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What Is the Standard Size of a Card Table? (Quick Answers)

Card tables always remind you of the fun times you had with your friends and family. The standard size of card tables varies. Card tables serve multiple purposes, so it is always better to know the right size before buying. Scroll down to find out about all the variations in card tables. 

What is a card table used for? 

Basically, a card table is like any other table with four basic legs and a slab on top. The specialty of a card table is that it is lightweight and portable. 

A card table has many purposes, but it is mainly used to play card games on. Other light games such as board games are also played on a card table. 

They are usually placed on the patio, backyard, or open spaces. You can use it as coffee tables occasionally. The texture of card tables makes them friendly for games like poker. 

Unlike other heavy tables that you have to leave in one space, card tables have little weight and can be easily moved around wherever you go. 

In addition, card tables are also foldable. This means you can fold the legs of card tables to reduce their size. This makes it easier to move from place to place. 

What is the standard size of a card table?

Card tables come in many shapes. The common ones are square, rectangle, and circular card tables. The length and width of a standard square card table are 34 inches. The dimensions of a standard rectangular card table are 92 inches and 48 inches. The round card table has a diameter of 48 inches

The dimensions stated above are considered standard because they are not too small and not too large. These card tables can accommodate up to six to eight people. 

There are tables smaller and larger than the standard size. They are discussed below. 

Folding card tables: 

Folding card tables are great for places with low space. You can easily fold the card tables and keep them aside. Folding card tables also attract less dust as you fold them after use. 

The sizes can vary. The standard size for a square folding card table is 34 inches by 34 inches. You can buy smaller or bigger folding card tables. But generally, the square card tables are of this dimension. 

Folding card tables come in two variations, square tables, and round tables. Both the standard square and round card tables can accommodate four people. The round folding card tables have a diameter of 36 inches. 

Square card tables: 

Square card tables are the most commonly bought among card tables. The length and width of a standard square card table are 34 inches. The distance from the floor measures about 30 inches. 

However, the square card tables of 36 inches by 36 inches of 3 feet by 3 feet is also standard. Its height is around 29 inches. Tables of these dimensions can accommodate four people easily. 

Other variations include 48 inches by 48 inches which also accommodates four people. Bigger square tables are uncomfortable to play in, so you would like to play in smaller ones. 

Round card tables: 

Round card tables are fun to play in as they easily accommodate more people than a square card table can. The standard size of round card tables is measured in diameters. 

The standard round card tables measure about 44-48 inches of 4 feet diameter. Round tables of this range can accommodate up to 4-6 people. These tables have a height of 30 inches. 

Round tables are better than square ones because these tables occupy the same space, and you can have fun with more people. The round shape does not feel uncomfortable, unlike the square tables.  

There are round card tables available in bigger sizes. They are generally in the range of 52 inches to 60 inches. 

Rectangular card tables: 

Rectangular card tables accommodate more players than square card tables. The rectangular card tables are best if there are more people to play with. 

The length and breadth of standard rectangular card tables are 36 inches and 24 inches of 3 feet by 2 feet. The table of this dimension has a height of 29-30 inches and can fit six people easily. You can also find rectangular card tables of higher dimensions. 

Three factors that affect the card table size 

Card tables come in a number of shapes and sizes. You can place your card table in your house or at the corner. You can also keep them on the patio or the outside. 

Card tables provide you with flexibility as they are mostly lightweight, and many come with the folding feature. You can use the card table for other purposes as well. 

This table comes in handy for family parties or occasions. You can spend some quality time with your close ones sharing the same card table. 


There are mostly three types of card table shapes. They are round, rectangle, and square. However, you can find hexagonal, oval card tables. 

Round card tables use less space than square card tables. In addition, it is more comfortable to use round and rectangular card tables when you have many players. 

The square and rectangular card tables seem bigger for their edges. 


Plastic card tables are easily foldable and will not generally use after playing. On the other hand, elegant card tables made of sophisticated wood will be bigger in size. 

Smaller plastic card tables are easy to move, but you would not move a heavier wooden card table as much. So, they are often bigger. 


Many out there like to have a solid, elegant-looking card table that they use to play every day. Others only buy a card table for occasional games. 

So, this determines their size as the foldable plastic card table will be smaller than other pricey alternatives. 

What size tablecloth can you use on card tables? 

The height of card tables matters when it comes to selecting tablecloths. The tablecloth may have a maximum drop of 6 inches to 10 inches

Anything more than that will look odd on a card table. But if you wish to use longer tablecloths, you can definitely buy them. 

You will have to add the drop length to both sides for square tables. Such as, if you want an 8-inch drop for a 36 inches by 36 inches square table, you will need a 44 inches by 44 inches tablecloth. 

For rectangular card tables, the measurement is the same. You have to add 8 inches or the length you want with the dimensions of your card table. 

Suppose you have a 36 inches by 24 inches card table. Then you need to buy 44 inches by 32 inches tablecloth if you want a drop of 8 inches. You can prefer longer tablecloths for other occasions. 

How to make the card table bigger?

We all know the regrets of not buying or having a bigger card table when having large gatherings. Many cannot participate and share the fun with others because of a smaller card table. 

The days of struggle are over, and now you can enjoy the evenings with everybody. Here are some tips to make your card table bigger. For the project, you will need a non-foldable card table, some inexpensive pine woods, miter, glue, screws, drill machine and a measuring tape.

Cut the boards:

Using a handsaw or a miter, cut out the pine woods or woods of your choice into suitable dimensions. You should take measurements before you cut the wood. The boards will be used around the card table as an overhang. 

Using a drilling machine, drill in the screws. 

Glue them and place:

Using a strong adhesive glue, glue the wooden boards together. Use a clamp to attach the boards tightly. Place the board in an open position for drying. 

Glue and drill the overhand boards with the base. Let it dry in open space. 

Dry before painting:

Dry the board fully for a day before you paint it with your favorite color. If you have some imperfections while doing the project, you can always use a tablecloth to hide them. 

Final Thoughts 

The standard size of card tables depends on their sizes and purposes. Whichever shape you want your card table to be depends on your preference entirely. Make sure you have enough space before buying a heavy non-foldable card table. Use a tablecloth that complements your card table. Happy playing!