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What Size Ac for 1700 Sq Ft? (Quick Answers)

Choosing the right size is crucial for any homeowner. Making size estimates based on square footage are helpful. Sometimes, homeowners buy the wrong AC size that is too large for their size. Determining the right ac size is important as it would save your energy bills and become your comfort.

Ac size for 1700 sq ft:

The right ac size can save electricity bills. Many factors determine the unit size of an ac. For 600 to 900 sq ft, a 1.5-ton ac unit is sufficient to give the cooling required. For 1200- 1500sq ft, a 2.5-ton ac unit would be enough. For 1700sq ft, the best ac size would be a three-ton ac unit.

A common misconception frequently occurs as people often assume that buying a larger air conditioner than required would save electricity as the unit would operate less thereby reducing the usage of electricity and lowering the temperature of the house quickly which isn’t true.  Large air conditioners can harm the electricity bills and also may hamper your health. In addition, elements of your air conditioner will run out more quickly than ever.

Calculating the correct size of the ac unit is very necessary and there are many different methods to determine the cooling capacity a person requires. One common method is to increase the total square footage of the floor space by 20. This is also a very reliable method and will give a result that represents the amount of BTU cooling power required for you. After that, choose an air conditioner that meets the required capacity.

1 ton of air conditioner can reduce the temperature of 12,000 pounds of water to one degree in an hour. 12,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) is comparable to 1 ton in one hour. Hence, 24,000 BTUs can be cooled down by a 2-ton air conditioner per hour. The amount of energy required to heat or cool a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit is calculated in BTUs.

Having a general idea about how large an ac unit should be would help when buying and installing an ac. Air conditioners for homes usually begin with 1.5 tons and they go up in half-ton increments. Homes do not require a unit bigger than five tons. For homes with 1200sq ft to 1500sq ft, a 2.5-ton unit is a perfect size which would be equivalent to 23,000 BTUs. From 1500 to 2000sq ft houses, a three-ton ac unit would be perfect with 30,000 BTUs.

How do I calculate what size air conditioner I need?

To calculate the air conditioner size, first begin by measuring the square footage of the house. Multiply the room’s width and length for houses with square and rectangular spaces. You have to add an extra step and divide the outcome of that calculation by two.

Assume that BTU is 20 required per square foot. Multiply the square footage calculation by 20 for a good estimate of the capacity of the air conditioner needed. There are certain situations to keep in mind such as if the room does not have enough sunlight, the capacity should be reduced by 10%. On the other hand, if it gets sunlight the capacity should be increased by 10%.

If your home has more than two people at a certain time, the capacity should be increased by 600. For kitchens, the capacity has to be increased by 4000. Lastly, based on your results after calculating how many BTUs are required find and buy an air conditioner that is capable of providing the capacity. It is recommended that installation is done by professionals as they know the ideal placement for cooling for air conditioners.

What type of Air Conditioner is best for a 1700 sq ft space?

Central air conditioning system:

This is the most used system of cooling the entire house. It keeps the entire house cool efficiently as well as keeps electricity bills down. It also provides internal comfort, lowers humidity, and keeps the temperature chilly. Since all the components of the air conditioner are placed outside, the house is kept cool with absolutely no noise. Installation is easy if ductwork is available.

Ductless mini-split air conditioner:

This type of air conditioner is very flexible and provides cooling to individual areas of the home. It has a small size and is very energy efficient. They also provide heating to homes during the winter. Ductless mini-split ac runs as quietly as a normal fan and is typically quieter than portable or window home air conditioners since the compressor is placed outside. Other benefits also include better home security, a clear view of the outside, and the liberty to open the window anytime you want.

Portable air conditioners:

Portable air conditioners are identical to window air conditioners and much easier to install than window air conditioners. Unlike window air conditioners, portable ac stands on the ground instead of going up in the window. Portable ac are easy to place precisely as they have wheels and are easy to move around to find the perfect placement. The hose can also be removed temporarily and hence it does not hinder the view from the window.

Things to consider before choosing an AC size for a 1700 sq ft home:

Figure out the type of ac that would best fit your home:

There are many types of ac. Hence it is important to find out which ac would be suitable for the house in terms of size and capacity. Many factors have to be considered such as the lifetime of the house, size, the height of the ceiling, how many windows the house has, how much sunlight gets into the house, and the amount of insulation.

Find out the ratings for the needed HVAC size:

After determining the suitable ac for your house, find the ratings of the style you want. Ratings are usually placed based on cooling capacity and energy efficiency.

Find the correct ac size for the house:

The right ac size can be estimated by having certain factors in mind such as ductwork quality, insulation quality, sunlight exposure, amount of residents living in the house, heat-generating appliances, regional climate, number of windows and doors, construction materials of the house and elements that can alter the temperature of the house inside.

Compare an HVAC chart size to the square footage of the house:

An HVAC chart size can be immensely helpful in determining the correct air conditioner size for your house. Based on the house size, the chart can give a clear idea for example, for a house with 1000 to 1500 square footage 2-ton air conditioner size would be appropriate and for a house with 1500 to 2000 square footage, a 3-ton ac unit size would be the best. A professional dealer can also assist you in figuring out the correct air conditioner unit size for your house and selecting the top air conditioner installation company.

Air Conditioner Cost for 1700 sq ft:

AC price:

For a 1700 sq ft house, a 3-ton ac unit size would be required. Therefore, the cost would be between $4600 to $5200 for a central air conditioner.  A central air conditioner usually operates between $3500 to $5950 including installation costs. Central air conditioners cost between $750 to $4700 but this depends on the size required and services. It also depends on the area coverage and the power rating.

Households typically spend $4400 on average including installation from professionals.  Other air conditioning systems cost from under $200 while ductless mini-split air conditioners to window air conditioners cost from $590 to $4600. The cost for installing a 1.5 ton begins from $2000 while a 5-ton air conditioner unit installation requires $3690 on average.

Running cost:

Per hour, running an air conditioner would range from $0.06 and $0.88 on average. On a low end, it would cost about $14.40 per month while on a high end it would approximately be about $211.20 each month. However, this price range is quite vast as air conditioners vary a lot in size from small portable air conditioner units of 5000 BTU to huge ductless mini-split air conditioners of 50000 BTUs.

For a 5000 BTU air conditioner unit that is powered by 600W, the maximum cost of operating the air conditioner would be about $0.08 each hour. The price of operating the most popular air conditioners has expenses between $0.07 to $0.64 per hour.

Final thoughts

Knowing the correct air conditioner unit size can be complex if you’re purchasing an air conditioner for the first time. Calculating the correct ac size is very important as air conditioner units are costly and they have a significant impact on your well-being. Take professional help assistance.