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What Size AC for 1600 Sq Ft? (All You Need to Know)

An air conditioner has its special place in areas where the temperature is a bit higher. Regardless of the geographic area, air conditioners have become one of the most used appliances in both homes and businesses. Air conditioner size varies due to the purpose and size of the room it is designated for.

If you have an indoor space of 1600 sq ft and are looking for what AC you need, we are here to help! Let’s explore how we can determine the size of an air conditioner.

AC size for 1600 sq ft

A room of 1600 sq ft area will require a 4 ton of AC. This size of AC consumes energy similar to 4,800 BTU. However, there other factors such as local weather, building material, the thickness of walls, location of the room can contribute to the AC size. Considering everything together would be wise.

Air conditioner is neither a new concept, nor does it have become one of the go to household appliances. The need for air conditioners is acute in places where temperature is usually high and more than 30° C. Also, some place or structure where air circulation is somehow not as available as it should be, requires air conditioning.

Air conditioners come in different sizes and functionality, each one is appropriate for a specific type of room capacity and quality. Most common types are inverter AC and non inverter AC. People tend to choose one based on their need based on usage of AC in time.

Size of the room also affects the size of Air conditioner. If we Understand why AC size differs due to room size, it would be easier to determine the perfect air conditioner for your room.

An air conditioner primarily helps to emit air with high temperature from a room, and then remove temperature or cool that air and re-insert into the room. Now, as air is calculated in volume, and volume represents capacity of AC, it is obvious that area of the room would be significantly relevant to determine the volume and required AC size.

Lastly, this is also important where your room is located, and with which material the room was built. If your room is located in a place where it gets high sun exposure, it will be hotter than a room that is located in shadow, thus your room will need AC with higher capacity.

Secondly, if building materials used in your room are more heat conductive, such as glass compared to brick or thin wood compared to thick timber,  then the required AC size will be higher.

How do I determine what size air conditioner I need?

You must calculate the air conditioner size that you need to avoid paying more than you should. If you purchase a larger AC than your room, you have to way more than what you could have saved. And a smaller AC would make you pay a lot in a continuous manner for electricity bills, as this will have to work harder to achieve the desired temperature.

Additionally, if your room is made of timber or you have chosen glass to cover your home, the air conditioner size won’t be the same. A similar result would be seen if the room is located in a colder area and hotter desert area. Similarly, you will need different ac sizes for the same area if the room is located on the top floor and other floors.

You will need a larger AC if there are a number of walls getting direct exposure to the sun and if it isn’t, you will need a smaller air conditioner. So, you get it, there are lots of things you need to consider. Considering all these things you can calculate the appropriate size of the AC for your desired room.

What type of Air Conditioner is best for a 1600 sq ft space?

There are a number of air conditioners available on the market. As there are differences among the usage, the need for different types of ac has arrived. Now manufacturers produce AC that has lots of variations.

Perfect AC will save electricity bills and the overall energy consumption of a room. Let’s look at a few of the air conditioners that would be best for a 1600 sq ft space-

Non-Inverter AC:

This type is very traditional. More appropriate for rooms where air conditioners will be needed for a short duration of time in one go. Power consumption is high for this type of AC.

Inverter AC:

The latest technology inverter saves a lot of energy due to its ability to adapt from time to time. MAkes electricity bills very affordable thus it is suggested for spaces that would more likely use AC for a long duration of a day.

Window AC:

Another old AC technology. Not appropriate for large rooms like 1600 sq ft.

Central AC:

This is more appropriate for homes and offices with large areas. This consumes less electricity but needs a big investment at the beginning to buy and install.

Mini Split AC:

This AC is more popular nowadays in homes and chambers with small spaces. This is more appropriate for rooms with a smaller area to cool. 1600 sq ft is a large room and not so much appropriate for split ac.

Things to consider before choosing an AC size for a 1600 sq ft room

To fulfill the purpose of installing air conditioners, the choice of the right size is important. The efficiency of an air conditioner mostly depends on its coverage capacity. Neither more nor less coverage is acceptable here.

The followings are some considerations to maintain before choosing an AC.

Room size:

The primary concern before selecting the size of an air conditioner should be given to the space where the AC will be installed. The cooling efficiency of an AC depends on the room size.

Every AC has its coverage area. Inappropriate size might hinder the purpose of air conditioners. You should never choose smaller, not even bigger sized AC for your space. Choose according to the size chart.

Usually, for a 1600 sq ft room, a 4-ton AC or 4800 BTU energy-consuming AC is considered suitable.

Ceiling height:

Another considerable factor is the height of the ceiling. More than an 8 ft high ceiling requires additional BTU by at least 10%.


Windows are used for proper air circulation inside the room. They may also cause energy loss when AC is on. For less energy-efficient windows, a more powerful AC is required.


We cannot control the weather, but we can adjust the AC size. Weather criteria should be kept in mind while choosing AC. If the weather is warmer, AC should be powerful enough to reduce the inside temperature.

On the other hand, cooler weather requires less powerful AC than the previous one.

Home exterior:

The color and material of the home determine the heat absorption and reflection level. If the heat is reflected in the environment, that home will require small AC.

Shade and sun exposure:

Sunny spaces require large AC than shaded spaces.

Air Conditioner Cost for 1600 sq ft

The air conditioner might be one of the most common household appliances, but they are certainly not one of the cheapest ones. From buying to maintenance and monthly electricity bill, air conditioner costs a lot.

Despite its high cost, people buy air conditioners frequently, and this is one of the most sold electronic items at this time. You can calculate the cost of an air conditioner in two ways. They are-

AC price:

This is what you need to purchase a new unit. A large amount is required to buy a new air conditioner. As a 1600 sq. ft. room will need 4 ton AC, this would cost somewhat between $3500 and $4000. Prices vary due to different reasons, but altogether they all stand high.

Running cost:

A 4-ton ac runs on 48000 BTU an hour. This AC would cost you around $6.4 to $6.7 hourly to run an AC unit. The cost and electricity consumption can further vary due to the difference in temperature outside and inside the room.

Although, specific cost can be calculated for some cases, mostly it is not possible to determine overall cost for an AC. For example the shipping and installation charge can vary due to many circumstances. Also, how many hours would you run your AC and what temperature you may want to set will affect your electricity bills.

Final thoughts

A 1600 sq ft room will need a 4-ton air conditioner. But considering different factors, the AC size can vary a bit. Also, a central air conditioner would be the most appropriate in this case. A right size AC will be more economical and also, give the best result in terms of comfort and service.