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What Size Allen Wrench Do I Need for My Garbage Disposal?

Allen wrenches are standard, silver wrenches that are usually used to unclog the garbage disposal units. It is a very useful tool to have around the house. Not only will this tool help you with the garbage disposal unit but it can come in handy at other times as well.

What size Allen wrench do I need for my garbage disposal?

The standard size for an Allen wrench that should fit with the common housing garbage disposal should be a 1/4-inch. As the Allen wrench goes at the bottom of the garbage disposal socket it should not be too big. This size is perfect for clogged garbage disposal as well.

Let’s walk through this section to know the appropriate size of Allen wrench for the following garbage disposals –

Badger garbage disposal: 

Usually, for the badger garbage disposal, a standard service wrench should be enough. But in case of emergencies, you can always use a 1/4 inch Allen wrench. 

The silver-colored wrench shaped like a little crank is the perfect size and length for the badger garbage disposal. Between the standard service wrench and the 1/4 inch Allen wrench, there is not much difference.

A standard badger garbage disposal comes with a self-service wrench. However, if you need to change the ranch you can always go for a standard 1/4 inch Allen wrench. It works the same way as the shape of the two are similar, so are the lengths.

InSinkErator garbage disposal: 

Just like the standard garbage disposals, the InSinkErator garbage disposals require a 1 by 4 inches long Allen wrench. Though the InSinkErator garbage disposal comes with a service wrench made for it, still a 1/4 inches Allen wrench works just as fine.

It is common to use a 1/4 inches Allen wrench for InSinkErator garbage disposal. This type of wrench works just fine for garbage disposal. The length of the 1/4 inch Allen wrench is similar to a service wrench attached to the InSinkErator garbage disposal.

The standard size for an Allen wrench that works for any type of garbage disposals is 1/4 inches. The size and the curve of the 1/4 inches Allen wrench are perfect for most types of garbage disposals. The length is pretty much accurate.

What is the Allen wrench for on garbage disposal?

The main purpose of any wrench, including an Allen wrench, is to loosen any jams in the disposal pipeline. By moving the wrenches a little bit you can easily unclog jammed disposal. 

The standard Allen wrench is mostly used to unclog any jammed garbage disposals, which can happen a lot.

Allen wrenches are mostly used to unclog any disposal pipes, mostly garbage disposal pipes. You can find a standard service wrench attached to any garbage disposal. They come with the whole package. However, you can use a regular Allen wrench for the same purpose. 

The wrenches are there to loosen any jams.

There are many cases where food or any other obstructions gets stuck in the disposal pipes. This can be a problem for most homeowners. It needs instant fixing. for this you will need an Allen wrench near you, to loosen the jams and get the obstacle out.

Are garbage disposal Allen wrenches Universal? Are all garbage disposal wrenches the same?

Most Allen wrenches come in the same size, which is the standard size. 1/4 inches Allen wrench is the standard size and it can be used for garbage disposals. Usually, this standard-sized Allen wrench is found everywhere. Almost all Allen wrenches can be found in that size.

The standard size for any garbage disposal wrench is usually 1/4 inches. This common-sized Allen wrench can adjust perfectly with any standard garbage disposals. 

The Allen wrenches help with the jams are stuck or if there is any obstacle in the disposal line, the wrench loosens the jam. For this, they are made at a standard size.

The Allen wrench comes in the standard size, just like the other standard-sized wrenches. Wrenches are usually made with garbage disposal units in mind. This is why all standard wrenches are 1/4 inches in length, including the Allen wrenches.

How to use an Allen wrench on garbage disposal?

The best use of an Allen wrench is when you find your garbage disposal clogged or jammed. It is not uncommon for garbage disposals to get jammed. If bones or any other hard object gets between the internal impeller blades, the disposal pipes can’t function properly. In cases like this, it is essential to use an Allen wrench.

You will need only two to three things. Flashlight, pliers, and the very obvious, 1/4 inches Allen wrench. In a matter of minutes, you can fix your clogged sink with an Allen wrench. You just need to follow the instructions given below-

Switch off the control switch:

Start by unplugging the garbage disposal unit from the outlet it is plugged into. Make sure the control switch is off first.

Check the pipe:

With the flashlight, check the disposal pipe for any bigger obstructions. If any obstruction is easily removable with hands you can attempt at it. Otherwise you can use the wrench.

Loosen the hex socket:

Look for the hex socket at the center of the disposal unit and loosen it gently.

Restart the power:

Restart the power after you are done cleaning.

Reset the unit:

Afterwards, reset the disposal unit. It is a red button at the bottom of the disposal unit.

Run cold water:

Run cold water at the faucet to test the disposal.

With these 6 easy steps, you can fix your garbage disposal with the help of a standard Allen wrench. The instructions are very much easy to follow through and you can do it all by yourself.

How to fix garbage disposal without an Allen wrench?

It is not very uncommon for garbage disposals to get clogged or stuck. Most of the time it happens more than often. In cases like this, you can use an Allen wrench or a standard wrench attached to the garbage disposal. 

You can also use a regular and standard wrench as well, that comes with the disposal.

But you may not always have an Allen wrench near you. In cases like this, you may want to try alternative methods to unclog the garbage disposals with anything other than a wrench. There are ways you can do so. You just have to follow the steps and it should not be a problem –

Unplug the garbage disposal:

Start by unplugging the garbage disposal, this is essential and should be done always.

Reset the setting:

Reset the entire setting by pressing the small red button. Yu can find it at the bottom of the disposal unit.

Run the faucet:

Now you should run the faucet. The cold water of the faucet should clear out the disposal unit. Keep the water running for about sixty seconds.


Start the garbage disposal after a minute or two. The unit should be working just fine after you have restarted it.

This is a very simple way to get your garbage disposal to work even if you don’t have an Allen wrench near you. It may seem difficult at first but it is not. You just have to find the reset button in time and you are good to go.

What can I use instead of a garbage disposal Allen wrench?

Usually, Allen wrenches are used to unclog and loosen up clogged or stuck garbage disposal units. But it is not common for every household to have an Allen wrench ready at all times. 

Though it is not necessary for you to have an Allen wrench at home to unclog the disposal units. Some of the other things you can use are –

Standard wrench:

The standard wrench that comes with the garbage disposal unit is good enough for you to unclog the disposal unit.

Hex wrench:

This type of wrench is not always used, however, it can be put to work in case of absolute emergencies.

Broom handle:

This may be an unconventional method, but you can always use a strong broom handle to get the job done.

Allen wrenches are good tools to loosen up the jammed disposal unit. But you can get your desired work done without the help of an Allen wrench.

Final thoughts

Allen wrenches are usually used to loosen or unclog any jammed garbage disposal unit. It is possible to do the job without the Allen wrenches. But you can get the job complete without any difficulty with the use of a standard Allen wrench. You should keep an Allen wrench near you at all times.