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Will Bread Dough Stick to Dutch Oven? (Quick Answers)

The Dutch oven has been a part of our lives for centuries. People used it for cooking, baking, and all sorts of stuff. It lasted for years and was ideal for both indoor and outdoor.

However, for baking in modern times there are many alternatives to the Dutch oven but no one can give the satisfactory crust and crispiness to the bread as a Dutch oven does.

Let’s have a look at the most common inquiries about the Dutch oven and how to use it to the utmost potential.

Will bread dough stick to the dutch oven?

The lack of applying oil or cooking spray before baking or using a small size pot may result in the bread dough getting stuck in the dutch oven. It will take a few minutes to get the bread out. Waiting for the bread to cool down or adding a bit of rice flour on the bottom before baking might help.

A Dutch oven is made out of cast iron and traditionally it was placed in coal to slow cook the food. The heavy and tight lid of the dutch oven lets the steam stay inside and cast iron provides better heat conduction. So, you can say a dutch oven is quite ideal for baking.

Baking in a dutch oven will give you an evenly cooked crispy crust in your bread.

 However, the dutch oven is quite popular when it comes to making the bread dough stuck to the pot. After baking, the bread becomes puffy and fills up the area of the pot. You may have to put a little bit of effort to get your bread out of the cast iron pot.

You can wait patiently for a few minutes after baking and let the steam out, it will make it easier to remove the bread. Applying oils before baking or using parchment paper will ease up the overall removal process. 

Why does bread stick to the dutch oven?

Bread can stick to the dutch oven for the following reasons –

Cast iron built:

Dutch ovens are made out of cast iron. Cast iron utilities don’t possess any non-stick capability, you would need to take a few extra steps to make it stickproof.

So when you are baking bread in an unseasoned cast iron pot, it is sure to get stuck unless you take some measures to prevent it.

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Small size:

The dutch oven is a medium-size pot. When you put bread dough in it, at the beginning it will be raw so it is sure to fit in but after fully baked the bread becomes puffy and fills every free area in the pot.

So it becomes quite hard to get the bread out, and if you have put in a large chunk of dough then it will be even harder. 

Too much heat:

Dutch ovens are made for slow cooking, if you apply too much heat then the bread inside the pot is sure to get burnt and stuck to the cast iron body.

Not using oil or parchment paper:

while baking bread in a Dutch oven if the application of oil or cooking spray is ignored then it is sure to result in bread getting stuck inside.

How do you keep the bread from sticking to the dutch oven?

Following the given tips can keep the bread from sticking to the dutch oven –

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Using a seasoned pot: 

Dutch ovens are made out of cast iron materials. This cast iron pot needs to be seasoned to make it non-stick.  If you are using a seasoned cast iron pot then you can rest assured your bread wants to stick to the Dutch oven.

Cooking in low heat:

if you take a look at the history of the Dutch oven, people used to put it on coal and slowly and evenly cooked the food.

In modern times, if you are using a gas stove as a fire source for a dutch oven then you would need to control the heat and keep it at low to medium range. It will make sure that the bread won’t get burnt or stick to it.

Using oils and other means:

Before baking bread, you need to put on some oil or cooking spray in the bottom, you also can add some rice flour to the bottom of the pan. These simple steps make the bread relatively easier to come off.

You can also use parchment paper to keep the bread from sticking to the dutch oven.

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How to put the dough in a dutch oven?

Before putting the bread dough, put parchment paper in the Dutch oven. You can add some oil before placing the parchment paper, instead of oil you can use rice flour and then place the parchment paper and put it in a medium-size dough.

Emphasizing the medium size dough because most of the time people put a massive amount of bread dough inside the Dutch oven and totally ignore how puffy and how hard it will be to take out after being baked.

Putting a small dough also won’t get the desired result out of it, you will need to understand how much dough is suitable for your pot. It may take some trial and error before you get it right.

How to remove bread stuck in a dutch oven?

If your bread is stuck in the Dutch oven then the best thing is to be patient and wait it out. You can upturn the pot and let the steam flow upward, it will loosen up the bread a bit. Keep it like this for 10 to 15 minutes and then use a knife and gently guide through the edges.

You can give it a gentle shake and your bread is out of the Dutch oven and ready to eat.

Do you need to grease the Dutch oven for bread?

Yes, you will have to grease the Dutch oven for baking bread. Traditional cast-iron Dutch oven doesn’t have any non-stick features, so baking bread without greasing it will not end well.

Even if you are using a well seasoned dutch oven it is essential to put on oil and you can also put parchment paper to be extra cautious. A Dutch oven will evenly cook the bread and give it a beautiful crust, so investing some time in a greasing dutch oven is worth it.  

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Can you bake bread in a dutch oven without parchment paper?

Yes, you can bake bread in a dutch oven if you don’t have any parchment paper at your disposal. You would need to grease the Dutch oven properly, putting the right amount of dough and cooking it at a controlled temperature is the key factor in getting it successfully done.

However, parchment paper is proven to keep the bread from sticking to the dutch oven, so using parchment paper is highly admirable. 

Will sourdough stick to the dutch oven? 

Unfortunately, yes the sourdough bread has a high chance of getting stuck to the dutch oven. The soft sourdough can get easily stuck to any baking method you pick. But with a dutch oven, you can get that golden crust out of bread.

Using parchment paper or properly greasing the dutch oven can prevent the sourdough from getting stuck. 

How big should the dutch oven be for bread? 

Using anything bigger than 7 quarts is not recommended at all unless you have a big family and many mouths to feed. The dutch oven size between 5 to 7 quarts is the ideal shape and size for baking bread. And when it comes to the dutch oven, size really matters.

A dutch oven bigger than 7 quarts will be too much for a regular size dough to comprehend and a dutch oven with less than 5 quarts won’t have the required space for the bread to grow into.

So between 5 to 7 quarts is the fine line you need to pick when it comes to the dutch oven for baking bread.

Which dutch oven is best for baking bread?

You can find two kinds of dutch ovens in the market, Enamel coated and traditional cast iron. Both are equally good but for longevity and indoor-outdoor activity going with the traditional cast iron is the best bet.  

Here are a few recommendations for buying a tested brand product.

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Cast iron Dutch oven:

  • Staub 5.5 Round Dutch Oven
  • Lodge L8DD3 Double Dutch Oven
  • Anolon Vesta Cast Iron, 5 Quart Dutch Oven

Enamel Coated dutch oven:

  • Le Creuset Signature Enameled, 5 ½ Quart 
  • Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven, EC6D43

Why do you bake bread in a dutch oven? 

Dutch oven brings a crusty, crispy, and golden look out of the bread. Cast iron dutch ovens are famous for their steam cooking, and baking a piece of bread in cast iron will evenly bake it, also keeping the essence intact and adding an extra bit of magical taste to the bread.  

Final Thoughts: 

If a tiny pot is used for baking bread without using oil or cooking spray,  it might result in the bread dough getting stuck to the dutch oven. In order to remove the bread from the Dutch oven, one will have to put in some effort. Letting the steam out will make it easier to remove.

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