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Are Washers Gas or Electric? (All You Need to Know)

A washing machine is rather an important home appliance. The world in this age and time will not be able to tolerate a space, without the presence of a washer. It is that important!

Almost all walks of people understand the significance behind the automatically powered washer. They all use it on a daily basis and cannot function without it properly. 

We use washers to clean clothes and other materials that we cannot easily wash manually. This machine makes all of the effort and time that we need to give to this chore meaningless. The chores become so effortless, that we cannot go about a day without them.

Because of the presence of the washer, one does not need to spend too much of their valuable time on meaningless tasks and focus on what the important ones are. This particular machine takes so much labor and does that in so much less time.

This is rather one of the most efficient machines that need no other explanation. We must have one in every other household and that is not a statement anyone should take lightly.

However, here you are wanting to purchase a washer that will live up to all that hype and give a proper service. Thus, in order for that to happen, you need to understand the types or kinds of washers out there. 

The biggest question when purchasing washers is whether they are electric or gas-powered. Simply keep reading below to get your answers and simply decide for yourself if there are different kinds of washers or not and if there are, then which ones to get for best performance. 

Washers gas or electric

The fact is all washers nowadays are electric. There can even be gas washers but they all still require an electric outlet. The difference is rather that the electric one uses “electricity” to power the component that cleans it. While the gas is the one that uses the spark from the burner.

During the 1800s the US went through an industrial revolution. Populations from different walks of life started various types of machines that helped them complete daily chores and activities in a much more comfortable way.

Until that century most of the devices were manually used including the first washers as well. However, that changed with the advent of the first commercial electric washer in 1908. It was called Thor, quite the dramatic name.

Before these advances in our culture, the people of ancient cultures used to clean their clothes by pounding them on rocks or abrasive surfaces that cleaned away the dirt. They used to do it beside rivers or small sources of water. 

Thor came in and changed a lot of things in our culture, even the things that also came before “Thor” played a big game-changing role.

Therefore, from the advent of the device, we can see it working only with the power of electricity. These electricity-powered devices were present from the very beginning of the revolution.

A washing machine is rather an important home appliance. The world in this age and time will not be able to tolerate a space, without the presence of a washer. It is that important!

Almost all walks of people understand the significance behind the automatically powered washer. They all use it on a daily basis and cannot function without it properly. 

People after being exposed to technology like this, after some point get accustomed to them and are also very dependent.

In other words, the gas or electric washers, all operate with the power supplied by electric energy. The difference between these two products is quite simple as well. 

The sole reason the gas washer is called a “Gas” washer is because the device operates with the help of the energy produced from gas.

While the electricity works the same way just only with the power of electric energy. However, the gas still requires electricity and the gas one is simply just more powerful and efficient at what it does than the electric model.

Is there a gas washer?

Yes, gas washers do exist, although it might be unbelievable that even gas washers require an electrical output. Even though they are gas-powered they need electricity to operate. It is essential to the design of the washer.

So, you cannot just say there are two different kinds of washers out there. Washers can only be electrical. It is only that their power delivery system might be different from model to model.

However, in the case of gas pressure washers, they are indeed more powerful than electric washers. They can be twice as powerful as electrical washers. 

Usually, the gas-powered ones are mainly used for commercial uses. For example, a general electrical washer has 1,300 psi or more and the gas-powered one has more than 2,000 psi.

Why are all washers electric? 

There is a fundamental reason why the washer is electric. Almost all types of washers, of them, are electric. They can be understandably gas-powered but even those require electricity.

The difference lies in the definition of a power delivery system. We will explain that in a bit. For now, let us go over a few of the reasons why we can say all washers are electric.


It is an electrical device. If we look at the definition of such a device, then it just says that a device is made with the purpose of using that electrical energy to do a particular work. Thus, the washer is an electric device in that regard.

Power Delivery:

The washer is an electrical device because it uses electricity as its main power source. The machine will take the electricity from the outlet and convert that electrical energy to mechanical energy. 

That mechanical energy does all the necessary steps that complete the washing process.


Electricity is easily always available; the availability of this energy has allowed us to rely on it more than anything else in the world. Thus, making all the devices and machines we have in our daily lives mostly run-on electricity.

It is not like washers cannot be gas-powered. They are and still need electricity to operate. Gas-powered washers are more powerful than electric ones as they utilize gas to operate the machine, instead of electricity.

How do I know if my washer is electric or gas?

Fun fact, the washer is always electric. They cannot be only gas systems. These products are designed to operate with exclusively electricity or at least partially.

However, the fact does not change that the product can be of different configurations. So, if you are thinking of purchasing a washer and not sure how to tell them apart from each other. You can simply keep reading and follow the steps below to know how to tell them apart.

Checking the back side of the dryer:

The first step is checking the back side of the dryer to see if it is gas or electric. Then you can check if there is a simple gas dryer there. If that is present there then the washer can be denoted as electric.

Check the plugs:

The next most common thing to do is check the plugs that are connected to the washer. Or the ones that come out of the back can also denote what the operating system is. 

For example, if we find only a single cord at the back of the washer, then we can easily conclude that it is an electric washer. However, if we happen to see a stainless-steel cable then that washer is gas-powered.

Final Thoughts

There is no difference between the gas or electric washer. Well, that is not entirely true, because fundamentally the machine operates with the power from electrical energy. Thus, making all washers electric. Gas-powered washers also require electricity. The difference lies in the mechanism.