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Why Is My Keurig Coffee Maker Flashing “Not Ready”?

An essential household appliance is the coffee machine. These small and handy machines take the responsibility to start your day with energy. And the machines are easy to use for the general people as well.

Though the instructions of the coffee machines are easier compared to a lot of the other household appliances, it is better to do proper research before getting yourself one. This is to ensure that you do not damage the machine.

Keurig coffee maker flashing “not ready”

A very new addition to the Keurig coffee machine is the flashing of “not ready” light. When you see this light blinking and flashing you should reset the machine. This flashing “not ready” sign indicates that the machine is not ready for brewing. A simple reset will fix the problem. 

When it comes to coffee machines, consumers prefer any machine that will be more convenient for the user.

The more easy it is to maneuver the machine, the better suited it is for the regular use of the household. And in this category, Keurig coffee machine wins by a long shot.

There are some features of the machine that are very useful for the users. For example, the blinking lights that indicate various problems and issues in the machine.

The newer version of the machine has an even more helpful blinking light. The newer version of the machine flash “not ready” when there is an issue-

If the machine needs resetting:

Sometimes the machine will need resetting. It could be because of various reasons, any damage or any issues of the machine that is yet to be resolved.

In such a case the machine will flash the “not ready” light to indicate that the machine can’t operate at the moment without resetting.

There could be an issue with how long the machine was already running. If the machine has been running for a long enough time and at a stretch, then it will be a very obvious thing for the machine to need a resetting.

In such a case the machine will flash the “not ready” light until you reset it.

The machine might need fixing:

If there is any internal damage done to the machine, or if there is an issue with how the machine has been fixed previously then you might also see the “not ready” light flashing.

There might be any internal or external damage of the machine that has not been fixed properly.

In a case like this the machine will not operate without the damage being fixed. In this case you should make sure that the machine is fixed of any damage, both internal and external.

Only after the machine has been fixed will the flashing “not ready” light stop blinking and the machine will start to work again.


If there is an issue with any part of the machine and if troubleshooting is necessary, then you can figure it out through the machine blinking “not ready” light.

This is a new feature that starts to work when the machine requires troubleshooting. When you notice this light blinking and flashing, you should check the water reservoir and work with the troubleshoot.

The “not ready” light flashing is a new feature and can be noticed in the newer versions of the model. This flashing light can indicate resetting and troubleshooting of the machine.

When you notice this light blinking try to take it seriously. It means the machine can’t operate without the problem being fixed. 

Keurig “not ready” common problem

The best thing about the Keurig coffee machines is that the machine has a lot of versions and each new version comes with a new feature that is more convenient for the users.

The “not ready” light keeps blinking if the machine can’t operate for the moment and needs fixing, this is a new feature for the current version of the machine-

Keurig b60:

This version of the Keurig coffee machine does not have the “not ready” flashing light feature. The feature was installed after the Keurig b60 came out in the market. Which is why this earlier version of the machine does not have the feature.

Keurig b70:

The new and improvised model, Keurig b70, has the “not ready” flashing light feature. This is a very integral part of the machine. And it is common for all the machines of this model. The feature is new just like the model.

How do I fix my Keurig blinking not ready?

Keurig coffee machines are always very convenient for the users. The instructions are easy and none of the problems are easily solvable without any professional help. This is why the Keurig coffee machine is a popular choice among the general household users.

As the Keurig coffee machine is an electronic appliance, it is common for the machine to require troubleshooting.

It is when the machine needs additional help, without resetting. The troubleshooting process of the Keurig coffee machine is not very difficult. And to make things even easier the simple instructions are given below-

Turn off:

Start by turning the power of the machine off. Do it by pressing the power button. And afterwards you should unplug the machine.

Wait for a moment:

Wait a few minutes for the machine to turn off entirely. And then reach out for the water reservoir. Detach the water reservoir from the machine.

Keep water reservoir detached:

Keep the water reservoir detached for a few seconds. No need to wait for too long, 5 seconds is a good enough waiting time.


Repeat the steps 1 and 2 one more time.

Press menu button:

Place the water reservoir in place and then press the menu button. This should do the trick.

Add more water to the water reservoir after you are done with these steps. With these very simple steps, the troubleshooting of the Keurig coffee machine will be complete. The steps are simple and easy. You can do them very easily without any professional help or guidance.

How long does it take a Keurig to get ready?

The Keurig coffee machines are very popular because of how convenient the machines are for the users. There are many features and built-in features which make the work much easier for any user.

But sometimes the coffee machine needs time to start running. But that is only 1 minute, sometimes less than two minutes.

A minute is enough time for the Keurig coffee machine to start working. If it is being used regularly, then it would require a bit more time than a minute. Even so, the machine should not take more than two minutes to start working.

Less than two minutes is enough time for the Keurig coffee machine to start with the brewing and coffee making process. It takes about a minute for the machine to heat up. And after that you can start the brewing process. Which also takes less than two minutes to be done completely.

How do I hard reset my Keurig?

Usually if there is any problem with the Keurig coffee machine, then it can be solved just by a simple resetting process.

And most times the coffee machine does not create any such problems that become a hassle. But as it is an electronic appliance, it will require tending to from time to time.

There will come times when you will need to hard reset the Keurig coffee machine. When the problem can’t be fixed through manual rest or troubleshooting, you will need to resort to hard reset.

It may seem difficult than the manual reset but that is not the case. Just follow the given instructions and you should get the job done soon-

Open k -cup:

Start by opening and closing the k-cup lever. You should try to open the lever of the k-cups.


To check if the brewing process is the problem or not, unplug the machine. If there is no problem with the brewing cycle then you should turn the machine off and unplug it manually.

Detach water reservoir:

Now you should detach the water reservoir from the machine itself. Keep the water reservoir detached for a few minutes.


Re-attach the water reservoir back in place and plug the machine. Now turn the machine on. And with that, the hard reset is done.

These few simple steps will make your Keurig coffee machine run and operate smoothly and like a new machine. And the steps are so easy that you can do it by yourself.

Final thoughts

The “not ready” light keeps flashing when the Keurig coffee machine cannot start operating for any problem or obstacle. The flashing light indicates that the Keurig coffee machine can’t operate at the moment. A reset or troubleshooting can get the problem fixed and the machine running like before.