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Why Is My Ninja Blender Blinking Red?

One of the most frustrating things about a Ninja blender, as you may already be facing, is when it starts blinking red light. This is basically a warning sign for something being wrong.

If your ninja blender is doing so, we can help you figure out why and how you can prevent it from doing so again.

Ninja Blender Blinking Red

Your ninja blender may blink red if its assembly’s faulty or if the lid’s loose. Sometimes the blender may overheat and it might make the light blink as well. Besides that, it can also happen due to broken safety mechanisms or power source issues. So make sure to check the issues first.

Knowing the reasons behind the blinking can help you realize what your next course of action should be and how you can fix and/or avoid this issue in the first place.

Faulty Assembly:

Blenders have different parts that need to be assembled properly before using them for shakes or smoothies or whatever else you want to make. You have the container, the blade, the lid, and the base with the speed control buttons.

Sometimes, although by mistake- possibly while cleaning and reassembling the blender- you might assemble it wrong.

Thankfully, your ninja blender is smart enough to detect it and warn you before any risks occur. Because of this faulty assembly, your blender might be blinking red.

The Lid Might Be Loose:

Similar to the previous reason, you might end up leaving the lid open or slightly loose. Note that your blender will not operate when the lid is loose, as your ninja blender is smart enough to prevent spills.

Since you probably left the lid loose, the light may start blinking red as a warning that, well something is wrong.

Check the overall assembly, in general, but chances are you just forgot to tighten the lid or it wasn’t firmly placed. In such a case, first check for the lid and then the overall assembly if that doesn’t check off.

Overheating Issues:

A lot of times, blenders tend to overheat because of frequent use. When you use it for prolonged periods of time, you might leave it at risk of overheating.

To prevent short circuits or burning up of the electronic components of the blender, the device might start blinking the red light.

This is kind of an easy give away, as you will be able to tell if the base is too hot to touch, or even slightly warm.

It’s not supposed to be warm under normal circumstances. If it is heating up, you probably used it for too long and that is why your blender is giving you signals to give it some rest. 

Blender’s Safety Mechanism Is Broken:

One of the coolest features of Ninja blenders is that it has these safety features that we mentioned.

As in, when there’s an assembly issue, and the light blinks red, properly assembling the parts would stop the problem. However, if the safety mechanism is broken or faulty, then even after assembling properly, the blinking won’t stop.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do when this happens, as no matter what you fix, the blinking won’t stop.

So, when you try reassembling properly, check all the parts and the blinking still doesn’t stop, the blender’s safety mechanism is probably out of order.

Broken Blender Button:

Sometimes you might face issues with the button. No matter what you do, the button might not be working. Whether it is that the button is perpetually turned on or it doesn’t turn on at all, it might be a reason why the red blinking won’t stop.

If the button is not working, the red light might be blinking too. You need to get the button fixed to get rid of this issue. Although there are hacks, experts suggest getting it professionally fixed.

Can A Ninja Blender Bliking Red Be Repaired?

Yes, of course it is repairable. As we mentioned, there are several reasons the blender might be displaying this issue.

If simply reassembling and reattaching the various parts of the blender does the job, well, then you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

However, in most cases, just reassembling won’t be enough. In case the safety mechanisms are broken, you are going to have to get it fixed professionally. Many service centers can repair the out of order components.

But a lot of times repairing might not be possible. Broken safety components are usually too intricate to fix, so you might have to replace them.

On the other hand, if the button is broken, you can easily replace the button with a new one. You can get that done without difficulty at any service center. Doing so, will fix the blinking issue entirely.

How To Assemble Ninja Blender?

Assembling the ninja blender is actually quite as easy task. As we mentioned, the parts being placed properly will have a big impact on whether your ninja blender will stop blinking red or not.

The blender comes with mainly two different containers such as, the pitcher and the single-servings cup. Depending on which container you would like to use, the assembly process will be slightly different. Worry not, as we are going to explain how to do both.

If you follow the next steps, you can assemble the blender with the pitcher container:

Attach blade stack:

Attach the blade stack to the pitcher’s gear by turning it clockwise to the container

Follow the logo:

Check the logo on the pitcher to make sure you are doing it right (if the baseball on the base is facing the throwing arms side on the pitcher, then you got it right.

Screw it clockwise:

Screw in the pitcher by turning it clockwise

Attach base:

Turn it until you hear the sound, and then the pitcher has been attached to the base of the blender. On the other hand, if you would prefer installing the single serving size cup, you have to follow these steps:

  • Screw in the blade of the blender with the cup to form a tight seal
  • Next you are going to want to turn the cup upside down and then set it onto the base
  • Adjust the cup properly and twist it into place.
  • When you hear the sound, you know you have installed the cup securely.

One important thing to remember is that the ninja blender is designed for both right-handed as well as left-handed users. So, you can turn the containers clockwise or anti-clockwise. Either way, you can securely install it.

Another thing, the pitcher needs to be installed before you start adding your ingredients for blending. However, if you use the single servings cup, you can fill it up with your stuff and then attach it to the base.

How Do I Reset My Ninja Blender Red Light Blinking?

If you are trying to reset the ninja blender from blinking red we basically have 3 solutions for you.

Reassemble After Dismantling:

Start by securing the pitcher or lid to make sure everything is in place. Making sure that everything is properly secured is the first step to reset the blinking. However, in most cases, that is not enough.

You have to basically reassemble the whole thing after dismantling the whole thing. Take all the parts apart and reassemble everything. Usually this is exactly what should help you reset the ninja blender.

Parts Replacement:

Although most of the times, you can’t expect the above solution to work. As the issues are usually that some parts are faulty or out of order. In this case, the only way to reset it is to replace those faulty parts and trying blending using the blender.

Replacing those parts should solve any issue you’re facing and also reset the blinking.

Unplug And Replug:

However, one easy fix for a quick reset is that, if the device is overheating, and that is the cause of the red light blinking, you should simply disconnect it and let it cool down for a while.

Once it cools down, you can easily use it again, and that would count as a full reset. No more blinking should occur at this point. To prevent this one, try not to let the blender overheat in the first place.

Final Thoughts

So in summary, the reason your ninja blender is blinking red could be either because the lid isn’t secured, or the assembly was faulty, or if it is overheating, or if the safety mechanism or the button is broken. Reassembling or replacing parts should solve most of your problems regarding this.