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Whirlpool Washer Flashing F5 E1 E2 E3: What to Do?

From spending hours on the floor with back pain from washing clothes to spending minutes getting the work done with the press of a button, washers have made our life a lot easier. 

They are the heroes of modernization. They have helped so many people by saving their time and effort. Especially, if you are an employed person doing this chore could take away all the essence of your busy life. 

However, washers do encounter some errors which have code names. The errors might put you back to your miserable life where you have to manually wash clothes. If you are confused regarding what to do with the Whirlpool washer flashing f5 e1 e2 e3, you are at the right place! 

Whirlpool washer flashing f5 e1 e2 e3

The whirlpool washer f5 e1 e2 e3 are error codes that indicate issues with the door and lid lock. Whirlpool washer flashing f5 e1 indicates there are issues with the door switch, e2 suggests the presence of an obstruction in the lid lock area and e3 indicates issues with the lid lock. 

Washers make our life easier by completing hours of chores within minutes. However, the real frustration arrives when these washers fail to fulfill our needs and start throwing tantrums. 

The codes flashing and disrupting the chore for days can be exhausting as you may have to call the service providers to fix this issue. The f5 e1 e2 and e3 imply problems with the washer. There are several factors why these codes flash in a whirlpool flasher. 

All these three codes are similar as they indicate issues with the door and lid lock and switch. 

The error codes alert you regarding the issues with the washer. There are a few ways of fixing them at home without involving experts. 

Below given in detail is the reason why these problems may arrive and what you can do to solve them. 

F5 E1

A door switch problem causes the F5E1 error code on Whirlpool washers. The main control will shut off the equipment and signal a fault if the door button is left open for more than five seconds while the lock is on.

Loose connection:

One of the reasons for this issue can be loose connectivity from the main control board. If the connector is not placed correctly, this issue will arise. Sometimes the connections become loose when anything comes in contact with it. 

This problem can be solved easily.


Examine the cabling from the door lock switch assembly to the ACU for any connectivity faults from the main control board. Ensure that each connector is correctly placed. 


Sometimes when we are in a hurry or are just tired, we may stuff the washer with a pile of clothes that do not fit inside the washer. As a result, the clothes act as a barrier while closing the door. 


Make sure the material inside the washing drum is not in excess and is not obstructing or exerting pressure on the washer door. Also, make sure the washer is not overburdened.


Sometimes the washer starts acting up if it has been on for a long time so it just needs to rest for a minute or so before it can satisfy your needs again. However, the door lock equipment can also be broken and this is why it becomes reluctant to function properly. 


If everything mentioned above is in order, disconnect the washer for a short period before plugging it back in. If the F5E1 error still occurs after doing this, replace the door lock component.

F5 E2

The F5 E2 suggests that there are certain obstructions in the lid or the lid lock area of the washer. This can be for the same reasons as for F5 E1


A certain obstruction such as clothing items or sometimes torn remaining detergent packet gets in the way of the lid closing in a washer. 


You need to check for any extra item inside the washer which has been causing this problem and get rid of it. 

Electrical issue:

Sometimes the switch does not comply with the washer even after the removal of the barrier causing the lid to remain open. 


You need to press the pause or cancel button twice. After that, you need to press the power button once. 

F5 E3

The F5 E3 suggests issues with the lid lock of the washer. The lid lock has stopped working for some electrical reasons and needs to be fixed. 

Power cord:

It can be due to certain issues with the power cord of the appliance. The power cord may have been dislocated or might have taken too much pressure if it was switched on all day. 


You can unplug the cord and plug it in again. This will reset the machine. Also, wait a minute or 2 before unplugging the cord. 

Jammed lid:

The lid might also be jammed and in that case, you are not advised to forcefully open the lid as it can cause damage. 


You can try resetting using the power button and if the problem persists you are required to call a service provider to fix this issue. 

What do F5 E1, E2 & E3 mean on a Whirlpool washing machine?

The F5 E1 E2 and E3 are error codes that indicate issues with the lid and lid lock. The F5 E1 indicates faults on the lid switch, the F5 E2 suggests obstruction in the door and the F5 E3 indicates issues with the lid lock. 

As amazing as washers are, they can become frustrating when you just want to finish your chore but it is indicating f5 e1, e2, or e3 with flashes. 

There can be multiple reasons for these error codes flashing in your washer. The most common issue is the presence of extra clothing items acting as a barrier for the lid to close. 

If the washer has been stuffed with clothes that are beyond its capacity then the lid will not get closed.

However, issues often arrive with the appliance when it has been performing for a long time. At that time you just need to reset the washer using the on/off button. You may need to press the pause button twice as well. 

The trouble with the main cord can be another reason for this problem. You need to unplug the cord, wait 2 minutes and plug the cord again. If the cord is located these error codes arrive. 

However, after following these steps if the problem is still persistent, you need to call a service provider then. 

How do you reset the code on a Whirlpool washer? 

The codes flashing in a whirlpool washer can be troublesome when you need to get done with the chore as soon as possible. Instead of making your life easier, the code flashing makes it 20 times more hectic thinking about all the repairs needed to be done. 

However, they are not always because of issues. Sometimes this error number will be visible when the washer drains and stops spinning, which might take 20 to 30 minutes.

There are ways to fix the codes flashing within a few minutes without having to panic about them. By following these steps you can easily get rid of the codes flashing in your washer. 

Checking for barriers:

The first step would be making sure no clothes are blocking the way of your washer’s lid closing. If there is any clothing item or any sort of barrier you need to remove that for the lid to close properly. 


The next step would be resetting your appliance. You need to press the pause button twice and after that the power button once. 

This will reset the appliance and fix any other problems which may have been the reason for any sort of issues with the appliance. 

Sometimes the washer detects a low water flow. Verify that both the cold and hot water faucets or valves are fully open, and the home’s water supply is switched on.

Checking the connection:

The third step would be checking the connection. Sometimes, the connection becomes loose when it particularly comes in contact with anything. You need to make sure the main cord is plugged in properly. 

You need to unplug the cord and then wait 2 minutes before plugging it again. This will complete the process. However, if the problem is still persistent you need to get repairs done and call a service provider in that case. 

Final thoughts

To sum up, F5 E1, E2, and E3 are error codes that start flashing whenever there are problems with the door switch or lid lock area. This can be fixed by making sure no barriers are stopping the lid from closing and then restarting the appliance by following the steps mentioned above.