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Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Out Water? (Answered)

Air conditioners are essential for both residential and official purposes these days. They are effective for cooling a particular space within the least amount of time.

But if your air conditioner is blowing out water, then it might be an indication of some issues which need your immediate attention. The issue of blowing water from your air conditioner might happen for several reasons.

Let us have a detailed discussion about the reasons behind this problem and learn about the possible solutions to it.

Why is my air conditioner blowing out water?

The air conditioner can blow out water if it has problems in the condensation drain. This happens when the coil starts sweating, resulting in blowing the water out rather than going through the drain to a pan. Weather and blocked filters create this problem. A bad installation can cause this too.

What does it mean if your air conditioner is blowing out water?

If your air conditioner is blowing out water, it means that it is releasing air from the front or indoor unit where the air comes out with water in it. The amount of water and size of droplets depends on the severity of the problem.

This is a common problem with almost all kinds of air conditioners. Let us discuss the meaning of this issue in various types of air conditioners:

Window Air Conditioner:

A window air conditioner may blow out water from the indoor air conditioner. It means that the unit is accumulating water in the drainage pan due to blockage or has a leak. It can happen due to weather or a simple placement-related reason.

Split System Air Conditioner:

The split system air conditioner comes with two working units. One is called the inside unit and the other is called the outside unit. In this case, the issue happens in the indoor unit. Water gets blown out from the vents from the indoor unit rather than the outdoor unit.

This problem is mainly caused due to blockage in the indoor unit’s drainage system or a dirty filter.

Likewise, it can happen due to the improper slope of the indoor unit as well which forces the condensed water to come at the front rather than going to the drainage hole.

Portable Air Conditioner:

The cold air gets out from the vents on the top of the machine on a portable air conditioner. In this case, when there is a malfunction on the portable air conditioner, the water gets jammed in the upper part of it.

Thus, the water gets absorbed by the air and it comes out as droplets outside of the upper vent, which ultimately results in blowing out the water.

RV or Car Air Conditioner:

The RV air conditioner is mostly set at the top of the RV. Whereas, the car air conditioner is mostly set at the front of the car. But as time has passed, technology was evolved and now both have air conditioning in almost the whole car.

In this case, when we say water is blowing out from the RV or car air conditioner, we mean that the air conditioner is blowing out water from the vents at the top of the RV or the front of the car.

Why is my air conditioner blowing out water?

Your air conditioner can blow out water due to various reasons. It can be a malfunction in the air conditioner or can be a simple weather-related problem. Let us help you understand the reasons behind this:

Inappropriate installation of the air conditioner:

If you have bought an air conditioner recently and your air conditioner starts blowing out water, this can be the indication of an inappropriate installation by your technician.

Inappropriate installations indicate that the air conditioner is not set properly according to the rules and regulations of the air conditioner manual.

Inappropriate placement of the air conditioner can cause this which is a bad installation practice. If you or your technician places the air conditioner in a bad spot where it can’t cool the room properly due to lack of clearance, this might result in blowing out the water.

The slope of the air conditioner can be another reason behind the blowing water. If the unit is not placed properly and is leaning forward and inside, this may lead the condensed water to flow in front rather than going at the back i.e. towards the drain.

This is also an inappropriate installation method. Likewise, if the filters inside or the drain pipe aren’t set properly, this causes the same problem.

So, this can be said easily that inappropriate installation is a huge factor behind the issue of water blow by your air conditioner.

Drainage system clogging:

Over time, the drainpipe from the pan to the outside may clog up with accumulated dust and dirt. This causes blockage and will overflow water from the drain pan which is blown out by the fan in the air conditioner. This results in blowing out the water.

Dirty filter in your air conditioner:

Your air conditioner can accumulate dust in the filter of the air conditioner just like the drainage system clogging. As the air conditioner just recirculates the existing air in the room, if the room is dusty then air will get clogged up by the filter to keep the fans clean.

When the filters are dirty, the clogs affect the cooling chamber of the air conditioner. Thus, this can condense water in the front of the air conditioner which can get blown out.

Evaporator coil gets frozen:

If the evaporator coil gets frozen, your air conditioner may malfunction and may start blowing water out. The evaporator coil gets frozen due to various reasons but the main reason behind it is lack of airflow.

This is caused due to dirty air filters, lack of space, and many more. Due to these reasons, the evaporator loses its ability to keep itself warm and starts getting cold.

Thus, it gets frozen and starts blowing water. As it is frozen, it tries to operate by melting the ice and if it blows out air successfully, it ends up blowing out air with water.

Low-temperature weather:

Air conditioners have a minimal optimal temperature to operate and if the temperature goes below that, it causes issues for the air conditioner.

If the weather outside is less than 60° F – 64° F, your evaporator coil may start to freeze, thus resulting in your air conditioner to start blowing out the water.  So, it can be said that air conditioners can’t be used during cold temperatures.

How to fix air conditioner blowing water

If your air conditioner is blowing out water, it can be fixed in various ways. These ways of fixing vary depending on the situation and condition of the problem.

So let us help you out by discussing a few solutions of how you can solve this issue:

Check the temperature outside:

Before checking inside the air conditioner unit, check if the outside temperature is below 64° F.

If yes, then it is better to keep the air conditioner off as this is not the optimal temperature for the air conditioner to operate and will cause the unit to blow out water anyway.

Check and clean the dust filter:

Open the front part of your air conditioner and check if the dust filter is dirty or not. If it is dirty, open it and clean it up. You can use a brush or soap water to clean it thoroughly. This will give the coil the chance to cool down and let the fan work properly.

Check if the drainage system is clogged and clean if required:

Your drainage system can be clogged by dirt and dust. Cleaning it using various cleaning agents can solve the issue.

You can use home remedies like pouring vinegar into the pipe. This helps to clean the drainage pipe and gives way for the water stored in the drain pan to get out.

Change the position of the air conditioner:

If none of the above solutions worked for you, it is better to change the position of the air conditioner as it may be an improper placement issue. If your air conditioner is not easy to move, it will be a wise decision to call in a technician to move it for you and set it properly.

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Final thoughts

Your air conditioner can blow out water due to various reasons. These problems can range from a simple placement issue to frozen coils. Whatever the reason is, it can be solved if you do the usual maintenance by yourself or call a technician or an expert to do it for you.