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Why Does My Space Heater Keep Turning Off? (Answered)

While using a space heater many of you perhaps have encountered sudden turning off of your space heater. But you may not know the precise reasons that cause a space heater to turn off abruptly.

That being the case, you certainly would like to learn why does your space heater keeps turning off. Thence, let’s read ahead and get to know the reasons behind a sudden turned-off of the space heater.

Why Does My Space Heater Keep Turning Off?

Space heaters abruptly turn off upon getting overheated. Because the components within the space heater don’t constantly get a surge of cool air, so the components get overheated, and automatically the space heater turns off to activate the safety of the space heater and to prevent any blow off.

Along with the primary reason which is overheating, the rest of the possible reasons have also been explained below in detail for your better understanding of this issue.


An overheated portable space heater which is caused by a dirty air filter makes it shut off without warning. When the air filter is clogged due to a buildup of filth and dust, it reduces the cool airflow from the room that oscillates through the vents of a space heater.

Therefore, it lessens the space heater’s internal ability to cool down during and after being used. As a result, excessive heat triggers the space heater’s internal sensors to turn off automatically

Faulty Heating Element:

The portable electronic space heaters have a heating element in them that preserves and produces heat inside the space heater.

So when the heating element is faulty, broken, or discolored, the chances of overheating the heating unit get dramatically increased. So the heater automatically shuts off multiple times.

Weak Or Faulty Power Supply:

If you notice the portable space heater’s plug prongs are appearing with brown stains, it’s damaged and causing a faulty power supply which is turning the space heater off.

Alternatively, an average space heater utilizes 1.5 kW to function and produce heat. So if the space heater is not getting a sufficient amount of power supply, it will keep turning off due to a weak power supply.

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Tripping Circuit Breaker:

A tripping main circuit breaker is also a major reason that can cause portable electronic space heaters to turn off suddenly.

It happens when a lightning storm or severe thunder occurs and a blow off of current passes through the central grid of the home.

Therefore, the circuit breaker shuts off itself to stave off excess electricity from surging the grid and damaging the space heater.

Low Airflow:

A gas space heater mainly shuts off due to low airflow. First, low airflow can be caused by dirty air filters, as it overheats the device, so it can turn off.

Secondly, low airflow can be caused by a dirty blower wheel as the blades of the blower wheel will not be able to push air due to dirt.

Or, if your air supply vents are blocked it will cause low airflow and the heater will not get sufficient air to transfer heat. So the heat will build up and make it turn off.

Faulty Flame Sensor:

If your gas burner has a flame sensor then due to a faulty flame sensor which can be caused if there is dirt in the flame sensor or there is corrosion. Therefore, the flame will not register and the gas valve will be turned off.

As a result, the gas space burner will turn off automatically too.

Do Space Heater Overheat And Turn Off?

Space heaters do overheat and turn off. There is an air filter inside every space heater regardless of a gas space heater or an electronic one. When the air filter hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it gets clogged due to a buildup of dust and filth on it.

Therefore, cool air from the surroundings can not go through the space heater’s vents and can’t reach the heating element.

As a result, a scarcity of cool airflow decreases the space heater’s capacity to cool itself down and makes the space heater overheat, thence, it turns off on its own to initiate the safety of the device.

Why Your Space Heater Is Overheating?

A dirty air filter is certainly the primary reason that causes a space heater to overheat, except for that the other three main reasons have been clarified and listed here.


Space heaters tend to overheat if they are obstructed by other elements, furniture around their surroundings.

Because if space heaters are not kept in a clear area, walls, curtains, furniture, etc. create obstacles for them to have an unrestricted flow of air to cool these devices on their own.

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Tipping Over:

Most of the space heaters have tipped over sensors that automatically make the space heater overheated whenever it’s tipped over by children or pets.

So if you have placed your spaced heater in an area with foot traffic or in an area where there are pets or small kids live, the space heater will overheat quickly.

Covered Heater:

If you have covered up your space heater, even if it’s partially covered up to dry clothing items on top of the space heater or just in front of it, it will overheat.

How Do You Keep A Space Heater From Overheating?

You can easily prevent your space heater from overheating by following 4 simple methods. And the ways are shortly explained below.

Keep The Space Heater In A Clear Place:

A general rule of thumb is a space heater should have 3 feet of space around it whether it’s placed indoors or outdoors so that the device can get enough area for flowing of cool air through the vents. 

And cool airflow will keep the space heater cool and will prevent overheating.

Don’t Keep In A High Foot Traffic Area:

Avoid keeping your space heater in a high foot traffic space to prevent tipping over.

Also, don’t keep the heater around small kids or pets or in an uneven space so that obnoxious sounds or tipping over doesn’t pressurize the automatic turn-off sensors to overheat the space heater.

Avoid Drying Clothes:

Stop drying clothing items directly on top or indent of the space heater to prevent the space heater from overheating. Keep the space heater away from curtains, clothes, and other materials such as the fabric of furniture and all.

Don’t Use A Small Space Heater For A Big Place:

Space heaters are made for heating up small to medium-sized areas, not big spaces. So if you should always check how big of an area a space heater is made for warming to avoid overheating.

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How Can I Make My Space Heater Work Better?

Step-by-step instruction to instruct you in making your space heater work better has been provided below for your convenience.

Choose A Space Heater With An Automatic Switch:

Try to buy a space heater with an automatic switch so that it can turn the heater off upon falling over.

Keep In A Clear And Level Surface:

Then place the space heater on a safe, clear, and level surface and keep it out of a high footprint area.

Don’t Use In Bathroom:

Also, never use a portable electronic space heater inside a bathroom or around water.

Check Wattage And Size Rating:

After that keep the space heater according to its wattage and size for a space or a room. Use the right space heater for the right area.

Use A Space Heater With Automatic Temperature Control:

And lastly, try to use a space heater with automated temperature control so that it doesn’t overheat the space.

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Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your space heater and cannot fix them, you can contact your space heater brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Brand Name For repair and service Contact
HoneywellSupport PageN/A
PelonisSupport Page1-800-841-1289
Comfort zoneSupport Page800-523-1268
Mr. HeaterSupport Page1-800-251-0001
DelonghiSupport Page1-800-322-3848
HolmesSupport Page1-800-546-5637
LaskoSupport Page800-233-0268
DuraflameSupport Page702-803-7701
KenwoodSupport Page1-800-322-3848
SunbeamSupport Page1-888-264-9669

How Do I Reset My Space Heater?

The following are the steps to reset your space heater.

  • Move the space heater away from the obstruction and turn it off.
  • Switch off the thermostat.
  • If it’s an electronic space heater, unplug the device from the socket and let it cool down for 10-15 minutes.
  • After it has released heat completely, switch the space heater on and check if it’s working or not.

How To Clean A Space Heater Air Filter?

To clean the air filter inside a space heater, first, loosen the tabs and take out the air filter. Then either you can vacuum the air filter or give it a good scrub with a scrubber and clean it. After that put it on a paper towel and let it dry completely.

Lastly, open the tabs and replace the air filter back on the back of the unit. And there you are done.

Final Thoughts

Overheating is the main reason that makes a space heater turn off voluntarily. Besides, faulty heating element, faulty power supply, tripping circuit breaker, tripping thermostat for a portable space heater and low airflow, a faulty flame sensor for gas space heater are the other potential reasons.