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Can You Use Oxiclean in a Carpet Cleaner? (Answered)

Carpets, an integral part of our house decorations. Carpets are a great asset as it keeps you from damaging your floors directly. Additionally, it also gives away an elegant look. 

Now, like everything else in your house, your carpets also need maintenance. Additionally, you may need multiple products to clean and maintain the carpet. However, can you use oxiclean in a carpet cleaner? 

In general oxiclean is a great product for any cleaning option. But, can it be used in order to clean a carpet? To find the answers, bear with us. We are here with all your answers and we shall try to remove all your confusions. Therefore, let’s get started shall we? 

Use oxiclean in carpet cleaner

You can use oxiclean in carpet cleaner. It’s great for removing stains. Other than using oxiclean there are other DIY options that can be used to keep your carpets clean. However, it is not recommended to use oxiclean in a steam cleaning machine no matter how hard the stains are. 

Usually, oxiclean is known for its amazing skills of removing stains. You can remove almost all sorts of stains. It is usually added along with other laundry essentials. Oxiclean works best on smaller areas. Moreover, you can use them on small carpets. 

However, it is barely used on an entire carpet. You can simply dampen the carpet with water and oxiclean in order to remove the stain. 

Oxiclean can be used in any sort of carpet cleaner. However, the best sort of carpet cleaning is done by steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction. It is considered to be greatly effective when you want to clean your carpets. 

Steam cleaning is usually used by professionals. They use a strong machine that sprays the carpet with warm water and detergent in order to clean it.  

However, while steam cleaning oxiclean cannot be used and it is not recommended to use while steam cleaning. 

As natural ingredients that you can use to clean carpets are white vinegar, ammonia, and baking soda. These ingredients are great when it comes to removing stains. 

White vinegar is known to be the best carpet cleaner when it comes to comparing homemade  cleaners. You can also use carpet cleaners with  hydrogen peroxide.  

Different ingredients have different time limits for working on the carpets. Some of them may be proven more effective than the other ones. 

Now, Oxiclean has multiple versions of it which are greatly effective. However, oxiclean shouldn’t be used outside your laundry room.    

Additionally, you must ensure that you’re not using an excessive amount of oxiclean on your carpet. This can make the situation worse. Under such circumstances you’d want to contact a professional as soon as possible. 

Moreover, not taking necessary steps at the right time can severely damage your carpet or rug.

Can I use oxiclean in my hoover/bissell carpet cleaner? 

You can use oxiclean in your hoover/bissell carpet cleaner. However, under a few circumstances it is not recommended. Although it’s known to be highly effective for moving stains, there are chances that using an excessive amount will stain your carpet or rug. 

Additionally, the manufacturers of Bissell recommend not to use other cleaners along with theirs. Bissell is a great cleaning formula on its own. It has a formula with no dye, optical brighteners, or phosphates. 

And they are known to give you remarkable results when paired with their Bissell carpet cleaning machines. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any stains or damage.

On the other hand, the same goes for Hoover. The manufacturers recommend using their own detergent on their own. And they are known to work out just fine. 

However, if you are considering a much affordable option, you can simply use white vinegar and water at a 50-50 percentage and remove the stains.          

Additionally, you can still choose to oxiclean with your hoover/bissell carpet cleaner.        

Reasons oxiclean can be used in carpet cleaner 

Oxiclean is a great and affordable option, when you want to keep your carpet looking as good as new. And in most cases, you will get results that are truly appreciable . 

Here are a few reasons why oxiclean can be used in carpet cleaner: 

Great for removing all sorts of stains:

None of us enjoys having stains on their household belongings. The carpets on your floors also have an impact on how your house is going to look. Therefore, it’s mandatory to keep your carpets clean. 

If you have harder stains on your carpets, then you must try oxiclean. Oxiclean specializes in removing all sorts of stains without being harsh to the carpet. It is considered to be one of the best kinds of carpet shampoo. 

And paired with a carpet cleaner, it eventually gives you fruitful results. 

Does not contain chlorine or bleach: 

Another reason why you should use oxiclean  while cleaning your carpet is because they do not contain any sorts of chlorine or bleach. We homemakers know how bleach and chlorine based products can affect the health of the carpet. 

Additionally, using any product that has chlorine or bleach can ruin or cause damage to the fabric of your carpet. 

For instance, it will ruin the color and also decreases the lifespan of your carpet. Moreover, most carpet cleaners or any cleaner mostly contains chlorine, which clearly is a no-no.

However, using oxiclean in excess can be harmful for your carpets too. Therefore, do your research before you make your carpet go through anything. 

How much OxiClean do I put in my carpet cleaner?

You can put 1 scoop of oxiclean in 1 gallon of water. Now, you may need to adjust the amount of oxiclean depending on the length or size of your carpet. It’s recommended not to use an excessive amount of oxiclean. It can be a threat to the health of your carpet. 

Additionally, you should make sure that the water must be either hot or at least lukewarm. It’s important as the warm water helps the oxiclean to break down easily and mix properly. Apart from that, you can use oxiclean with other carpet cleaners. This guarantees you better results. 

The best part is that you can also use oxiclean with your homemade carpet cleaners. Rest assured the results would not disappoint you. 

However, if you are only trying to remove a stain from your carpet, then you can use an eighth of a scoop in sixteen ounces of water. This is a measurement according to the label of oxiclean. 

This should be enough if you are only planning on removing stains. 

How to use oxiclean in a carpet cleaner?

You can use oxi cleaner with other types of carpet cleaning agents. And it should be used in a certain amount. Additionally, be sure not to use excess powder more than recommended or required. Here are a few steps on how you can use oxiclean in a carpet cleaner: 

Start with performing a spot test: 

Before you go on with the entire process, you may want to perform a spot test on the carpet. Make a mixture with an eighth of a scoop and mix with sixteen ounces of water and spray it on an easy to hide spot of your carpet.

Once sprayed, wait for a couple of minutes. If no stains appear then you are all set. This means your carpet would not react with oxiclean and end up creating any stains. 

Pretreating the stain:

The next step is to pre-treat the stain before applying oxiclean to the carpet. Pretreating the stain helps the oxiclean work better. It allows the solution to remove stains faster. Clean any sorts of excess products that’ve been left behind. Use a dry cloth to remove any leftovers. 

Soaking the stain with Oxiclean: 

Once you have cleaned and pretreated the carpet, you are ready to use oxiclean on it. Make a mixture as instructed on the packing and pour it over the stain. 

Now you would want to wait for a while and until the carpet soaks the oxiclean. It’s important that the oxiclean gets absorbed well, otherwise the stain may not come off as expected. 

Therefore, once you apply the mixture on the stain let it sit for at least five minutes.    

Bloating with a clean towel: 

Once the mixture is soaked by the carpet you would want to use a dry cloth to blot the carpet. Repeat it until the stain is fully gone. It may take some time but eventually, the stain should be removed. 

Additionally, do not rub roughly or apply excessive pressure on the carpet. This may cause the carpet to absorb the stain rather than removing it.

Final Thoughts

You can use oxiclean in carpet cleaner. Oxiclean is a great option for removing stains. However, it is not recommended to use in steam cleaning. The results could be disappointing. Additionally, you can use oxiclean with homemade or commercial grade carpet cleaner.