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Can You Put Towels in the Washer & Dryer? (Answered)

When it comes to listing the bathroom essentials, towels would be on the top of the list. As much as we need towels to maintain us, towels need to be maintained too.

However, do you know how to maintain towels? Is it a lot of work? Can you put towels in the washer and dryer? If these questions are on your mind, then you are knocking at the right door.

Today we are going to talk about whether or not you can put towels in the washer dryer or not. Therefore, bear with us till the end to find all your answers. Let’s get started!

Putting towels in the washer & dryer

You can put towels in the washer and dryer. However, the towels should be washed separately from other clothes. Additionally, experts recommend drying the towels differently as they can take more time to dry. Over drying the clothes can destroy the quality of the fabrics. 

We invest heavily on premium towels. Furthermore, there are luxury basics that must be taken care of or they will not last long. Washing and drying a towel may appear simple, but you must complete the full procedure correctly to offer them a longer lifespan.

When your towels are washed properly, you can easily get rid of the musty smell. Eventually, it also helps you preserve the color and texture of the towels.


Every task brings a better outcome when done in the right technique. Therefore, you can surely use the washer to clean your towels, however you need to make sure you’re doing it right.

You need to check on the settings, the mode, the duration of the cycle and the clothes you’re going to wash with the towels.

Additionally, you would also want to check the fabric of the clothes and also consider the colors of those clothes. There’s always a risk of the towels being stained by colorful clothes.

Towels must be washed at least every 4-5 days. Additionally, you’d want to wash your towel before you use it for the first time. It’s best to wash your towels with warm water and mild detergent or color-safe bleach.

Make sure to wash white towels separately as they could get stained easily. In the case of white towels you can use non-chlorine bleach and hot water.  


As soon as you’re done washing, do not just throw the towel into the hot dryer. Give your towels a little shake, this will help you get rid of the extra water.

This helps you reduce the drying time of the towels. Additionally, avoid ironing terry towels. Ironing them impacts their absorbency rate.

Moreover, you’d want to dry the towel in a low heat setting. It will take longer however, it’s safe for the fabric of the towel.

Also, do not add dryer sheets. Additionally, avoid drying other clothes with towels, because the towels will take longer to dry. Once the towel has dried completely, take it out of the dryer and give them a little shake.

Do not let the towels sit in the dryer for too long. This could ruin the quality of the fabric and cause it to become rough.  

Is it bad to put bath towels in the washer and dryer?

It is not bad to put bath towels in the washer and dryer. However, avoid putting wet towels in the washer. This could result in creating a moldy smell in your towel.

Therefore, you can wait till the towel dries out. Otherwise, the moisture gets locked in the fabric and encourages the growth of mold in the towel.

Using a towel that has an active mold growth can lead to many skin problems and allergies.  

However, it is recommended not to use a wet towel for a wash. Therefore, you can put the towel in the dryer first. Once the towel has dried out, you can put it in for a wash.

If you choose to put your wet towels in the washer, the towel will get all bunched up. As a result, it will take longer than usual to dry out and additionally you may notice stubborn creases.

Eventually, you may have to stop using the towel. Therefore, you can put bath towels in the washer and dryer but with precautions.

How long to put towels in washing machine and dryer?

Towels should be put in the washer for a regular cycle which can be 50-60 minutes and in the washer for 10-30 minutes.

Every towel should be washed after 3-5 uses. However, if you do not wash the towels at least after 5 uses, it encourages the growth of bacteria in the towel. Eventually, the towel ends up with a swift growth of mold.

For towels it is recommended to either wash them with towels or to wash them with larger loads. However, it’s best if they are washed along with towels. When washing a towel one must keep in mind that, you cannot use chlorine based detergent.

It’s better to use mild detergent or non- chlorine bleach. These essentials are good enough to keep your towels disinfected.

Remember not to wash towels with regular clothes as they may need more time than regular clothes.

What setting do you put towels on in the washer and dryer?

Towels are recommended not to put in the washer with regular clothes. Towels are considered to be large loads. Therefore, they are requested to wash separately.


There are multiple settings in a washer. From heavy to gentle, there can be about thirteen modes on average. However, not all of them are used regularly. For regular usage, we either use gentle wash cycles or regular wash cycles.

While cleaning towels in the washer, you can simply use the regular wash cycle. A regular wash cycle lasts from 50 minutes to an hour. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the time of the regular wash cycle depending on the size of the loads.

In case you are washing too many towels together, you may want to increase the cycle duration. This will help you clean the towels properly.

On the other hand, while you are washing just a handful of towels you can decrease the time. Keeping the towels in the washer for too long can damage the health of the towels.  


Like a washer, the dryer can also have different drying cycles. Additionally, it’s better to know which settings to use depending on the size of the load. Over drying the towels can damage them.

Before you place the towels in the dryer, make sure there is no extra water left in the towels. In case the towels are too wet, they will take too much time to dry out. According to the thumb rule. It can take from 10-30 minutes for the towels to dry.

Make sure you do not over-dry the towels, eventually it will damage the fabrics and quality of the towels.

How to put towels in washer and dryer?

If you like to maintain hygiene, then make sure to wash your towels every 3-4 days.

Here are a few steps you would want to follow when putting towels in washer and dryer:

Separating colored towels:

In order to avoid color bleeding, you must start with separating colorful and light-colored towels. It’s better to wash colorful towels together.

As towels are known to be absorbent,lighter towels will most likely absorb color from the darker colored towels if washed together.

Loading the towels and adding detergent:

Once you’re done separating them, you would want to load the washing machine with the towels. Additionally, make sure that you are not overloading the machine.

Make sure the load is even. As per the thumb rule, a typical washer can hold up to 7 bath towels whereas a top loading machine can hold up to 10 towels.   

The next thing is to add detergent. If required you can also add non-chlorine bleach. Use bleach only if you want to get rid of stains. Most regular detergents are fine for cleaning a towel.

Starting a washing cycle:

The luxury towels you use can be washed in a regular washing cycle. They are considered ideal for cleaning towels. Try to wash the towels in warm water. Your white and lighten towels look brighter when washed in warm water.                

Shaking off the excessive water and placing in the dryer:

A regular wash cycle will be over in 50-60 minutes. Once the towels are clean enough, get it out and shake the towel well. This will help you get rid of excessive water. Then place it in the dryer. Within 10-30 minutes the towels should be dry.

Final Thoughts

You can put towels in the washer and dryer. However, you must prevent yourself from putting a wet towel in the washer. Dry the towel before placing it in the washer. Otherwise, the fabric of the towel will lock moisture in it and encourage the growth of mold.