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Why Is My Simplisafe Blinking Blue? (Answered)

Having one of the best security systems such as Simplisafe in your house can definitely be convenient. But what happens when your Simplisafe starts blinking blue?

What does it exactly indicate? Well, learn about exactly that, how to turn the blinking off, and what other blinking lights may mean.

Simplisafe Blinking Blue

Your Simplisafe could be blinking blue for mainly 3 reasons. If the keypad is a mismatch or is receiving any kind of error message, the base might display flashing blue lights. On the other hand, the Simplisafe camera might blink blue if it is being viewed on the app or is recording something.

All these issues are quite technical and a little tinkering can solve them. But before you do, you must identify what is actually causing the blinking and truly understand how it works.

Keypad Pairing Might Be A Mismatch:

Oftentimes, the pairing of the keypad with the rest of the system is off. Due to poor connection or sometimes even wrong passwords, the keypad may not be properly paired to the whole security system.

This is an error, and the blinking blue light is an indication of an error. If this is the case, your Simplisafe will be continuously blinking blue light and will not stop until the device has been reset.

In such a scenario, you either have to reset it or get the pairing right. Most of the time, users face this issue and get too worried or start panicking. There is really nothing to panic about, your Simplisafe is simply not properly paired with the keypad.

Simplisafe Keypad Is Receiving Error Messages:

As previously stated, the blue blinking is basically an indication of some kind of error. But if the pairing is right, and you are still noticing the blinking, there could be something else wrong.

Check the keypad display, there will be error messages. These are the messages you could be seeing, and what they mean:

“Entry Sensor Open”:

This means you accidentally left an entry such as a door or window open.

“Keypad Out of Range”:

If the keypad is too far away from the base station, you might receive this message along with the blue blinking light.

“Power Outage”:

The device functions on electricity, so if there is a power outage in your house, you will receive this message followed by the continuous blinking of blue light. No need to be worried about this error too much, as the device can still run up to 8 hours without a direct power supply.

“Keypad Battery Low:

The keypad will give you a heads up when the batteries need to be replaced. This notification comes in the form of this message and the blue blinking.

“Alarm, Panic Button”, “Alarm, Entry Sensor”, “Alarm, Motion Sensor”:

You will get this message basically whenever the alarm gets triggered in your house. And yes, this also triggers the blinking.

The Camera Is Being Viewed: 

Usually, the blue light is stable on the Simplisafe camera when it is on standby. However, when the user views the camera on the Simplisafe app, the device starts blinking blue light as an indication of being in use.

This is not an error or anything, just a feature of the device. So it is absolutely nothing to worry about.

It is, however, concerning when the light is not blinking blue when the camera is being viewed. So, be on the lookout for this, as the absence of the blue light blinking while the camera records is an indication of an error.

What Do Lights On Simplisafe Base Mean?

There are several different colors that the Simplisafe base might display, and for various reasons. Here are all the lights you may see and what they mean:

Blinking Blue:

This light, as stated above, means that your keypad received an error message or has a mismatch of pairing.

Solid Blue:

When you see a solid blue light with no blinking, this means the system is in test mode or is armed.

Solid Red:

A solid red light on the base means that the SIM card is not placed correctly and needs to be adjusted properly.

This can also mean there is a recent alarm and it will continue to remain solid red until you manually dismiss the alarm on the keypad or re-arm the system.

Continuous Blinking Red:

This indicates that there is no cellular connection. It can also mean there was a recent alarm and will blink for a couple of minutes before going solid red.

Single Red Blink:

When the base blinks red once, that means the base station has sent or is in the process of sending a message or signal.


White light is the indication that the menu is being accessed using the keypad or the device is running on test mode. The test mode light can vary from version to version.

Double White Blink:

When the system menu required confirmation for a change of settings, the base will blink white twice.


An amber searchlight will be visible when the base station is installing an update.

How Do I Turn Off The Blue Light On Simplisafe?

You might want the steady or blinking blue light to stop, because of various reasons. Whether the light is bothering your eyes at night or you simply want to reset the device, you can shut off the blue lights rather easily. Follow these steps to do so.

Go To The Main Menu:

The first thing you have to do is access the main menu of your Simplisafe security system via the keypad.

This should be fairly easy and should not feel complicated. As you will notice, when you access the menu, the base will show a solid white light, as an indication that the menu is in use.

Select My System:

When you are in the main menu, you will see various options where you will find the My System option. You are going to have to select this option which will lead you to the next menu. Do this, and move on to the next step.

Go To General Settings:

In the My System tab, you will find the general settings menu. You have to select this option, which is going to lead you to yet another selection menu.

Pick Base Station Light:

Finally, in the general settings menu, you will see there is an option called base station light. This menu basically controls whether the base will have any kind of indicator lights or not. Turning this off would ensure that no colored light is visible from then on.

This basically translates to, there will be no notification via blinking lights at all. You will still get notified on your phone or on the keypad, but no more lights on the base, let alone the blue blinking light.

Turn It Off:

So, if you decide to get rid of the notifying lights entirely, select the off option in the base station light menu. This should permanently turn the lights off until you manually repeat this process and turn it on again.

While the lights are useful to some if you don’t need the blinking blue lights or any other notification lights in general, just turn it off.

How Do I Reset My Simplisafe Base?

Resetting the Simplisafe base is also a fairly easy task. When you reset the base station, the blue blinking should stop, and any other issues should also be resolved. Follow these steps if you would like to reset the device:

Turn off:

Turn off the base station and disconnect the connection from the power socket. There should be a power switch, which you have to press to turn the device off. And then disconnect the socket from the power source.

Remove batteries:

Remove the batteries from the base by turning the device upside down, and unscrewing the screws on the slot using a screwdriver. Take off the battery door and then take the batteries themselves out of the slot.

Wait for a minute: 

Wait for roughly half a minute to a minute to let the device cool down.

Re-insert batteries:

Re-insert batteries or insert new batteries into the slot and screw the battery enclosure back in.

Turn on:

Turn your Simplisafe base station on and check for the notification lights. If you see a blinking green light, you have successfully reset the base.

And that is how you yourself can easily reset your Simiplisafe base station.

Final Thoughts

Your Simplisafe base has probably been blinking blue due to the error messages it has been receiving or due to poor keypad pairing. In any case, a full reset should get rid of your problem so you can have peace of mind and be reassured that your home security system is working in peak condition.