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Will Bleach Damage My Washing Machine? (Read This First!)

Bleach is an essential cleaning material. It has some potent ingredients that help to deep clean pretty much everything. Particularly, if you have a washing machine with a strong odor or debris, you may use bleach.

Keep in mind; bleach has sodium hypochlorite. It is safe to use in different laundry instruments. But the question is, will bleach damage your washing machine?

We use many products in our everyday life. Sometimes we consider their effects; sometimes, we don’t. But we should consider all the positive and opposite reactions of that.

The same happens here with the washing machine. You can use bleach or vinegar, but they have adverse effects on the machine.

Will bleach damage my washing machine?

Bleach will not damage your washing machine if you use it too often. Besides, if you over pour bleach, it will not damage the machine either. But it can damage the fiber quality since it has sodium and other ingredients. Bleach is safe and the best way to clean clothes and washing machines.

Bleach is the best material to remove strong odor and stains from the machine metals. Moreover, you can use it regularly and enjoy the fresh washing machine every time.

The best part of using bleach is that it can whiten the whites and remove the stains from the machine parts. That’s the best reason you should use bleach in the washing machine.

Furthermore, there are some other facts that you need to consider while putting bleaching in the washing machine. You need to use a limited amount of bleach in cleaning clothes and appliances.

In that case, you can follow your machine’s user manual that you get from the manufacturer.

There, you will find every detail about what to use, what amount to use, and everything. Sometimes, manufacturers advise not to use bleach in the washing machine.

Others may suggest using bleach as the best way to clean. Here, the user manual can tell you the best about your washing machine. If the manufacturers make the machine bleach or detergent friendly, you can use it without any second thoughts.

But, if you find any constraints on using bleach, you should avoid it. In that case, you may go for vinegar. It is also an excellent cleaning material. You can use it in your washing machine.

Is it ok to use bleach in the washing machine?

It is ok to use bleach in the washing machine. Bleach doesn’t damage the machine parts and other things. Instead, it helps the engine get rid of white stains and odor.

Mainly, bleach is a powerful cleaning ingredient. It is safe to use on any surface. When it comes to clothes, you should be careful. You cannot overuse bleach on clothes.

It will fade away the color and damage the fiber quality. That’s why you cannot overuse bleach to clean clothes, but it is absolutely fine to use bleach in the washing machine.

So, you can safely put bleach in your washing machine and clean the interior easily.

If your washing machine gets some strong stains and whites, you should put some bleach along with warm water. It will clean and remove the stains quickly.

What happens if you put bleach in your washing machine? Can you put too much bleach?

If you put bleach in your washing machine, it will clean the surroundings and clothes simultaneously. However, you cannot put too much bleach at a time. It may damage the fabric.

Besides, too much bleach can damage your washing machine’s engine. It is usually for a deep clean purpose. So, overuse of bleach will affect the engine power and damage it in the long run.

That’s why you shouldn’t put too much bleach in the washing machine. It may damage the engine permanently and cause a long time effect. You cannot even claim the warranty.

However, if you need to put too much bleach at a time, you should read out your machine’s user manual. If there are no bindings on bleach, you may put too much bleach. Otherwise, it is not an ideal practice to overuse bleach.

We have found all the reasons and what happens if you put bleach in your washing machine. Let’s get to them.

Mixes with water:

When you put bleach in the washing machine, it gets mixed with the water. It’s the first thing your washing machine will do.

Goes though fabric:

After that, it starts to get through the fabrics and deeply clean clothes. In that case, you can use bleach as the softener material. It is specially designed to make the fabrics soft and deep clean.

Goes out of the system:

Finally, bleach goes out from the mixture. And make your clothes ready to dry. That’s all.

Is bleach or vinegar better to clean the washing machine?

Bleach is better than vinegar to clean the washing machine. It is more robust and comes with excellent ingredients to deeply clean the washing machine. Besides, bleach is mainly a cleaning material; whereas, vinegar is a multipurpose acetic acid.

Vinegar is also an excellent cleaning material. It has acetic acid and trace compounds, making it a fantastic mixture. You can use it on your face, acne solution, and more.

When you go to clean your washing machine, you have to use white vinegar. It is designed for cleaning purposes. You cannot take any vinegar and use it in the washing machine.

On the other hand, bleach is a fantastic cleaning ingredient. It can deep clean the washing machine and remove most stains within a while. However, you can use it to clean both your clothes and washing machine.

If you compare bleach with vinegar, you may end up finding that bleach is more effective than vinegar. Though they both serve the same purpose, bleach will meet your needs perfectly.

How do you clean a washing machine with bleach?

Cleaning a washing machine with bleach is no longer a challenging task. You can do it by following some simple steps. Here you go.

Fill hot water:

Put hot water and fill the entire washing machine. It is your must-do job to clean the washing machine. You cannot deep clean the machine using cold water.

Hot water will help to remove stains and whites quickly. In contrast, the cold water can’t do the job.

Ad bleach:

You have to add the required amount of bleach. Try to add the mentioned amount that is found in the user manual. Also, you can find the ideal amount on bleach packets.

However, you can put one cup of bleach and add hot water. You may use two cups at best.

Turn on the machine:

After that, turn on the washing machine. Wait for one or two minutes. Be sure that the bleach and hot water mix properly. The mixture will automatically deep clean the washing machine.

After a couple of minutes, you can open the dishwasher and check if it is cleaned or not. If needed, you can turn on the machine once more.

Drain the mixture:

Now, change the dirty mixture. Put in some regular water and run the machine once again. It will help to clean the corners and entire engine properly.

If you still find stains and odor from the washing machine, you can follow these steps and run the machine with hot water and bleach.

If you follow these steps, you can clean the washing machine quickly. If your machine gets strong strains, you can clean them entirely. Besides, if you have a strong odor in the washing machine, you can remove the odor using bleach and follow those steps.

Besides, you may use some vinegar to get rid of the strong odor if bleach cannot remove it. But, follow the same steps to clean the washing machine safely.

Can you pour bleach down the washing machine drain?

You should not pour bleach down the washing machine drain. It will damage the drain. However, if you want to clean the washing machine drain, you can simply put it in hot water or follow the user manual.

The washing machine drain is a crucial part of the machine. So, you cannot use everything to clean the drain. So the question is how to clean the drain?

You already use bleach and hot water when you clean the washing machine. So, you will run the engine and clean the interior. Therefore, the drain will automatically clean off.

You don’t need to put bleach down the washing machine drain. It will automatically clean off itself through the use of water.

Final Thoughts

Bleach is an ideal cleaning material. It can deep clean the washing machine and remove the string odor. Besides, it can clean the string stains as well. That’s why bleach will not damage washing machine. If you overuse bleach, it will damage the fabric quality, but your machine will be safe.