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Why Is My Window AC So Loud? (Read This First!)

You will find different types of AC in the market, and they have several reasons and purposes for use in different conditions. One particular and most useful AC type is window AC which you can use in your house or attach the AC to your windows.

The central part will be out of the room, but it will attach to the outer part of your window. When you install the window ac in your room window, you must get the home service or home installation service free of cost.

Why is my window ac so loud?

Your window ac is so loud because of four reasons. A common reason is a bent or cracked fan, which creates an annoying sound. When your fan gets something else or some object, it will try to impose more pressure and get out of it but will create a loud noise until you fix the problem.

Window AC or any other air-conditioner has some basic rules to perform to control the closed room temperature.

It will come with a fan that passes the hot air outside the house and helps the cooler to process the air and turn it into cool. Therefore, you get cooled air in your room, which eventually helps to control the temperature.

Sometimes, the AC fan may get damaged and bend eventually. If it happens to your AC fan, it will fail to run smoothly and create that sound you may need to bother for a while.

If you find such a problem, you have two ways to solve it. First, you can try to remove that object from your AC fan.

The other option would be to call a repair service at your home and sort out the noise problem. We mainly ask our seller to provide the free home service for a certain time after buying a new window AC.

It helps us take the free home service from the authorized service center and solve any critical problem soon.

However, I find four reasons for getting loud noise from a window AC. We will explain them and try to get an instant solution if possible. Remember, you cannot solve all the problems alone unless it doesn’t require any professional or service center to sort it out.

Bent or Cracked Fan:

the first reason your window AC creates loud noise is your bent or cracked fan. If your fan is cracked for some reason, it will make a bad noise that will bother you for a long time.

Sometimes, the fan will be too old to spin like before, and it will be a permanent problem unless you change or replace the damaged or bent fan.

If your fan is running bad, and it is already cracked for some reason, you must replace it with a new one.

Still, you can check the cracked fan to see if you can solve the cracked fan issues and sort it out without replacing it. You may repair your fan by changing the damaged or bent part if your fan is bent.

Attached Objects:

Another common reason is attached objects that can help create a bad or annoying problem.

If the attached object is metal or a strong material, it will leave strong stains and may break the fan permanently. You must check if your fan has any strong metal objects attached.

More often, the attached object will stick to your AC fan, enhancing the regular sound and making it loud. When something gets attached to the AC fan, it will create a loud noise that distracts you. If you don’t remove that object, it will damage your fan shortly.

Damaged Cooling System:

Your ac has a cooling system that must work perfectly to give you relief in the hot summer.

If that cooling system is damaged and fails to process or cool the air, it may create extra noise. It’s the only reason people check their air-conditioner regularly to ensure a safe & perfect cooling system.

Occasionally, your cooling system gets damaged due to overuse or internal electric damage. If you don’t find any issues with your window ac fan, you must check the cooling system and solve the cooling problems accordingly.

Dirty & Stuck Fan:

Apart from those common problems, you must ensure that your AC fan is neat & clean.

If you leave it for months and forget to clean it timely, your fan will get too much dirt and be stuck with dust. Therefore, regular cleaning is a must for your window AC.

In most cases, the AC fan’s dirt creates problems, including loud noise and other issues. The fan will stick to a certain point.

Are window AC units supposed to be loud?

The window’s ac units are not supposed to be loud; instead, they must be calm and create less noise that will not bother you.

If you install an updated window AC, it will give you very little or no noise. You cannot even hear in normal mode or from a little far away. It’s a sign of a good air-conditioner.

When it starts producing a loud noise, it will be a severe problem for your window AC, and you should immediately check if the fan is damaged or has too much dirt. If you find an injured fan in your window AC, it will become a serious problem.

It is supposed to be clear and noise free.

Generally, they are supposed to be less noisy or without any noise, but for some reason, there might be some reasons behind it. You must check your window AC unit and solve all the problems.

How loud should a window AC be?

33 dB to 67dB should be the standard loudness of a window AC, but it may cross this standard to create some extra sound.

In other words, the sound of a window AC should be around the sound of whispering or a regular conversation sound. If it crosses the limit, you must consider it a serious problem.

Sometimes, the loudness of your window AC must be within your limit so that it is not too loud to hear from inside your house.

It will only create extra sound or becomes too loud if your fan is damaged or something sticks to it. However, you cannot hear two-person conversations from inside your house.

If your AC fan creates such a problem of creating noise, you should go for the repairing service. After solving the problem of loud noise, you must ensure that the noise of your AC fan is under 67dB. It will be a standard noise of your window AC.

What do I do if my air conditioner is too loud? How to fix it?

If your air conditioner is too loud, you must turn it off and call for an HVAC repair, then wait for a little far from your AC to maintain safety. The HVAC repair team will come and see if there are any internal problems with your AC or not. Another way could be to turn off your ac.

You can only follow this process if you have the required skills. You may follow the below steps & repairing tips to fix your air conditioner if it is too loud.

Find The Reason:

Your first step should be to discover why your air conditioner is too loud. Maybe your AC fan is clogged and fails to move freely. If you find something stuck in your AC fan, try to remove that and free your window AC fan.

Repair Damaged Refrigerant Leak:

If your air conditioner makes a too loud noise, you must check its refrigerant or cooling system.

Sometimes, the cooling system or the refrigerant gets leaked, creating a loud noise that might seem frightening. You should turn off the AC first before you reveal the reason.

Go through your refrigerant system to find out about leakage. When you find the leak, you should observe if you can repair it with homely available tools.

Regular Cleaning:

After finding the problem, you should address it accordingly and make a normal cleaning routine for your window ac.

If you clean your refrigerator regularly, you will love to use a fresh and smooth air-conditioner over the year. It’s a secret tip that people follow and keep their ac perfect for years.

If you still find your air conditioner is creating that loud noise, you must change it soon. Turn off the refrigerator and never turn it on again to avoid any fatal accident.

Hopefully, you will be able to solve the loud noise problem by following these three steps.

Final Thoughts

When your window AC fan gets damaged or something is stuck to your fan, your window AC will be loud and create a disturbing noise. Other reasons will also help your window AC create a loud noise. You must check the problems, and then ask your repair service.