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Does a Microwave Have a Reset Button? (Quick Answers)

A microwave is an electromagnetic wave that can heat the ovens. Also, scientists use it in making radar. But we will talk about the microwave oven. Many people ask about the reset button and its functionality.

Here you go. The microwave has some buttons on it. These buttons have several functions. One is for on/off; another one is for heating control and more. But the question is, does a microwave have a reset button?

To know the answer and get some excellent tips and ideas, keep on reading. We will explain and talk about everything regarding the microwave reset buttons.

Does a microwave have a reset button?

The microwave doesn’t have a reset button. But you can reset it using the on/off button. If you need to reset the entire program for heating, press the on/off button for a while. It will be reset. Besides, you may plug off the microwave and then plug in to hard reset the oven.

Resetting a microwave is no longer a challenging task. And it doesn’t require a reset button. Now, we will talk about different microwaves and show you how to reset them.

GE microwave:

GE microwave has an off/clear button as it doesn’t have any reset button. If you need to reset it, you have to press the clear button for a while. It will be reset in a moment.

On the other hand, follow the process after completing your cooking. Don’t be in a rush. It would be best if you had the patience to reset your GE Microwave.

Frigidaire microwave:

To reset the Frigidaire microwave, users plug out the microwave for the socket. After that, wait for two/three minutes. Then plug in your microwave. However, it doesn’t have any reset button.

By following this step, you will hard reset your Frigidaire microwave. As a result, you need to turn it on again. And set the timer and everything.

Samsung microwave:

You can easily reset the Samsung microwave. It doesn’t have any reset button most of the time. Therefore, you need to unplug the microwave and wait for two minutes.

Be sure the microwave gets a minimum time to reset all the options. After that, plug into the socket again and turn it on. You are done. Your Samsung microwave is ready to use again.

Kenmore microwave:

Kenmore microwave doesn’t have any reset button. But you can still reset it. To do it, you have to press the off button for about 5 seconds.

Your Kenmore microwave will reset itself. After that, set all other programs like timing and your preference.

Whirlpool microwave:

Whirlpool microwave also doesn’t have any reset button. But it has a clear button. You may reset the program and the screen by pressing the clear button for a while.

When you see there is nothing on the screen, you are good to go. Now you can set the new time and program.

LG microwave:

LG microwave is made without a reset button. To reset your LG microwave, you need to press the off button for about 4 seconds. It will clear every preset program.

It’s an effective way to reset your LG microwave soft. There is nothing complicated.

Panasonic microwave:

The same thing happens here. Your Panasonic microwave doesn’t have any reset button. You need to reset it manually.

First of all, press the level button to get the preset program. But you need to reset it. So, press the open button for about 4-5 seconds. It will be reset.

Sharp microwave:

Sharp microwave doesn’t have any reset button. In that case, the stop and clock button will do the job here. First, tap the stop button a couple of times.

Then, press the clock button and reset the time. These two steps will help to reset your sharp microwave soon.

Hamilton Beach:

Hamilton beach has a reset button. So, you can quickly and effortlessly reset your microwave without following tips and tricks.

All you need is to slide out the reset button and press it. You’re done. However, it would help if you pressed it with a thin pin.

Where is the reset button on a microwave?

Typically, the reset button is on the front side of the microwave. You will find it between on/off switches. But most of the time, you will get a reset button with the microwave.

Usually, the microwave doesn’t come with a reset button. Still, you can reset it manually. In that case, plugging in and out is a good option. If you plug out the microwave and then plug it in again, it will automatically reset the function.

But to do a hard reset, you need to change the time format. When a microwave finds any time format change, its memory erases the previous data and works with a new flow.

How to reset a microwave oven?

You have two reset options. One is a soft and normal reset; the other one is a hard reset. A soft reset will erase the primary data and will follow your new instruction.

But the hard reset will erase everything. You will set up the time frame and everything. Therefore, it works like a new microwave oven.

To reset a microwave oven, it would be best if you followed some easy steps. These are for both hard and soft reset.

Look for the reset button:

Look for the reset button though you will not find the button with most of the microwave.

Press for some time:

If you find any clear button, press it for 3-5 seconds. It will reset the function. You can use the off button too.

Check the new interface:

After pressing it for a while, you will get a new interface to put the required data again.

Plug out for hard reset:

If you follow the first three steps, you are done with a soft reset. What if you need to make a hard reset? Plug out the microwave oven.

Erase memory:

Wait for 2-3 minutes and let your oven erase everything from its memory. It’s the first condition of hard reset.

Put back the plug:

Time is over, and the microwave is ready to plugin again. After putting the plug on the socket, change the time format. It will ensure a 100% hard reset.

Is there a hard reset for a microwave?

There is a hard reset for a microwave. As we said before, if you plug out the microwave and wait for minutes, it will hard reset the microwave. Also, it would be best if you change the preset time frame.

A hard reset is an excellent option to newly set the microwave if it comes from a service center. When you find your microwave oven has some issues, a hard reset will make it productive again.

What causes a microwave to stop working suddenly?

A blown main fuse causes a microwave to stop working suddenly. There are some other reasons as well. Could you keep reading to explore them?

Too much power supply:

When the main fuse gets too much electricity, your microwave will suddenly stop working. Moreover, there are some other fuses. They will also stop working if they get excess current.

Hard reset may cause problem:

Sometimes the hard reset is a risk factor for the microwave oven. It might suddenly stop working after a hard reset.

Too much dust:

If the microwave motor gets any issues or too much dust, it will suddenly stop working. In that case, it would be best to seek help from the manufacturer. But you can clean the motor yourself if it’s not that tough.


Overheating is another concern for the microwave. When it becomes overheated, it will suddenly stop working.

Old microwave:

When your microwave oven gets too old, it might suddenly stop working. And it’s a common reason for most of the old microwaves. In this regard, you need to change your microwave oven and buy a new one.

How do you know if your microwave fuse is blown?

To check the microwave fuse, you can use an Ohmmeter or the continuity checker. They both can do the job correctly and without making any issues. An ohmmeter is the best in this regard.

To check the fuse, you will find two indicators in your ohmmeter. They are:

  • Zero Ohm
  • Infinite Ohm

If you find zero-ohm in the checker, it indicates that your fuse is okay. But if it shows the infinite ohm, it means your microwave fuse is blown. However, the continuity checker also does the job.

Moreover, the overheating might also bowl the fuse. In that case, you need to check it manually.

Final Thoughts

You will not find any reset button with the microwave. Instead, you will get a clear/off button that you can use for the same. In that case, you have to press the off button for a while and let the microwave reset itself. Also, by plugging out and in, you can easily do the hard reset.