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Why are Air Fryers so Expensive? (Complete Guide)

Air fryers are becoming a common household name due to how economic yet efficient they are. Since they come in a huge range of prices, you might think you can get by by buying a nondescript cheap version.

But considering the pros and cons, you can find yourself going for the expensive kind. This might make you question-

Why are air fryers so expensive?

Air fryers can be expensive due to the quality they have to maintain, as well as the size and efficiency of said size. Another reason for the price hike is the technology used for it, and sometimes you pay for the name of the brand and what it represents. Even then, they are a worthy investment.

Ultimately, as with every other purchase we make, it depends on you, your wants and needs, and the lifestyle you have to determine if an air fryer is worth it for you.

Are air fryers expensive to run?

Since there is a visible disparity in the prices of air fryers, you might wonder if they are expensive to run as well. You will be glad to know that air fryers, in general, are not expensive to run.

As they are small kitchen appliances, they are convenient and economical. This is why they save a lot of electricity, so they aren’t very expensive to run. However, there is evidence that air fryers tend to become less economical when it comes to power usage as time goes by.

Averagely, regular air fryers tend to use 1.4k to 1.7k watts of electricity (converting to 1.4khw to 1.7kwh) per hour of use.

Are all air fryers expensive?

All of this might make you think all air fryers are expensive and you would be better off without them. The good news for you dear reader is that air fryers come in all shapes and sizes with price ranges that can work for you.

You can find air fryers anywhere from 30 dollars to 200 dollars and even more. The price depends on additional features, the manufacturer, and the model as well.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

Why are some air fryers more expensive?

As with all things in life, some are more expensive than others, some work better than others. This doesn’t necessarily mean price equals quality, but there are instances where you get what you pay for. Here are a few reasons why some air fryers are more expensive.


A no-brainer, but the quality of the machine will determine its price. The increase in quality will be visible when comparing the $30 to the higher ranged units.


Usually, budget-friendly air fryers are known to be on the smaller size, portioned to fit one to three servings. This means the bigger (and oftentimes better) air fryers are priced more.


Take a generic 50-dollar air fryer you might find in your super shop, you can expect it to be basic, with little to no added features or accessories. It certainly gets the job done but that’s all you get out of it.

Compare it to something on the pricier range, you will be paying for the brand, the size increase as well as the additional functions it will provide.


By style, we mean the overall visual and efficiency the product provides, which makes it unique and perfect for you. Each brand has a distinct style, which you are paying for when you are going for the exclusive line.

While all air fryers work the same way technically, by circulating hot air around the food via convection for it to develop a crispy exterior and a juicy interior- the expensive versions will give you more, it will have more power and efficiency, above everything else.

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes) Digital Hot Oven Cooker, One Touch Screen with 13 Cooking Functions, Preheat and Shake Reminder, 5.8 QT, Black

How expensive are air fryers?

Now that you know air fryers come in a full range of budget-friendly to high-end units, you might wonder exactly how much the one you need could cost. In general, a popular, well-known air fryer can be anywhere from 70 dollars to 400 or more.

The rates are determined by the technology built-in, performance, and efficiency skills as well as visual upgrades. Here is a table that can come in handy for decision-making.

Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker$200
Cosori smart wifi air fryer$120
Philips Digital twin turbo$350
Dash tasti Electric air fryer$60

Are expensive air fryers better than cheap ones?

As mentioned earlier, more often times than not, price does equal quality. But you can argue that this isn’t the case all the time, so how do you know they are worth it?

The general consensus is that the expensive side of the air fryers has more power and competency than their budget-friendly counterparts. They also are known to fit more food in them as well.

At the end of the day, they all work the same way, some just come with functions and capabilities more than others.

GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer with Recipe Book, Black

What is the difference between cheap and expensive air fryers?

There are certain differences between cheap and expensive air fryers. User experience will determine a lot of things, but here are a few pointers-


As mentioned earlier, expensive air fryers use, need, and exhibit more power when compared to cheap ones. This makes them more your fried food more faster and better.


Budget-friendly air fryers are usually on the smaller side so they fit one to three servings at best. As expensive ones are bigger, you can use them for family and even party meals. 


Almost all air fryers are user-friendly so they can be accessible to all. However, expensive models make it a priority to make it as easy as possible to use, coming with presets that save time and effort.

Eventually, you’re paying for the manufacturer, model, capacity, warranty, and additional abilities. 

Should you pay extra for an expensive air fryer?

You might wonder if paying the extra couple of dollars is worth it for air fryers, whether this investment is worth it at all. You can easily argue it isn’t a necessary investment for all, so it is suitable for those with extra cash in their arsenal.

You might want to pay extra for the expensive version if you regularly plan to use the machine for all its intents and purposes. If it will be a sparsely periodic event, going for a basic version is the move to make. So, paying the extra is totally dependent on your need and choice.

COMFEE' 5.8Qt Digital Air Fryer, Toaster Oven & Oilless Cooker, 1700W with 8 Preset Functions, LED Touchscreen, Shake Reminder, Non-stick Detachable Basket, BPA & PFOA Free (110 Recipes)

Are air fryers worth it?

Whether something is worth it will depend ultimately on you, your lifestyle, and your wants and needs. Objectively speaking, these are the pros of air fryers.

  • They are faster to cook things since they are built to be efficient.
  • This quicker cooking time makes it energy efficient as well. Which also makes it environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Overall provides healthier alternatives to popular food since it can use 50 times less amount of oil.

On the other hand, one of the cons of air frying is that it takes more time than deep frying. It might be faster than oven baking, it is still a rather long process. For small households, the space it takes up could be an issue as well.

Do air fryers use a lot of electricity?

As they work with electricity, you might be inclined to think the air fryer consumes a lot of electricity, thus driving your bill to the wall. You’ll be pleased to know, however, that they don’t use up much electricity. 

This is because they don’t draw a lot of wattage as well as emitting very little heat- meaning the energy they do use ends up focused on being efficiently used for cooking.

How much electricity does an air fryer use?

Now that you know air fryers don’t use up a lot of electricity, it still helps to know exactly how much so you know what to expect from your power bill next time.

A 5-quart air fryer when used for 30 minutes will cost you about $0.08, considering the usual cost is 10 cents per kWh. The power consumption mostly depends on the variant/model you use, since most households go for the 3 to 4-quart sizes.

On average, it should take you back $0.07 to $0.182 per hour of use.

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Basket Air Fryer with 4 Customizable One-Touch Cooking Programs, Digital Touchscreen, Large Non-Stick Fryer Basket, and 6 Quart Capacity, Black

Are air fryers energy efficient and economical?

Considering everything, air fryers can be called energy-efficient and economical. They are home and beginner-friendly while being inexpensive to use and further maintain.

As they are small-sized, easy to clean, and need minimal maintenance, it makes sense why they can be called to be energy efficient and economical, giving you the bang for the proverbial buck.

Compared to the regular oven, they both may consume almost the same amount of power, but the air fryer is efficient in the sense that they cook food faster and need less power. So they win major points for convenience as well.

Air fryers are a wonderful way to introduce efficient yet healthy food into your lifestyle. As it is a lifestyle choice, you might think they cost too much and you can get by without one.

Contact Brand Support for Repair & Service

In case if you have any other issues with your air fryer and cannot fix them, you can contact your air fryer brand repair and service center for further assistance.

Air Fryer Brand Name Support Page For Repair & Service Contact
Power Air FryerSupport Page973-287-5197
Ninja Air FryerSupport Page866-826-6941
Chefman Air FryerSupport Page(865) 269-2433
Nuwave Air FryerSupport Page877-689-2838
Gourmia Air FryerSupport Page888-552-0033
Cosori Air FryerSupport Page888-402-1684
Dash Air FryerSupport Page800-898-6970
Cuisinart Air FryerSupport Page1-800-726-0190
Philips Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Big Boss Air FryerSupport Page212-689-9094
Crux Air FryerSupport Page866-832-4843
Gowise Air FryerSupport Page855-233-9199
Black And Decker Air FryerSupport PageN/A
Secura Air FryerSupport Page1-888-792-2360
Oster Air FryerSupport Page1-800-334-0759
Morphy Richards Air FryerSupport Page0344-871-0944

Final Thoughts:

Some models can fit your budget while delivering all the functions you want from it. The pricing of an air fryer depends on its model, the brand, and the extra settings they come with. Air fryers can be budget-friendly yet effective for what you want and need.

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