door still. Meanwhile, a broken latch and wax motor would also lead to the dispenser not opening. 

Ge dishwashers do a great job while cleaning the utensils yet the time required for a dishwasher to clean dishes completely is huge. You would not be getting the dishes out soon though it reduces your work. 

On the other hand, the Ge dishwasher soap dispenser sometimes might not open and work.

Well, no need to panic as minor problems can be solved immediately. If the reason behind the soap Dispenser not opening is difficult to handle, you would rather require help from a professional. 

Broken dispenser door:

Sometimes, the dispenser door might not open, and seem like the dispenser is broken. When too much soap accumulates inside the dispenser, it can clog the door and make it unstable and the dispenser would not work. 


Clean the dispenser, especially all the soap that has accumulated. Also, the hard water gets clogged and causes the door to not move. Remove hardness as well, and use warm water to clean the part. 

In further cases, you might need to repair the door, replacing the dispenser is not necessary. 

Broken spring:

Well, a broken door spring is related to the dispenser door not opening. The spring helps the dispenser door to be flexible. It opens and shuts down the door without any lagging. 

Any problem in the spring would lead to the dispenser door problem. 


You can fix the spring which certainly means replacing the door spring. Do not need to fix the whole dispenser unless there are other problems. Check the spring after cutting off the power supply to the dispenser. 

If it is not spring, then the problem is with the dispenser door. 

Broken latch:

If the latch is broken the soap dispenser would not work either. When the latch is subjected to excess pressure it tends to get damaged. Also, the materials might get deteriorated or create cracks. 

It might refer to bad and low-quality material used in making the latch. 


You should replace the latch. It is a tiny part that helps the work function easier in the dispenser. Well, it is a small task. Unless the condition of the dispenser is bad, you would not need a replacement for the soap dispenser.

Wax motor actuator:

Well, a faulty wax motor refers to the dispenser door problem and also the broken latch problem. Sometimes, the wax motor itself is the reason why the dispenser is not working. It can lead to further problems in the dispenser. 


Wax motor can be fixed but it would need professional help as it is kind of hastily better if you can replace it with a new one. Almost all the parts of the soap dispenser are replaceable with the new one. 

Soap accumulating:

Well, soap accumulation or detergent accumulating inside the dispenser can lead the dispenser to not work. It is all about time. With time, the dispenser would get accumulated with the soap.


Clean the dispenser properly. Especially make it a routine work so that it would not cause problems in future days. You can use warm water mixed with detergent or soap. And simply rub the parts a bit to get off all the soap and dirt.

Why is my new ge dishwasher not dispensing soap?

Probably a new Ge dispenser might not come in a damaged way. Yet, if any problem arises, the problems would be minor ones. If any part is broken, it would rather require a fix. Of course, no one would buy a faulty dishwasher in the first place. 

GE profile:

Too much use of a machine would cause deterioration in its components and also make many problems arise. Sometimes old detergents build up inside the latch area or the soap becomes sticky and the area remains unclean for a long time. 

Turn off the dispenser power connection. Check if any wire is loosely attached or not. And also check the latch area or the area where you put the soap. Clean the space with warm soapy water. 

GE adora:

Low water temperature might not dispense the soap in the dispenser. The soap needs a high temperature to get dissolved and to work efficiently. If the thermostat is not working right, the soap would not dispense. Fix the temperature. 

GE cafe:

When the dispenser door does not open, the soap would not dispense. Well, check it before taking the dishwasher. Also, the faulty inlet valve and circulation can cause the soap to not dispense. You would need to fix the faulty parts if there are any. 

What do I do if my ge dishwasher soap dispenser is broken? 

Dishwasher soap dispensers can get broken due to various reasons and not exactly because the latch is broken or the door spring is damaged. There can be other reasons which would cause damage to the soap dispenser. 

You can follow the below to find a way to fix the soap dispenser when it’s broken.

Use direct soap:

Well, it is a quick solution. If you need the dishwasher urgently and are looking for a way to use it, use the soap directly. It would work quite the same. Still, you should not continue doing this as the dishes might not come in a good condition. 

Fixing the broken parts or replacing the dispenser is easiest here. 

Fix broken parts:

Sometimes, only a part of the dispenser is broken. Like the lid, the door spring, the latch, or others. You can only replace the parts to minimize the cost. Apart from that, when the dispenser gets dirty or the detergent accumulates, it would not definitely work. 

In that case, clean the dispenser.

Remove the hard water-clogged portions from the dispenser. It would help to some extent to make the dispenser work. 

Install a new soap dispenser:

If the soap dispenser is not working at all, no matter what way you try. Better if you repair the whole soap dispenser. Well, it would not cost so much. If you want to use the dishwasher immediately, there are also temporary solutions. 

Yet, repairing the dispenser would help to run the dishwasher for a long time. 

How do you open the soap dispenser on a ge dishwasher?

You can open the soap dispenser easily by yourself. Yet, better if you consult the professionals. If you want to replace certain parts, you can do it too unless you are careful. You can follow the below to open the soap dispenser on a Ge dishwasher.

Open the soap dispenser:

Well, all you need is to unscrew the screws. There are doors protecting the soap dispenser. You first need to remove all the screws from the outer parts and then from the inside. A soap dispenser is mainly covered with the door. Only screwing the screws would make the way clear. 

After removing all the screws, you might find foam above the dispenser. You would need to cut that part. After that, you just need to release the dispenser by removing 6 screws over the dispenser. There is a power supply line, remove the line as well before removing the screws.

The dispenser would come off. You can now check if the door is working or not. And also check all the parts individually and get them repaired. Or just replace it with a new one. Well, you would certainly need to fix the parts or change them. And you can do both. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, the Ge dishwasher soap dispenser not opening mainly refers to the door being damaged or not opening. Now the reason can be soap accumulation, faulty door spring, faulty latch, faulty wax motor, and more. Either you can replace the broken part or just buy a new dispenser for the dishwasher.