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What Size AC for 300 Sq Ft? (Explained)

If you buy an AC which has more capacity than what you require, you will end up paying more for something that you won’t need. And if you buy an AC that has less capacity than what is needed, you will be burdened with extra electricity bills, which you could avoid.

Thus, it is important to identify what size of AC you really need. It would save you money, and let you have comfort. Let’s explore what size AC you would need for a 300 sq ft room.

AC size for 300 sq ft

A 300 sq ft room will require an AC that is 6000 BTU. In other words, A 0.5-ton of AC will be needed for a space of 300 sq ft. The calculated size of AC prevents a user from paying more to buy an AC or paying extra electricity bills for it. Also, the number of people and openings determine AC size.

The size of an air conditioner depends on the size of the room. A bigger room requires large AC, and a smaller room requires small ones. You should not use bigger AC compared to your space. It will cool down your space immediately but cause an extra electric bill.

Oversized AC requires unnecessary costs to buy and maintain. So, choosing an oversized AC for a smaller room is nothing other than a financial loss. On the contrary, an underpowered air conditioner will not make your space cool enough which is not desired at all.

It will be a complete economic wastage if, despite having an air conditioner, you still feel overheated throughout the summer. So, choosing a perfect-sized AC is mandatory. Do your research and think wisely before making a decision.

However, usually, each square foot of space requires 20 BTU for an efficient cooling effect. So, for a 300 sq ft space, 6000 BTU (300 sq ft X 20 BTU = 6000 BTU) seems appropriate. Similarly, a 0.5-ton air conditioner is appropriate for 300 sq ft because each ton of AC can cover up to 60 sq ft.

This measurement is applicable for split air conditioners. For window AC different measurement is required. Window air conditioners are suitable for single small rooms. As they do not cover any floor space, they are very famous for bedrooms and small living spaces.

However, usually, a range of 5000 to 7000 BTU is suggested for up to 300 sq ft. You can use a 7000 BTU air conditioner for your 300 sq ft space. But, as it is very close to 8000 BTU, choosing 8000 BTU for 300 sq ft would be better.

So, if you are using a split air conditioner, choose 6000 BTU or 0.5-ton, otherwise use 8000 BTU window AC.

How do I determine what size air conditioner I need?

An air conditioner should be bought by measuring the needed size and most appropriate for the space. The thing that matters the most in the calculation for an ac size is the area of the room. Apart from that, how many people would live inside the room, and how many doors and windows are there in the room plays a significant role in determining an ac size.

Also, it is important to consider the geographic location of the room. If the place is located in a high-temperature area, the AC would be bigger in size. And last but not least is, the material of wall, floor, and roof.

Mainly you have to divide the total area of the room by 600 to get an approximate size of AC (in tons) for the room. An additional 0.5 would be added for every five people who might stay in the room. Furthermore, you have to add 0.5 for every three doors and windows, or if the location is 45° C outside.

So, a 300 sq ft room requires a 0.5 ton ac but this may increase for other variables.

What type of Air Conditioner is best for a 300 sq ft space?

Buying a perfect air conditioner requires several calculations. Size of the room, individuals living in that room, different types of AC, and all these factors should be taken into consideration before purchasing an air conditioner.

Therefore, it is necessary to think wisely before making a purchase. There are different options available for air conditioners such as central, ductless mini-split, window, portable, etc. described below-

Central air conditioner:

Central air conditioners are usually installed to cool down the full house. These are expensive to install and maintain compared to other options. For a 300 sq. feet space, a central air conditioner will be expensive and unnecessary.

Ductless mini-split air conditioner:

This type of air conditioner is used widely nowadays. They have become popular due to their efficiency and less ductwork. They are easy to install and operate.

They are used to control the temperature of each room individually. They can be used as both cooler and warmer. However, a 300 sq feet of space would require 6000 BTU or 0.5 tons of air conditioner.

Window air conditioner:

Window air conditioners are suitable for a single small space. They are cheaper, easy to install and maintain, and do not take floor space. You can consider a window air conditioner for your 300 sq feet space if you have a window.

Things to consider before choosing an AC size for a 300 sq ft room:

Choosing the right size for the air conditioner is mandatory as the cooling efficiency depends on it. Neither oversized nor undersized air conditioner is acceptable. Bigger-sized AC compared to the space is just a waste of money. So, consider the following things before choosing an AC size-

Room size:

Your major concern should be the size of your room. Room size determines the AC size as that should be capable of cooling that particular space. Usually, a 300 sq feet room requires 6000 BTU or 0.5-ton air conditioner.

Ceiling height:

If you have a ceiling of 8 feet, 6000 BTU is enough for 300 sq feet space. But a ceiling with a height of more than 8 feet usually requires more BTU level. So, increase your AC size if required.

Local climate:

Local climate should also be considered before selecting a size for AC. Additional BTU would be suitable for a warmer climate. For cooler weather, less BTU is often enough.

Sun exposure:

Exposure to the sun often determines the AC size. If your room is facing the sun and remains sunny during the day, 10% more BTU is required for your room. On the other hand, a shady space requires less BTU. if your space remains shady most of the day, reduce the BTU by 10%.

The number of living individuals:

The number of people living in the room also determines the size of an AC. If more than two persons continuously occupy your 300 sq feet space, you should add 600 BTU for each person.

Air Conditioner Cost for 300 sq ft

The cost of an air conditioner can be calculated in two ways, what its buying cost is, and how much it costs to run. With the increase in size, AC price increases. However, inappropriate AC can lead to unnecessary costs during buying or as electricity bills.

The cost of an air conditioner depends on the brand, type, features, and most importantly size. Both buying price and operating cost vary to these factors. It is obvious that large air conditioners would cost more than the small ones.

AC price:

A 0.5 ton AC would be suitable for a 300 sq ft room area. Most common AC providers sell on average $2000 for a 0.5 ton AC. Non-Inverter AC is cheaper than inverter AC. The additional cost required is for installation which would be a few hundred bucks dependent on the experience of the electrician.

Running cost:

Running cost depends on the size of the air conditioner and running hour. If you run AC for a longer period, it will definitely cost you an additional electric bill.

Usually, running cost varies for different types of air conditioner though the variations are minimal. 6000 BTU Portable AC and Window AC cost $0.84 per hour. For 300 sq ft, 7000 BTU window AC is suitable, so the cost will be more.

Split AC has two other types, inverter, and non-inverter. Inverter split AC is more energy efficient. 0.5 ton split AC costs $0.8 per hour.

Final thoughts

As many conveniences an AC brings to life, it is as important to determine the most suitable AC size for a room. In the case of a 300 sq ft room, the best suited AC size is 0.5 tons or 6000 BTU. However, this may change due to the number of windows, and doors in the room, or the building material.