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Can a Mini Fridge Catch Fire or Blow Up? (Answered)

Who doesn’t enjoy the benefits of mini-fridges, right? They are so compact that they can be placed anywhere to enjoy cold drinks and keep food cool.

That being said, you might wonder how a mini-fridge blows up and how to prevent it from happening. Let’s find the answers to all your doubts.

Can a mini fridge catch fire or blow up?

Mini-fridges don’t usually blow up or catch fire. However, it does sometimes happen for various reasons. The most common reasons for this harmful accident are faulty compressors and power supply cords. The blow-up can be harmful as the fridge contains highly flammable refrigerant gas.

The mini-fridges can catch fire or blow up for numerous internal and external factors. They can catch fire due to a short circuit, damaged compressor, or failure of the capacitor.

If the refrigerant gas leaks around the power cord, it can even cause a massive blow up. It will happen if there is any electric spark around the mini-fridge as the gas is highly flammable.

That being said, it is quite rare nowadays since most refrigerators come with safety measures. You can also keep your mini-fridge safe from blow up or catching fire by taking a few precautionary steps during installation.

Are mini fridges a fire risk?

All electrical appliances are somewhat a fire risk as they can catch fire due to any electrical error. The mini-fridges can also be a fire risk when they are not well maintained.

They can start fire due to damaged electric supply cords, capacitor failure, and faulty electrical wiring.

If there are easily combustible items stacked up around the mini-fridge, it will immediately become a fire risk as those items can catch fire due to an electric spark.

To prevent your mini-fridge from being a fire risk, you should ensure that you don’t have any items that can easily catch fire stacked up near it.

Can a mini fridge blow up?

Mini-fridge blow offs are incredibly unusual and don’t usually occur because they come with high safety measures. Although it is rare, if the fridge blows up, it can be pretty fatal.

The compressor in the mini-fridge is generally the cause of fridge blow off. The compressor mainly comprises a pump and a motor that pushes the refrigerant gas through its coils.

It is found in the rear of most refrigerators which can blow up due to any damage or usage for a long time without any maintenance.

What are the reasons for a mini fridge to blow up and catch on fire?

A mini-fridge can catch fire and blow up for numerous reasons. By understanding the reasons that can cause the mini-fridge to blow up, you can take proper precautionary steps.

Here are the reasons for mini-fridges blowing up and catching on fire:

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Failure of capacitor:

The polypropylene capacitor activates the compression system’s motor. It is found in the mini-fridges base. If the capacitor fails or gets damaged, it might malfunction and heat up, eventually making the fridge catch on fire.

The capacitor failure can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty connections
  • Incorrect installation
  • Age-related damage
  • Fault during manufacturing 

Refrigerant gas:

The mini-fridges contain refrigerant gas that functions as a heat carrier. This gas is highly flammable. So, if the gas escapes from the fridge, it will cause a huge blow off and fire.

R600a (isobutene) is the most popular refrigerant gas used these days. This is because it is seen to be beneficial in terms of preventing global warming. However, it is highly combustible. 

Fault in the power supply cord:

This is one of the most common causes of fire and the blow off of mini-fridges. If the power supply cord of the fridge is faulty and is not connected correctly, it can cause a short circuit, resulting in a fire accident.

Damaged PTCR:

PTCR is a disc-shaped item located in the middle of two spring plates. It is in charge of starting the compressor motor in the mini-fridge. It is manufactured with materials that can resist high temperatures.

However, wear and tear or foreign particles will cause temperature rise. If the temperature rises beyond its limit, the plastic shell around it will catch on fire, eventually burning the whole fridge. 

How do you keep a mini fridge from blowing up?

You can prevent your mini-fridge from blowing up by taking some precautionary measures. Let’s take a look at a few safety tips to keep a mini-fridge from blowing up.

Put the mini fridge in a dry and open space:

Electric appliances don’t go well with water. Spillage of water on a fridge can cause short circuits, malfunction, electric sparks, and more. So, you should place your mini-fridge in a space that always remains dry to avoid fire and blow up.

Ensure proper power connection:

Before connecting the mini-fridge to the power supply, make sure that the power plug and cord are in good working condition. 

You should even do it on a regular basis to prevent an accidental fire. If you notice that the power supply cable and the plug are damaged, then you should immediately consult a professional.

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Avoid using extension cords:

Extension cords and adaptors are quite useful items. However, if they become loose, they can burn, and even the appliance that is connected through it can catch fire.

Your mini-fridge will operate non-stop every day, and if the connection gets loose, it might catch fire. So, you should avoid using adapters and should use a dedicated socket for the connection.

Don’t put flammable elements inside the fridge:

Mini-fridge already contains highly flammable refrigerant gas, which can cause a fire risk. If you put flammable elements, it will make your fridge more vulnerable to fire and blow off. So, avoid storing such elements in your mini-fridge for a long time.

How often do mini fridges blow up?

There is no time span for a mini-fridge to blow up. It occurs quite rarely. In fact, one in a thousand mini-fridges blows up due to an internal or external factor.

A mini-fridge won’t even blow up in its lifespan if it is properly maintained and handled with care. It won’t blow up if it is properly connected and kept in a dry place.

Is it okay to put a mini fridge on the carpet?

It is not recommended to put a mini-fridge on a carpet. Carpets usually trap heat and can catch fire if the temperature becomes very high.

The airflow entering the condenser, positioned at the bottom of the fridge, is also blocked by carpets. One of the main reasons for a mini-fridge to catch fire is the rise of temperature in its interior parts. So, you shouldn’t place a mini-fridge on the carpet.

Can a faulty mini fridge catch on fire?

A well-maintained and undamaged mini-fridge won’t ever catch on fire. The main reason for a mini-fridge to catch on fire is being faulty and damaged due to any factor.

A faulty fridge might also release refrigerant gas through the power supply cord. If the gas comes in contact with an electric spark, the mini-fridge will not only catch on fire but will blow up.

Is it safe or bad to keep a mini fridge in your bedroom?

It is completely safe to keep a mini-fridge in your bedroom. Its noise might cause a little disturbance in your sleep but won’t cause any health risk. The EMF radiation of the mini-fridge is also minimal, so it is not toxic at all.

If the unit is well maintained, you won’t have to worry about it catching on fire or blowing up while you sleep. So, you can put an undamaged mini-fridge in your bedroom without any worry.

Is a loud refrigerator dangerous?

Being loud doesn’t mean that the refrigerator is faulty and dangerous. When operating, most refrigerators generate a moderate amount of sound, which doesn’t affect anyone’s day-to-day life.

If the noise of the refrigerator is unbearable, it might depict potential damage in the interior. In such a case, you should immediately consult the customer service as the damage can cause fire and blow up. 

Can a mini fridge overheat?

A mini-fridge might overheat and is quite normal. The extra heat is generated by the heat dissipated during the refrigeration process.

It’s also possible that the distance between your fridge and its surroundings makes it seem warmer than it should. However, if the temperature of the mini-fridge is way too high, then you should immediately turn it off and check for potential damage.

Can mini fridges be left on all the time?

Yes, you can leave your mini-fridge on all the time. By keeping it on all the time, you can use it to cool your drinks or preserve your food anytime you want.

Keeping it on all the time is not dangerous at all, but it is very energy efficient and will help you save electricity. This is due to the fact that it won’t consume more energy to cool down after you turn it on.

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How long can you leave a mini fridge plugged in?

There is no time limit of how long you can leave your mini-fridge plugged in. You can leave it on as long as you need because this is energy-efficient and useful as well.

The mini-fridge contains a compressor with lower capacity but the same lifespan as normal refrigerators. So, you can leave your mini-fridge plugged in until the compressor loses its refrigeration capability.

A mini-fridge can blow up and catch on fire if its connection is faulty or has damaged parts. This can be prevented by taking a few safety and precautionary steps while installing and using the fridge.

Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your mini fridge and cannot fix them, you can contact your mini fridge brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Mini Fridge BrandSupport Page For Repair & ServiceContact Number
FrigidaireSupport Page1-800-374-4432
Haier Support Page1-877-337-3639
Danby Support Page1-602-777-7061
Black and Decker Support PageN/A
Magic Chef Support Page1-888-775-0202
Kenmore Support Page1-844-553-6667
Whirlpool Support Page1-866-698-2538
IglooSupport Page1-800-273-7024
RCASupport Page1-800-968-9853
Avanti Support Page1-800-220-5570
Galanz Support Page1-800-562-0738

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