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Whirlpool Dryer Making Noise: How to Fix? (Read This First!)

Whirlpool Corp. (WHR) is one of the leading home appliance companies. They sell all kinds of products that make our complicated lives much easier and ready for the modern generation.

Making our lives easier while still being environmentally friendly is one of the main mottos of the whirlpool.

They are also known for making the best washing machines and dryers. These washers or dryers make our laundry routine more convenient than air drying. However, these products are prone to wear out over time.

Let us learn, how these weird and worrying sounds are coming from such a product and how to fix them properly and without hassle.

We just need to do some regular maintenance to this machinery equipment to keep them running healthy, keep reading below to know more.

Whirlpool dryer making noise

There can be several complications that could make a dryer make some noise. Some components work in unison, which can malfunction and create odd noises. For example, there’s a blower wheel that helps circulate hot air, when items get clogged in there it makes loud noises.

Here are some common noise cases that a dryer could make and their solutions given below.

Rattling Noise:

This kind of noise can come from the dryer because of a dirty blower fan blade. The blade could also be loose and for that, it might end up making a rattling noise.


We can find things that could be stuck in the area below the lint filter. Checking out that space can help us get rid of such noises. Also, a simple trick for stopping the rattling noise would be to put pads on the sides of the dryer.

Grinding Noise:

This grinding sound can be simply caused by a worn-out roller, as it is the most often cause of the grinding noise.

The main culprit is the drum bearing, this part gets worn down over time and the drum starts rubbing against the back of the casing. That rubbing against the casing causes the dryer to make that unique grinding noise.


In order to fix something like this, we need to run an empty cycle. This will in turn allow the roller to re-shape.

However, if this bears no fruit and we are still left with the grinding noise. Then we need to have the roller replaced or repaired.

Squeaking or Screeching Noise:

This kind of sound can be caused by a plethora of reasons. It can be difficult to put our finger on which of the components is malfunctioning to make such a distinct noise.

Several things like a defective old or damaged dryer belt, a loose idler, an old motor, a worn out and or missing glide bearings.


When faced with such a situation like this, then we might have a hassle on our hands that is pretty hard to define or find the solution to. Because the problem can stem from multiple things.

However, the usual go-to solution trick would be to try adding a little WD-40 on the parts that are in question to make them a little greased up. That should get rid of the squeaking noise.

Scraping Noise:

The scraping sound that our dryer could make is surely from worn-out glides. These glides are supportive linings. They support the outside of the gas or electric dryer’s drum.


Just like the other parts of the dryer. A lot of the parts become worn out over time. The dryer belt for example is one of the prime examples of that, then comes the glides that can become worn out over time as well.

If the glides become worn out, the result can be a beginning grinding or scraping noise. Simply replacing these glides will get rid of the scraping noise.

Clunking Noise:

The direct and right-to-the-point answer would be, Flat or worn rollers. This is essentially the main reason why your dryer would be making any kind of clunking noise.

The dryer rollers play the role of supporting the drum and holding it in place while it rotates. So, when these rollers get flat or worn out then the connection between them and the drum rollers becomes compromised.


The clunking noise can be easily fixed. The solution simply is to get the compromised rollers between the drum. Without these proper rollers, the dryer will keep making the noise of clunking.

Therefore, we can stop that from happening by replacing the flat- or worn-out rollers with new ones. Repairing them will get us nowhere. Thus, replacing them is the way to go.

Banging Noise:

A loud banging or rumbling noise coming from the dryer isn’t unheard of. This happens usually when the drive belt is worn out. Because the drum roller could be worn out.

The dryer is supported by the rollers on the front of it as well as the rear side of the drum. Therefore, when this scenario happens. The dryer makes a banging noise.


To find the right solution for the loud banging noise coming from the dryer, we just simply need to replace the dryer belt. A worn-out dryer belt makes that kind of noise.

Thumping Noise:

Thumping noise can be coming from the rollers that are responsible for rotating the dryer’s drum properly. Because when these rollers become worn over time, they soon their optimal shape for the job at hand.

This causes the dryer’s drum to not rotate as it should. When that happens, we get to hear the thumping noise from the dryer.


Good thing that drum rollers tend to get worn out evenly and maintain a shape that doesn’t easily get uneven. Therefore, it is easy to simply replace these rollers with new ones and end the thumping noise.

Humming Or Buzzing Noise:

The main culprit for the buzzing or the humming sound a dryer would be making but not spinning is the dryer’s drive belt.

The drive belt turns the drum but if that is broken or worn out then that could be the main reason why the dryer would be making a humming or buzzing sound.


To check if the dryer drive belt is broken, we can reach inside the dryer and manually try to spin the drum. If it does then we can simply make some repairs to the dryer’s drive belt or change it with a new one to fix the sound.

Rumbling Noise:

Dryers usually have two different drum support rollers, both in the rear and in the front of it. Over time these rollers can get deteriorated and make rumbling noises.


Just as we fixed the thumping noises, we can fix the rumbling noises as well by replacing the rollers that support the dryer’s drum.

Clicking Noise:

The dryer will start clicking sound at the starting usually. The often culprit, in this case, is that the dryer belt could be broken.


Usually in this case we should just call the repairman. But before that, we could check the dryer manually and try to rotate it. If it smoothly rotates, we need to make some repairs and replace the dryer’s belt.

Knocking Noise:

The general cause for this kind of noise in a dryer can be narrowed down to the belt or the idler. The belt of the dryer could be worn out and might be missing some of its parts.

Thus, every time the belt passes the motor pulley it will make a knocking sound.


We can simply get a new belt to replace the old one and that will get rid of the noise.

Is the Whirlpool dryer making noise common?

The Whirlpool company is renowned in the world as one of the best home appliances companies. They are known far and wide and everyone talks highly of them. In the case of them making noises, is pretty common in that regard.

This is not saying that whirlpool as a company can only deliver products that make a sound. Rather than that all dryers more or less will make noise during their operating cycles.

If the noise seems louder than usual, it can be possible one or more components are either broken or just needs some maintenance. Therefore, we can’t make the claim easily that “Whirlpool dryer making noise is common”.

Final Thoughts

Although there are a few things about dryers making noise that are almost all the time the same in most cases. The blower wheel could be clogged, or the blades of them will be loose. Sometimes it’s the roller or the idler. Repairing or fixing them gets rid of the sounds.