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Why Is My Keurig Coffee Maker Blinking Red and Blue?

Coffee machines have become a must have around the household. And maintaining the coffee machine has become easier as the machines are now more user friendly. You should be able to understand the various issues of the machine as you start using it.

And for the Keurig coffee machine, the brand has gained massive popularity because of how convenient and easy it is to use for the users. The machine has many features that are for the easy use of the regular people.

Keurig coffee maker blinking red and blue

The Keurig coffee machine has a lot of built in features. Like when there is not enough water to start the brewer then the blue light of the machine will start blinking. And when it comes to the red light blinking, it means the machine is heating up. Once the machine is hot the light will stop.

Among the many brands of the coffee machine, Keurig has made a name for its own. That is mainly because the brand is very convenient for the users and there is very little hassle when it comes to operating this brand. 

There are many functions of the machine that are easy to use and useful.

One of the most convenient features of the Keurig coffee  machine is that the machine blinks light to indicate any issues or problems. And even when the coffee machine is functioning in the normal way, there are still blinking lights that indicate the process of the machine. 

Keurig Coffee Maker Blinking Red

Machine is being heated:

The main reason why the Keurig coffee machine is blinking red is because the machine is being heated before it starts to run. When the machine is operating on normal, this red light will blink while heating. This is a basic function for the Keurig coffee machine. 

Wait for completely heated:

There is really nothing you can do about this particular issue as it is not exactly a problem to be dealt with. You just have to wait for the machine to be completely heated for it to run. 

After the machine has finished operating, the red light will stop blinking on its own. 

K-cups you use:

It can be because of the k-cups you use. If the cups that you have used are too thin compared to the required cups of the machine then it might show the red lights blinking.

Change the k-cups:

Make sure you change the k-cups immediately. Check if the k-cups feel too light and thin. Also try to not pack them too lightly and start the machine again. If you see the red light blinking again, then you need to change the k-cups that you have used. 

Get cups recommended in the machine instructions

Descale the machine:

Sometimes when it is time to descale the machine, the red light will start to blink. The red light blinking could indicate that the machine requires urgent cleaning. 

The blinking red light might be an indication that it has been some time since you last cleaned the coffee machine.

Clean the machine:

When nothing works to stop the red light blinking, start cleaning the coffee machine. Turn the power off first and then carefully descale the coffee machine. Take your time with the cleaning process and make sure you take out the old coffee filters as well.

Keurig Coffee Maker Blinking Blue

Not enough water:

When there is not enough water in the machine reservoir then the machine will start blinking the blue lights to let you know. To start the brewing process, the machine needs a minimum amount of water. 

If this minimum amount of water is not in the machine, then it will not work properly and blink the blue lights. 

Add water:

As soon as you see the blue light blinking, add water to the reservoir of the coffee machine. Also make sure you check the machine after you have added water to the machine. If the machine still blinks blue light then you need to add more water. 

The exit needle is blocked:

If the exit needle is blocked then you will notice the blue light of the machine flashing. This is a very crucial point of the machine. The exit needle should not be blocked under any circumstances. 

So once you see the blue lights blinking, make sure you go and check the exit needle immediately. 

Clean the exit needle:

The exit needle might be blocked because of the gunk or the coffee ground build up. All you have to do is clean the exit needle point of the machine. And while you are at it, make sure you clean the reservoir of the machine as well. 

Misplaced water filter:

Sometimes, the water filter of the machine is misplaced. Maybe the filter was installed not in the correct manner. This will lead to the blue light of the machine to blink. 

Install again with care:

To fix this simple issue, all you have to do is take out the water filter and install it very carefully this time. You can take your time with this. The water filter should sit perfectly inside the machine. So until you find the perfect “press” of the water filter, keep trying. 

The red and blue lights blinking is a built-in feature of the Keurig coffee machine. The lights blink to indicate the various issues and problems the machine might have. Once you see any of the lights blinking, check the coffee machine properly.

How to reset Keurig coffee maker?

While the Keurig coffee machine is very easy to use and convenient, sometimes you will need to tend to the machine. In case of any troubleshoot, you will need to reset the coffee machine. 

It may seem difficult for many users and there might be an issue regarding the model of the machine but the resetting of the machine is very easy.

Depending on the model of Keurig coffee machine you have, you will need to go for different approaches to reset the machine. However, the given instruction should work for all of the models of the Keurig coffee machine-

Turn off the machine: 

Start by turning off the machine. You can do this by turning off the power and by pulling the plug.

remove the water tank:

Once you have the machine turned off you can remove the water tank.

Wait for 5 minutes:

Now you wait, before you plug the machine back in. Around 5 minutes should be good enough for the machine to reset. 

Turn on the machine:

Turn the machine on. You can manually turn the machine on. Now you should be able to place the water reservoir back in place. 

Open and close the holder:

As for the pod holder, open and close the holder till it is in place. 

Resetting the Keurig coffee machine is not that difficult. But none of the models have a reset button. So you have to do the resetting manually and not automatically. This can be a hassle to some but it is not that much difficult if you start.

How to maintain Keurig coffee maker correctly?

Every once in a while, you will need to clean your electronic appliances. When it is your Keurig coffee machine, you might have to do it more frequently as coffee machines require a lot of cleaning since it is used regularly. 

You should know how to clean the coffee machine so you can maintain the machine properly. If you clean and maintain the machine properly and frequently then you will notice that your machine will last for a good while without much problem. 

Given below are instructions to maintain the Keurig machine in the proper and easiest manner –

Clean the coffee machine from time to time:

Take apart the machine and make sure you do it very carefully. You can easily was the removable parts and put the in place again. This is a very easy way to maintain the Keurig coffee machine.

Descale and clean the parts:

Descale the coffee machine and then clean the parts which can’t be removed. There might be a lot of build up inside the coffee machine. You need to clean the insides of the coffee machine every once in a while. 

Use vinegar and water:

Use vinegar and water in the water reservoir to clean it. Some people do not prefer the strong smell of the vinegar. You can use citric acid as well. 

Maintaining the Keurig coffee machine is not that difficult. All you have to do is to keep the machine clean sometimes. The cleaning process of the machine should not be very difficult once you get the hang of it.

Final thoughts

The Keurig coffee machine has a built-in feature that blinks lights as indications of any issues. The blue lights indicate the low water level in the reservoir which can be solved by adding more water and the red lights indicate the machine heating up which is when you should wait till it starts.