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Why Is My Electric Stove Clicking? (Quick Answers)

Electric stoves have become a blessing for modern people. We don’t have enough time to use the manual stove for cooking; it saves our time and effort simultaneously but brings some complexity too.

You cannot use the electric stove as you will or like the manual stove. You need to take care of it and ensure the stove is fine. A single careless use of an electric stove might create a big problem. You must repair the stove once it gets damaged.

Why is my electric stove clicking?

Your electric stove is clicking because of the damaged burners, expansion components, clogged openings, and other reasons. When your stove gets too old, it might require immediate replacement or repair. If you delay the process, different stove parts will create clicking sounds.

This clicking sound applies to most of the stove brands, including Samsung, GE, Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool. Let’s see why they are clicking and how to solve these problems with DIY skills.

Whirlpool Electric Stove:

You have the heating and cooling steel-made parts in your Whirlpool electric stove.

And it is clicking because these parts are moving or get damaged due to long-term use. As a result, you are getting the noise from the oven or electric stove. It needs immediate repair or replacement.

Frigidaire Electric Stove:

Because of the loose connections if the mainboard may create the clicking noise in your Frigidaire electric stove.

There is nothing to worry about the damage or anything serious. You need to tighten all the screws or open the mainboard and check everything.

Samsung Electric Stove:

Your Samsung electric stove is clicking because of the circuit relays switch.

Also, the gas burners may sound like clicking, and you have nothing to worry about that. Just look for the reason and tighten the loose compartments if there are any.

GE Electric Stove:

if you get the clicking noise from your GE electric stove, there might be some temperature issues.

Your stove has on and off butting. When you turn it on, it will give you a clicking sound. Also, the gas burners might be damaged, creating a clicking noise from inside.

Maytag Electric Stove:

Your Maytag electric stove is clicking because of the electric elements’ movements.

Sometimes the on-off buttons might be loosened and create noise inside the oven. In other cases, the damaged part of the stove will generate a clicking noise through the steel elements.

Kenmore Electric Stove:

If the button or any part of your Kenmore electric stove gets clogged, you will get the clicking noise.

It should be your regular job to check your Kenmore switches and the mainboard to see if there are any loose electrical components. They might create this weird noise while the stove is on.

Why is my electric stove clicking when off?

Your electric stove can click when off because of internal system failure and dirt. Your stove should only make a slight clicking sound.

Excessively clicking could indicate that your stove is attempting to perform a task – such as heating a burner – but is failing.

Alternatively, it could suggest that internal settings are switching due to an internal electrical issue. If the igniters on your stove or cooktop continue to click even after the burner has been switched off, it may simply be a matter of cleaning.

Food debris can become trapped around the ignition mechanism if your cooking is sloppy at times.

Excess moisture is another major cause of clicking igniters. Moisture can get into the igniter, causing it to click even when you turn off the stove.

Is stove clicking dangerous?

Stove clicking is not dangerous at all. It’s crucial to understand that a clicking stove is not harmful, albeit it should be addressed immediately. Before a normal igniter sparks and ignites your stove, it may click three times.

If you hear your stove clicking continuously, there is no gas flowing to the stove. If the gas does not ignite and the clicking noise continues, the stove will probably not work. At the same time, you must take action as soon as possible.

Occasionally, the igniter will continue to click incessantly, even after the stove has been lit. At the worst, you will not get the lighting from the stove, but there won’t be any electric shock or any accident.

So, the stove clicking is not dangerous. Still, you should stop clicking and ensure that your electric stove is good.

You might need to change your existing electric stove if it is too old to operate. Maybe the internal parts are damaged, and they create a clicking noise. If you consider the cost and the hassle, it might be a problematic issue for you.

What does it mean when your stove starts clicking?

When your stove starts clicking, it means something is wrong inside the oven or the main electric board. The clicking might have some other meanings too. Let’s see what exactly it means.

Loose Components:

If your electric stove starts clicking once you turn it on, there must be any loose components.

When you turn on the stove, the loose components get electricity, move from here to there, and get in touch with other components. Therefore, you must check all the parts and sort out the issues soon.

Damaged Stove Parts:

If your electric stove is too old to use, it might start clicking because of the damaged parts.

Maybe the switch is broken, or the inner parts of the stove have been damaged dramatically. So the clicking means the damaged part or broken part here.

Clogged Openings:

Although the electric stove doesn’t have any gasoline, it must have an opener inside or outside the cooktop.

Sometimes, the openers or openings might be clogged due to dirt and dust. If you forget to clean the entire electric stove once a month, the dirt will clog the openings and create clicking sounds.

Why is my stove clicking but not lighting?

Your stove may click but not light if there is a blockage in the gas feed. While turning the burner knob, you may hear clicking and see sparks.

You will notice that the gas is flowing normally, but the fire will not ignite. It could happen if there is a blockage in the gas feed.

It is responsible for delivering gas to the igniter to start the fire, and it is prone to becoming clogged with grease or any other type of debris. So, you must clean it and get the lighting from your stove.

The process might require some effort and some DIY skills, but we will show you how to stop the clicking and get the lighting from your damaged electric stove in the following sections.

How do I stop my electric stove from clicking?

You can stop your electric stove from clicking by following steps. They are:

Unplug Stove:

You need to unplug the electric stove first. It’s a must-do job before repairing or opening the stove.

Plug-in means your stove is getting electricity, and it will shock you if it remains plugged in. So, unplug the stove before doing anything else.

Remove Opener:

Now, it’s time to remove the opener with a screwdriver or other DIY tools. You need to remove the screws first. Then, you will be able to remove the opener from the cooktop. There you will find your answer to why it is clicking.

Clean Igniter:

Your first job is to clean the ignitor with a dry toothbrush. Never use any wet brush or damp clothes on the ignitor. It will create an electric shock and might create electric fire too.

So, your first job is to clean the igniter and the surrounding area with a soft and dry toothbrush. It will help you remove the small dirt from the parts and make the surface clean again.

Check Other Parts & Replace or Repair:

Now, check the other parts and find any loose screws or damaged metal.

You need to remove these parts if there is any damaged or broken metal. You can also check the mainboard and find the damaged electric stove parts.

Close the Opener:

After removing and replacing the damaged parts and ignitor, your problem should be solved. Now, you need to close the opener and tighten the screws properly.

After closing the opener, you should check the stove by turning it on. Hopefully, you won’t get the clicking noise anymore. If you still find the noise, you must change or replace your electric stove.

Final Thoughts

Your stove clicks and gives you a weird sound because of the damaged part, ignition problems, and loose components. If you want to solve the issues, you should follow my tips. If possible, you need to replace the damaged part or repair the switches. You will not get the clicking anymore.