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Can You Paint the Inside of a Microwave? (Explained)

We can hardly think of a life without kitchen appliances like microwaves that have become an integrated part of our daily lives. As a microwave age, it can start showing trouble as you try to heat your food. 

The most common problem with a microwave is the peeling of paint which can lead to rusting. But there are ways to take care of this problem, like repainting the interior.

Can you paint the inside of the microwave?

You can paint the inside of a microwave, but only with heat-resistant, microwave-safe paint. If the inside of your microwave becomes rusty or starts peeling off, it becomes necessary to repaint to prevent further rusting. With some simple steps, you can take care of this painting yourself.

Walk through this section to learn if you can apply the following paints to paint the inside of your microwave –

Spray paint: 

You can spray paint the inside of a microwave, but the paint has to be of the right type for the microwave. Talk to the seller to be sure about the type of paint you are buying and what for. You can damage the microwave if you choose the wrong kind of paint. 

Spray painting the inside of a microwave is relatively easier than any other method. But, it must be done with caution. 

It is better to test the paint beforehand by spraying only a small amount in a small place and checking if it gets warmer than other areas when the oven heats up. 

High heat paint:

High heat paint is the right choice for painting the inside of a microwave. A microwave is a heating device hence, a paint that can withstand heat is suitable for it. 

If you choose the wrong paint that can’t stand the heat, the painted area will heat up in no time and cause arcing and lead to fire. It will also start to come off and contaminate your food which is very unwanted.

You must use high heat, microwave-safe paint to paint a microwave’s interior. Microwave-safe paints are designed to withstand the immense heat produced by a microwave. 

Talk to the seller before buying and also run a paint test before applying on a large scale. 

Is it safe to paint the inside of a microwave?

It is not safe to paint the inside of a microwave with the wrong kind of paint as it can pose fire risks, arcing, and peeling of paint. It is safe to paint the exterior of a microwave with any type of paint as the exterior does not come in direct contact with the waves and heat.

The inside part is quite sensitive as it has metal in it. Metal has free electrons that can’t be exposed to microwaves or else they can cause arcing, mini lightning bolts, and sometimes even lead to fire. 

This is why the metal interior of a microwave is always covered in microwave-safe paint. 

If the insides of your microwave are peeling off or rusting, it is okay to repaint with microwave-safe paint. Just make sure that the paint is resistant to heat and 100% safe to use inside the microwave. 

Can you paint the inside of a rusty microwave?

You can paint the inside of a rusty microwave depending on the stage of rusting. With a little bit of rusting here and there, you can cover them up and stop them from rusting further with good quality, rust-proof and healing paint. 

But if the rusting has reached a point where no paint can save it, you may have to give up on your microwave and buy a new one. Or you could take professional guidance to decide what’s best for you. 

It is unhealthy to keep using a rusty microwave. Microwave rusting usually happens due to food spillage. When spilled food is not properly cleaned, it gets baked with each use and starts to rust. 

What is microwave-safe paint?

A microwave-safe paint is the type of paint that is designed to be used inside a microwave. The exterior of a microwave doesn’t come in close contact with the heat. On the contrary, the interior is always exposed to heat and waves. 

A microwave-safe paint has to have the ability to withstand this heat.

You can’t just use any paint for a microwave. The wrong paint can lead to arcing, peeling, and even fire. Also, the wrong spray-on paint can penetrate through the holes of the interior and ruin the device.

Make sure that the paint you buy has a label that says heat resistant for microwave use. Only microwave-safe paint can withstand the microwaves and the immense heat. Other paint can break and contaminate your food. 

What kind of paint can you use on the inside of a microwave?

You can use the following paints to paint inside your microwave –

Spray paint:

Spray paint is the easiest paint to use especially when you are planning to paint the whole inside of a microwave. It generally comes in a can that has either a trigger or a push button to operate. 

It can be tough to handle the force and amount of how much paint comes out when you push or squeeze the trigger. This is why spray paint suits a painting job where the area is big. 

If you just need to paint a small area inside your microwave, you should go for a different paint for easier application.

Brush on paint:

Brush on paint, as the name suggests, has to be applied by a brush. This type of paint is best for painting small spots inside a microwave. It can require multiple coats to reach the desired result. 

Brush-on paint comes in a container and has to be applied with a roller or a brush. Choose the right type that you feel comfortable using while buying the paint. You can even target tiny scratches or small spots to go over with a brush on paint. 

Non toxic paint:

No matter what paint you choose, it must be non toxic. A toxic paint can create fumes that are bad for your health and damage the oven. It contaminates the food as the heat breaks it up. 

Make sure that the paint you are buying is 100% safe for food and drinks, heat resistant, and microwave safe. 

Where can I buy microwave cavity paint? 

Microwave cavity paint may seem like a hard paint to find, but it is readily available in many stores. When it comes to microwave interiors, it is right to give a lot of thought before choosing paint. But microwave-safe paints are not difficult to find. 

 You can easily find them in most hardware shops. 

Along with hardware shops, you can also find microwave cavity paint in home stores, paint stores, and appliance stores. Most paint stores keep the options for microwave-safe and heat-resistant paints. The best way is to talk with the seller to find the right paint. 

How to paint the inside of a microwave? 

The following steps will help you to learn how to paint the inside of a microwave – 

Unplug the microwave and prepare the surface:

Before you start doing anything, you must unplug the microwave from its power source first. Next, wear gloves and take off any peeling paint. Use medium-grit sandpaper to sand down any uneven surface. 

Clean the inside of the microwave and remove moisture:

Use soapy hot water to clean away any grease, grime, and paint remnant from the sanding. You need to clean the microwave thoroughly to get a flawless painting.

Next, use a dry and clean cloth to remove any moisture. You need to perfectly dry the surface before applying the paint, or else the paint won’t sit right. The microwave’s interior doesn’t need primer, just a dry surface is needed. 

Paint test the inside of the microwave:

In this step, apply some paint to a small area inside the microwave. Let it dry completely and then heat up a cup of water for one minute at the highest heat.

Check if the painted area feels warmer than other parts of the microwave in touch. If it does, it means the paint is not properly heat resistant and not the right choice for the repainting job. 

Paint the microwave and dry completely:

Now that you have selected the right paint for your microwave, it’s time to paint. Apply paint all over the areas that need repainting and wait for at least 24 hours for it to dry. You can start using the microwave only when the paint is fully dry. 

If the interior needs multiple coats, make sure to dry each coat completely in between. 

Final Thoughts

You can paint the inside of a microwave. But you have to remember that the paint will be exposed to the heat. You will have to use paint that is designed to be used inside the microwave. Microwave-safe paints have to be heat resistant to withstand the heat a microwave produces.