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Why Is My Frigidaire Ice Maker Leaking Water? (Explained)

A Frigidaire ice machine is a welcome sight on a hot summer day. However, leaking water from the ice maker can make stuff worse. It can also result in additional furniture damage.

Why is my Frigidaire ice maker leaking water?

The Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker can leak water due to problems with the drainpipe, overflowing water, and fittings. Furthermore, if the water inlet valve is defective, there may be a problem with the water level sensor, ice measurement sensor resulting in water leakage.

Ice maker leaks can be quite annoying. Try a little and you may be able to solve the problem by yourself.

Frigidaire Countertop Icemaker

Here are some of the most common causes of water leakage in Countertop Ice makers:

Water level sensor:

The Frigidaire ice maker has a water reserve in a bucket at the bottom. Pumps lift it into the ice maker’s ice tray. There is a sensor that shuts off the pump if there is too much water in the upper trey. This sensor won’t stop the water flow if it’s not working right. 

The ice tray overflow and water could leak.

Icing measurement sensor:

In the ice maker, ice cubes are stored in a bucket. Two sensors detect when the bucket is full. However, if one of these two sensors fails to function properly, the bucket will be full, and the ice maker will keep on working. So, it might leak.

Unstable pipe:

A pipe carries water from the water reserve to the freezer. Pipe connections are well made from the factory, so you shouldn’t have to worry about water leakage. They’re usually used outside, so they’re a little shaky. 

Due to that, if the connection is loose, and a little water may leak through


The drain pipe is usually located on the back of the ice maker. This drain pipe can be opened to drain the excess water after the water has gone to the reserve. While cleaning the ice maker, you may need to drain all the water. That’s when this drain pipe comes in. 

This pipe has an open end. There are lots of chances of leaks from this lid if it’s not installed right.

Frigidaire portable Icemaker

Due to its compact size, the Frigidaire portable ice maker is perfect for camping. It is also quite easy to use. Consequently, finding out if there is water leakage is not difficult.

Issues with microswitches:

Frigidaire ice makers have a mechanical switch that rotates the ice track and throws the ice into buckets and then starts the water flow by running a pump. The switch does this mechanically. That means the whole thing happens when it moves. 

There may be a problem with this switch and it’ll show up in the ice maker. That means you’ll have leaks a lot.

Problematic water inlet valve:

Ice makers are most important when it comes to the water inlet valve. A water valve usually carries water to an ice tray. It controls water flow inside the bucket. It stops the flow of water when it receives instructions from the sensor. 

Water may leak from the ice maker if it has a problem. Water flow is uncontrollable when the valve at the water inlet doesn’t work properly. Here’s where leaks can happen.

How do I stop my Frigidaire ice maker from leaking water?

Water leaks from ice makers are a pretty common problem. You can fix this leakage problem on your own if you can figure out where the leak is coming from.

Detect water leaks:

Water can leak from different places in Frigidaire ice makers. A vital step to stopping water leaks is to identify where they are coming from. Check the ice maker for leakage while it is operating. Most leaks occur in the drainpipe on the outside. 

You can understand if there’s water leakage from overflow.

Stopping the leaks:

Finding the problem is the most challenging part of repairing an ice maker leak. Fixing it is not difficult. The first thing you should do in case of a water leak is not to leave the ice maker running for too long. The problem can only be resolved by repairing the leaky part.

The lid of the drain should be tightened if there is leakage of water from the drainpipe, for example. It will be necessary to change the drainpipe tie if this does not solve the problem. It needs to be fixed or replaced if any of the internal parts are broken.

Routine maintenance:

Ice makers need regular maintenance to prevent leaks. Clean them every few days. Whenever something goes wrong, fix it. Check if everything is fine after you back it up if you used it outside. Keeping your ice maker maintained can help it last longer.

How do you fix a Frigidaire ice maker that leaks?

Refrain from using the Frigidaire ice maker if there is a leak. Put it away until the problem is resolved. Here’s what you need to do if you notice a leak.

Determine the cause of the leak:

Once the leak’s cause is identified, half of the problem has been solved. Let’s look into this in more detail and see exactly what the problem is. If you see water outside the ice maker, it may be overflowing or coming from the drainpipe. You should check those places first.

Identifying internal problems:

Whenever it appears that there is a leak, remove the back cover of the ice maker. The internal parts that can leak water are the following: 1. an inlet valve, 2. a water supply line, 3. the water sensor, and 4. Switches. Check them thoroughly. Check if water is leaking from pipes or valves.

Make sure the other parts of the control panel work in harmony with it. There’s a leak in these parts, so check them out.

Troubleshooting Faulty Drain Pipes:

You will be able to see if there is a problem with the drainpipe first. It may be necessary to tighten the cap of the drainpipe at the beginning if it is problematic. Change the cap and put another one on if the water continues to leak. 

Replace the drainpipe tie completely if this does not fix the problem.

Fixing the sensors:

Pour water on the ice maker as it runs to determine if there are problems with the sensors. The sensor will be activated by excessive water. The sensor won’t work even after pouring additional water, so there is a problem with the sensor. It needs to be replaced. 

The ice tray sensor needs to be tested as well. Water leakage can occur if there is a problem with the sensors. That means the sensor needs to be replaced.

Fixing the inlet valve:

Inlet valves pump water into the system. They might not work properly, but water may leak. The inlet valve is usually on the back. Open it and fix the fittings again. If there’s a problem with the inlet valve, replace it.

How do you fix a broken Frigidaire ice maker water line?

If you are sure that water is leaking from the waterline of the broken Frigidaire ice maker, you should replace it.

Make sure it’s safe:

Start by turning off the ice maker. Discharge all water through the drain pipe. Disconnect the electrical connection. Dispose of all the ice in the bucket.

Open the ice maker:

Flip the Frigidaire ice maker over. Take off the screws with a screwdriver. Next, carefully open the rear panel. Locate the fan. Four screws usually hold the fan in place. Unscrew the screws and remove the fan. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges of the fan.

Replace the Waterline:

Get rid of the old pipe. The rubber connection is where it goes. Once you pull it, it’ll open. Now take a new pipe and lubricate it on both sides. Install it in place of the old pipe. Now place the fan where it used to be and tighten it up. Install the back panel as you did before. 

Replacing old pipes will stop leaks.

Final Thought

A major cause of leaks in the Frigidaire ice maker is the faculty drain pipe, water line, and inlet valve. If the water leaks even after these have been repaired, it may be due to its sensor or mechanical switch. Replacing the faulty parts may resolve the problem.