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Dryer Keeps Saying Clean Filter: How to Fix It?

Nothing is more frustrating than having a good dryer that suddenly starts to function funny. One of the concerns that many faces have to do with the dryer constantly saying that you need to clean your filter.

It might get confusing if you’ve cleaned your dryer already. So here are reasons why your dryer might act so and how you’d need to fix it.

The dryer keeps saying clean filter

In most tumbler and electronic dryers, one of the common issues that need to be fixed is how the dryer keeps saying clean filter constantly. This primarily happens due to clogged lint traps and dirty dryer vents. Restarting and cleaning the filters helps to fix this issue. 

While your dryer is one of the most useful appliances that you might have at your house, nothing exasperates one more than the same dryer keeps beeping to warn that the filter needs to be cleaned.

As long as the dryer keeps signaling that you’d need to clean the filter, no further action would be possible. For you to fix this problem, you would first need to identify why a dryer may keep saying that you need to clean the filter.

Here are a few reasons why your dryer is repeatedly on alert:

Dirty filter:

The very first reason might be the most common one that makes the dryer go off, warning that your dryer filter needs to be cleaned.

The lint trap in your dryer, as you may know, plays a big part in the smooth functioning of your appliance. You would need to make sure that the lint trap has no deposits after every drying session.

If, however, the lint trap is clogged, you would assume that the dryer filter is clean but your dryer would keep saying that you need to clean your filter until you unclog that lint trap.  

This is a considerably valid reason and does not mean, in any way, that something is wrong with your dryer.


The solution to a clogged lint trap is simple, as you might have guessed. You would need to clean all the sediments off the clogged filter.

You would need to be through so that you can sweep and clean most of the debris stuck in the filter. You might need a vacuum to clean the insides because you should expect to see a lot of accumulated dust.

Lint deposit:

Another problem that occurs with the lint trap is how most or more of the lint ends up in the dryer causing the alert to warn you continually as well. If you pay a little attention, this problem is easy to identify.

If you notice that there is little to no lint on the lint screen, you may have to assume that most of the lint that is being deposited could mean that it is being deposited on the dryer.

This, again, can be a sign of a much bigger problem. Along with the constant signaling from the dryer that you need to clean the filter; this could also mean that there are problems with the venting system of the appliance.

The issue can spiral out of your control if the venting system starts to malfunction. Due to the immense pressure from the back without a proper vent, there is a possibility that your dryer might catch on fire.

Hence, if the dryer keeps saying you need to clean the filter, you may want to take it as a warning for other issues as well.


You can avoid this problem by checking into the lint screen regularly to check lint deposits.

Cleaning the lint trap will be the way to fix a dryer that keeps warning you. In this case, you would need a brush kit so that you can reach far out.

Dirty dryer ducts:

Other than the lint traps, dirty dryer ducts can also make the dryer keep saying clean filter without you noticing that it needs to be cleaned.


To solve this, you need to clean the dryer duct or vent. Before cleaning the dryer vent duck, you need to disconnect the appliance.

You may use a dryer vent cleaner kit to get into the ducts. Since the length of the brush needs to be long enough, kits would be your savior.

Sensor issues:

The dryer sensor is not working properly. If you clean your dryer regularly and have your lint traps and dryer ducts unclogged and unproblematic, you need to be vigilant about the sensor of your dryer.

Sometimes, even after cleaning, the sensor may go off and constantly keep about filter cleaning. There may be problems with the connection. It


For this, you need to be able to find the sensor first as it may be located in different spots for each type and brand of dryer. Mostly, it is behind the appliance under one of the panels.

Then, using a multimeter, check the voltage that is coming into the dryer. If the multimeter shows a number that is closer to zero, you know there is an issue with the sensor.

Is the dryer keeps saying clean filter common issue?

Dryer saying clean filter might be a common issue. To make sure you use the dryer, you should also know the facts about it.


Tumble dryer:

Tumbler dryers may have this issue since Tumbling can cause the lint to be displayed in the dryer.

Electric dryer:

This problem is quite common in electric dryers because sensors in these types of dryers work to warn periodically as well.

Gas dryer:

Gas dryers do not have the issue of saying clean filter constantly since there is no provision to empty any tray.


LG dryer:

Error code to clean filter in LG filter is quite common and often happens because the lint filter has not been inserted the right way.

GE dryer:

GE dryers have this issue when the type of dryer is an electronic one.

Beko dryer:

Although not so common, the dryer would cease working completely if the message goes off once.

Electrolux dryer:

This might be one of the most common issues in Electrolux dryers because the lint often gets trapped in blower wheels.

Hotpoint dryer:

This brand’s most prevalent issue is the fire risk rather than the clean filter error code.

Bosch dryer:

Bosch dyers seldom show a clean filter message and only do so when required.

Kenmore dryer:

Kenmore dryers have to keep saying clean filter if there is a clogged lint filter.

How do you unclog a dryer filter?

While you need your dryer daily, your dryer also needs some maintenance work once in a while.

You can avoid the problem with your dryer by cautioning you to clean your filter incessantly by unclogging your dryer filter. Here is how to do it:

Clean filter:

To unclog a dryer filter and to keep the filter unclogged, you would need to clean it after every use but a periodical, more thorough clean is also required.

After you use the dryer, wipe away the filter in a downward stroke from corner to corner. During the thorough cleaning, you may want to use some warm and soapy water.

Check sensor alert:

You may want to keep your eyes open and look out for the sensor alerts, lint screen, or even the clean filter display message as some models would show.

This keeps you in the loop of cleaning and unclogging the filter.

Disconnect the dryer:

Always disconnect the appliance before you are to clean or unclog the dryer filter.

It is best to use a brush kit or a special tool that would allow you to clean all the way. You can also use a vacuum with a hose to get rid of all the debris.

How do I reset my LG dryer?

Here is how you need to reset your LG dryer:


The first and most important step is to unplug the LG dryer. Make sure you have disconnected the dryer before anything.

Turn off child lock:

Before any other steps, you may also want to check if the child lock function is turned on. To turn off the child lock feature, you would need to press and hold it for three seconds.

Locate pause play button:

Next, locate the pause-play button. Now you would need to press this button and hold it for 5 seconds.

Examine door latch:

Before plugging the dryer in, you should examine the door latch to see if the latch is malfunctioning.

Reconnect dryer:

Now you can plug back and connect the LG dryer to the main supply. The resetting should be over now.

Final Thoughts

If your dryer keeps saying clean filter. you would first need to check the lint filter. This happens if lint is trapped somewhere in the dryer. Clogging in the filter is the most common reason but an electronic issue can also cause the same. Unclogging the lint trap after every wash can be a fix.