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Why Is My Smoke Detector Blinking Green? (Answered)

We all know that smoke detectors tend to blink red upon detecting fire and smoke. But what puzzles most people is when the device starts blinking green.

Well, if that is the question popping up in your head, we might be able to help. Learn why the smoke detector is blinking green, how to stop it, and how to reset the device.

Smoke Detector Blinking Green

Your smoke detector could be blinking green for mainly two reasons. One of the reasons smoke detectors rapidly blink green is because its battery might be low, and it needs to be recharged. Another reason could be that it is waiting to receive data from the device’s program.

However, this blinking could happen rapidly every second, or every 10 or 30 seconds. Depending on that, the reason could vary. Allow us to explain these scenarios and why they are occurring.

Blinking Green Every Second

Well, not exactly every second but when your smoke alarm is blinking every couple of seconds, it could be doing so for the following reasons.

The device Is In Hush Mode:

Sometimes the device needs to be set to hush mode, in order to prevent it from picking up on cooking smoke and other stuff that you are doing that are causing smokes.

When in hush mode, the smoke detection is desensitized and the device blinks green every couple seconds or every second. This simply indicates the device is in hush mode.

Low Battery:

Your battery powered smoke detector needs its batteries replaced. A lot of times, when the battery runs out, the smoke alarm will blink green. Unless you manually set it to hush mode, the constant green light blinking every second means the battery is low.

Blinking Green Every 10 Seconds

Although sometimes the reasons are unclear, when the light blinks green every 10 seconds, it could be for these reasons.

Hyper Sensitive:

Most of the times the blinking green light could mean the device is overly sensitive and might be picking up on more than just smoke.

You could find the device going off because of wind or dust even, and catch it blinking green every 10 seconds. This is usually an issue that needs to be professionally fixed.

Faulty Wire:

Often, the wiring of the smoke alarm is off. Many kinds of malfunctions can occur due to this. So what experts suggest is that you show a professional and check the wiring if it is okay or not, as soon as you notice the green blinking with 10 second intervals.

Blinking Green And Beeping

Now this one is a nuisance for almost everyone facing it. While the blinking is still bearable even though it is concerning, the beeping is quite annoying and it happens for a couple of major reasons.

Here are why the smoke detector could be blinking green while also making beeping noises.

Power Outage:

If your smoke detector is connected to AC outlets and uses electricity from a direct line instead of batteries, this issue can occur.

Upon a power cut, the device may blink green rapidly while making beeping noises to report any sort of malfunction. This is something to take seriously, so in such a case, be sure to get it serviced.

New Battery Being Inserted:

And lastly, another time the green light will blink or flash along with the beeping noise is when the batteries are being inserted.

For the smoke detectors that use batteries, when you are replacing them, the device might make a long beep and flash green light for a few seconds before becoming stable again.

This one is normal, and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if the blinking still doesn’t stop, make sure you take it to a professional because some kind of malfunction has occurred.

Should My First Alert Smoke Detector Blinking Green?

When you turn on your First Alert smoke detector, it should beep loudly and flash a green light so you know it’s working. But sometimes your smoke detector will just keep blinking without flashing. And, no it’s not supposed to constantly blink.

This could be a problem if you’re trying to sleep, or if your smoke detector is the only light in the room and you don’t want to turn on the lamp.

For people who are worried about the safety of their families, the constant green blinking or flashing of smoke alarms can be a problem. When this happens, it’s a sign your smoke alarm is still working, but it needs to be serviced. 

That’s nothing to be scared of. After all, smoke alarm detectors are just like any equipment (so technical issues aren’t all that surprising). It’s usually some minor issues causing this as we mentioned above and below.

What Color Should My Smoke Detector Be Blinking?

When the smoke alarm blinks, what color should it be? Red, green, or perhaps blue? It could be a simple question, but the answer is quite confusing for many new homeowners.

Smoke alarms should be blinking red or blue when they mean to alert people of immediate dangers.

Red blinking and shrill alarm means that the detector has identified smoke heavy enough to cause a fire. Whereas, blue blinking accompanied with the alarm noise means the equipment has detected dangerous presence of CO levels.

The color of the smoke alarms help people know when they need to take action in their home, such as calling 911 or opening the bedroom window to get fresh air.

On top of that, the signified color of the smoke alert detectors will also help people remember when it is time to replace them. Constant green means the detector is connected to AC power. But blinking green color means low batteries.

How Do I Stop My Smoke Alarm From Blinking Green?

When smoke alarm detectors start blinking green all the time, it might be a sign of a problem. It can be annoying to have your detector constantly blinking green, but there are some steps you can take to fix the issue.

Check battery:

The first step is to check the battery. If it is low or lifeless, replace it with a new one and see if that fixes the problem.

If not, you’ll need to reset your detector and then follow up with an inspection of the unit for any possible problems.

Change sensor:

However, if the detector is working properly and there is no need for a battery replacement, then the blinking green light could be due to a faulty sensor.

This can happen when there are fumes in the air from cooking, smoking or burning candles. The sensor will detect these fumes and send out a warning signal to alert you of this danger.

Change the alarm’s sensitivity level: If you’re not sure what setting your alarm should be on, consider having someone with expert knowledge on it to guide you.

Replace detector:

Lastly, another reason is probably a torn wire, or bent circuit. Take apart the detector and inspect the circuit board. Make sure to also clear off dust and debris build up.

Torn wires can be hard to fix, so it is better to replace the detector with a new one entirely. However, bent circuit boards can be fixed with the help of a professional electrician.

How Do You Reset A Smoke Detector?

While you might have learned how to stop the green light blinking, sometimes a full reset is necessary.

Especially after the smoke alarm goes off. Well, the process of resetting the smoke alarm is actually quite simple and you do it without any difficulty at all. Follow the following steps to properly reset your home smoke detector:

  • At first you have to reset the alarm switch of your smoke alarm by turning off the power supply from the main switch of the device.
  • Then you have to pull the device out of its holder and pull the plug of the smoke alarm out of its socket.
  • Hold press the test button for a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • Wait till the reset is done, and then reinsert the batteries.
  • Reattach the smoke alarm to its socket and have it reset completely.

With the smoke detector fully reset, you can now allow it to do its job effectively as it should. Resetting is something you should do often, especially every time the alarm goes off. As this ensures optimum efficiency and performance from the device.

Final Thoughts

The reasons your smoke detector could be blinking green is because of low battery, high sensitivity, faulty wiring, or if the device is in hush mode. Regardless of the reasons, get the smoke alarm serviced to ensure it’s in perfect working condition.