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What Size AC for 2000 Sq Ft? (Answered)

In this hot, blazing sun, life is harder without an AC. Plus, the right size matters a lot. As in jumbo-sized rooms, people often experience less airflow.

This typically happens with the rooms having an area of 2000 sq ft. Looks like it is too tough to get the perfect match!

AC size for 2000 sq ft

For a room of 2000 sq ft, one must take a greater size of AC. Again, not too big. Thus, by accurate measurements, your HVAC needs would suffice within 3.5 to 5.0 tons. This is equivalent to 42,000 to 60,000 BTU, quite similar to a room of 1600 sq ft.

However, the requirement may vary from room to room and place to place. A commercial area of 2000 sq ft can require more heating and cooling power than a residential one needs. Thus, don’t jump to the conclusions.

Most of the time, this is ensured by a serious calculation of HVAC by experts and field monitors. However, at home, anyone can try a simple orientation of this.

For instance, in residential rooms of 1600 sq ft, more than 12,000 BTU of air can be transferred in an hour. But the tables are turned when you are talking about commercial space.

Due to several factors, their airflow can be affected. The commercial areas have higher walls, greater people, and significant insulation. This all sums up to change the calculation.

Thus, often, these large areas have low airflow. And requires a greater cooling effect than your home.

Luckily, this isn’t the case for residential ones. As they have fewer windows, people, and insulation, the chances to lose cold air are quite less. So, it’s safest to assume they need one ton of air conditioning per 400 square feet.

Other than this, you can also look into other aspects. The climate and the weather surrounding the house are also crucial. As this thing alters the general rule, a bit of expert advice would help out in such cases.

Also, there is a budget factor. Not all the AC have the same power consumption and same costs. Therefore, frequently, this can cause trouble for your well-devised plan. No wonder, professionals suggest checking these beforehand.

How do I calculate what size air conditioner I need?

Calculating the size of the air conditioner is heavily crucial. Every homeowner needs a bit of knowledge of this. Believe it, it’s not that hard. Rather, simple mathematics is all you need.

Firstly, you need to know the length and width of the space. To do this, a simple measurement can help. Use a measuring tape and find that out in a go.

When done, you need to multiply them. By doing this, what you get is the area of the entire space. To illustrate this, if your room is 15 feet wide and 20 feet long, the area would be 300 square feet. Simple!

Next, you need to multiply the obtained value by 25. It is the most suitable value for air conditioning taking into account every type of climate, even humid ones.

To put it simply, multiplying 300 by 25 gives 7500 BTU. This is exactly the cooling effect your home needs. No ifs or buts.

If one wants to try a larger one with greater BTU, they are obviously welcome. But a smaller one can be an awful mistake in several ways.

Not only it will fail miserably while providing cool air, but will also consume more wattage. As a result, get ready for high bills.

What type of Air Conditioner is best for a 2000 sq ft space?

Not all air conditioners have the power to cool a 200 sq ft space. You need some of the best and most powerful types of AC to do this work efficiently. Compromising this quality is the worst thing ever.

The below section highlights the type of AC, that is top-notch while performing their works.

Central Air Conditioner:

Being 100% efficient, the Central Air Conditioner tends to impress the owners except for its other drawbacks. To be honest, everyone wants something that would be power-saving, and this option totally highlights that.

Although they might be excessively expensive, it has the power to do the work effectively. Simply, its upfront fee can exceed over 3,000 US dollars. And don’t ask about the running fee! They are even more.

Plus, another negative point is their installation. It might be as hectic as to call a professional. Moreover, its costs may surge to the peak.

Therefore, you can use it anytime and every time, if your budget isn’t an issue. Otherwise, the next one would suit you.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner:

No doubt, it is one of the most preferred AC types that can be seen in the market. Why so? Well, it has got some really valid reasons for that.

Starting from price, installation, maintenance, and efficiency, it’s challenging to find its match. With the price range from 2,000 US dollars, it seems quite budget-friendly to a lot of homeowners.

Apart from that, installing this seems pretty easy work. No professionals, no helping hand, not even a tutorial is needed for that. All that is required skimming through the manual. And bingo!

Precisely, while installing a ductless mini split air conditioner, it is better to use 2-zone and 3-zone. The cooling effects it provides are beyond imagination. This explains its fandom.

Things to consider before choosing an AC size for a 2000 sq ft home

Choosing an AC size needs serious concerns. Due to a lack of knowledge, numerous homeowners feel this is a loss project. Therefore, understanding the considering factors beforehand can help to get rid of the miseries.

Area of the space:

The area is one of the most prominent determining factors. If you do not the area of the space where you want to install it, the whole idea seems quite bizarre. Doesn’t it?

Finding out the area is simple. Measure the length and width of the room. Multiplying them would give the area.


Not all places are suitable for this device. Instead, carefulness is required to identify which is the one.

Suppose, the place behind the window can be very disadvantageous. As a centered airflow is needed, it is recommended to install it in a room having a window in the center of the wall.


The noise some AC produce can be utterly horrible. They can even snatch a good night’s sleep! Who deserves that?

Of course, it is a bad choice. As much as you need extra-sized air conditioning, it is also necessary to have the lowest noise factor. This advice will help you in the long run.

Smart Technology:

Nowadays, all the products are highly specialized with the smartest technology. Thus, without thinking that and relying on something would not be preferable.

Besides, there are several AC that gives you the flexibility to control it through mobile, remotely from any place. Keeping the size in mind, a combination of these factors would be great.


Maintenance is avoidable. Especially in big air conditioners, you can literally not get rid of them with some little cleanup. They require your full attention which is actually logical.

Thus, choose the one that can serve you with less maintenance. Also, something that is easy to clean and maintain should be everyone’s first priority.

Air Conditioner Cost for 2000 sq ft

The air conditioner cost is relatively reasonable. For a room of 2000 sq ft, an AC of price 3,000 to 4,000 US dollars is needed. Also, do note that a single unit of AC can cost 1,980.

However, other additional costs should be also considered. Likewise, the installation fee. One or two extra grand may be needed for installing this device.

The cost may also vary depending on the SEER rating and the brand of the AC. Sadly, this is the most neglected point. More emphasis is required to avoid hidden charges.

AC Price:

According to the SEER rating, the highest efficient ones can cost you 6,800 dollars, and the lowest to 2,820 dollars. Don’t worry. This price tag includes the installation costs.

Though brand matters a lot, somehow, they do not have a significant effect. This would not cost more than 500 dollars of difference. Hence, you’re good to go.

Running cost:

Besides all this, air conditioners also have the running cost. Depending on the SEER rating and brand, this cost may vary from 0.6 to 0.88 dollars per hour.

To find the monthly or annual cost, multiplication will do the work.

Final Thoughts

All facts considered, a room of 2000 sq ft can require a large amount of cooling system. According to the HVAC calculation, your AC needs to of 5 tons with 60,000 BTU power. Despite this, other factors can also alter the data. So, calculating on your own is often better.