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Whirlpool Dryer Won’t Start but Has Power? (With Solutions)

Whirlpool has a great range of different home appliances. Among all the machines and gadgets, their dryer has a separate fan base. Whirlpool dryers are reliable and the best at their job.

But what if your whirlpool dryer suddenly stops working even though it has power? We can sense the tension already as a broken dryer indicates a delayed meeting, a bad day, and what not!

But we’d like to assure you saying that’s a common problem with this gadget and can happen due to various reasons.

We’ve found out the most possible causes of why a Whirlpool dryer that has power won’t start. At the same time tried to provide solutions and tips to tackle this issue.

Why won’t my Whirlpool dryer start but has power?

If your Whirlpool dryer has power but not starting, it’s possibly because of a blown thermal fuse. A damaged door switch or start switch also can be the reason behind this problem. Other than this, incorrect settings, defective belt switches, broken motor are a few common reasons in such cases.

Whirlpool dryers are undoubtedly high-quality ones in the market for appliances. Considering the consumer’s needs they have launched dryers for example Whirlpool duet dryer, Whirlpool Cabrio Dryer, Whirlpool gas dryer, etc. Users are quite satisfied with the performance of all the models of whirlpool dryers.

However, issues can occur anytime and one of the most issued complaints about whirlpool dryers is the dryer not working but has its power.

This is a common problem with Whirlpool dryers. Here we’ve listed a few reasons that may not let your dryer run even when it’s on power!

Problematic power source:

This is the first thing that comes to mind when your dryer has power but not running. A faulty power switch, a broken socket, or tripped breaker can make this incident happen.

Blown thermal fuse:

One of the common reasons for the problem when a dryer doesn’t work despite having power is a blown thermal fuse.

Whether you own a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer or Whirlpool gas dryer, it will contain one or two thermal fuses for heating purposes. If it’s broken the machine won’t start even if it gets the power.

Defective door switch:

The dryer will not start until the door is properly closed. If your Whirlpool dryers’ door is not latched, it might stop the dryer. A defective door switch causes this trouble many times faking the door look closed.

Broken belt switch:

If you’re using a model with a belt switch for example Whirlpool duet dryer or a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer, then a broken belt switch may be causing your machine not to work.

A broken belt in a whirlpool dryer cuts the power off so even if it’s connected, the dryer won’t start.

Broken motor:

The drive motor in whirlpool dryers … If there is any fault in this part of the machine, it will affect the dryer. So even if the dryer has power to it, it will not start.

Wrong settings:

Often the dryer is put on incorrect settings or modes that take time to start. Besides, if you’ve somehow activated the Lock settings, that’s might not be starting the dryer.

Is there a reset button on my whirlpool dryer?

So many dryers out there include a reset button. It’s a function that restarts the dryer to fix simple problems and glitches.

Following that, people who have started to use whirlpool dryers ask if there is a button or switch to reset this particular brands’ dryer. Some even complain about not finding any reset switch or button around the control board.

But that fact is no model of Whirlpool dryer come up with a reset button. But that doesn’t you cannot reset the dryer.

All the models of Whirlpool dryers are designed in such a way that if you want to restart the machine you will only have to unplug the dryer from the power source, wait for a few minutes, and then power it again.

This will factory reset the dryer and start it if there’s no serious technical issue.

When I press the start button on my whirlpool dryer nothing happens?

Sometimes whirlpool dryer users complain about the dryer not reacting at all when the start button is pressed. This problem can occur for many causes. But before you look for internal issues ensure the dryer door is locked otherwise it won’t start.

Often it’s the thermal fuse that’s to be blamed apart from an unlocked door switch. A blown thermal fuse can’t stop the dryer from overheating and then it stops working since malfunctioned.

Models that use the ‘Push to start’ feature usually have the dryer not activating problem because of a faulty start button. Besides, a defective dryer timer might be preventing your dryer from running.

Another cause can be a faulty power chord or power source. Other than this, whirlpool dryers that have a motor relay might face this issue if the motor relay is damaged.

How do you know if a thermal fuse is blown on a Whirlpool dryer?

A thermal fuse is an important device that protects electrical appliances so that they last long. The whirlpool dryer you use too has a thermal fuse and it’s mostly responsible if the dryer ever faces any problem running.

But since there are more reasons that lead to a broken dryer, you must know first if a thermal fuse is blown on your dryer. To know that try these methods:

Troubleshoot the dryer:

To check if a thermal fuse is blown troubleshooting the dryer is a quick way. You’ve to unplug the whirlpool dryer to continue this step. Also, make sure the dryer is not in touch with gas as well.

Check the thermal fuse:

You can know if the thermal fuse is blown or not by finding it in your dryer.

To locate the thermal fuse in your model, take the help of the manual of the dryer. Or you can search on the internet by mentioning the model you own.

Then using a screwdriver detach the outer parts of the dryer vent and check if the two wires are visibly not burnt out.

Take a multimeter test:

Using a multimeter or multi-tester you can be sure of your thermal fuse.

Touch the multimeters’ black and red leads to the left side of the thermal fuse and on the right too. Notice the needle. If there’s no change or movement, you’ll know the fuse is blown.

How to fix a whirlpool dryer that won’t start but has power?

It’s a common issue with whirlpool dryers when it doesn’t start even though connected to the power source. This can happen due to various reasons and by determining them you can easily solve this problem unless there is any critical mechanical problem.

Now let’s know how to fix a whirlpool dryer that’s on power but not turning on:

Reset or troubleshoot:

If your dryer is not running you can reset it as a first attempt to fix it. Unplug the machine from electric and gas power. And restart it.

Or you can troubleshoot it by pressing the start button for a few seconds, then clear the display if any code appears.

Replace/repair the power cord:

If your dryer is not running due to a malfunctioned power cord, you’ll have to replace it. For a defective power source or electric socket, you can get it repaired by a professional.

Replace the thermal fuse:

Most of the time whirlpool dryers don’t start because their thermal fuse is burnt or blown. To change a blown thermal fuse, using a screwdriver first uncover the area and take out the panel.

Find the thermal fuse and disconnect both its’ wires. Using a nut driver detach the old thermal fuse and replace it with a new one. Attach the screws and the wires to secure it.

Fix the timer:

The timer feature of whirlpool dryers stops the spinning at the right time. But if it’s damaged it may prevent the dryer from turning on even when in power.

So to start the dryer again, you may need to fix the timer when it’s broken.

Final Thoughts:

A blown thermal fuse is a common reason if your whirlpool dryer is on power but not starting. Apart from this, the dryer might have a faulty door switch or start button that’s preventing the start. Besides, technical issues with the dryer motor, power source, or timer may cause this problem.