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What Is the Standard Size for French Door? (Quick Answers)

French doors are the perfect combination of style, elegance, and beauty. Besides looking slick, they also have lots of benefits. 

As well as enhancing the look and feel of your home, they allow better natural lighting to enter your rooms and offer higher levels of tranquility thanks to their sound-proofing qualities. But there is one thing you might not understand much: the standard size.

What Is the Standard Size for French Door?

The width and height of a French door are generally between 80 inches and 70 inches. French Door sizes may vary depending on the manufacturer, the style, and the climate. The French door should be at least two inches larger than the opening to make it easier to open and close.

We have discussed about a few sorts of french door below, to clear all your confusion regarding the aspect –

French patio doors:

French patio doors are typically 80 inches by 72 inches so that they can open and close with ease. 

In addition, you’ll want to ensure that there are enough holes in both sides of each panel for screws to be inserted during installation so that you have an option if the trim does not follow the edge exactly.

Interior French doors:

Standard interior French door sizes are 70 inches by 80 inches. This way, you can enjoy both great style and beauty, as well as fully functional features in your home. The wall facing the room should be able to hold a 4-inch square frame.  

Another 4-inch high mounting space must be accommodated without damaging the ceiling.

Double French doors:

Double doors typically come in sizes of 72 inches by 102 inches. They can accommodate any frame of 4 inches square. That way, the wall above will be free for additional items. In the open position, no door will touch them as a result of its suspension.

Exterior French doors:

By their nature, exterior French doors are even larger. On average, they are 80 inches wide and 72 inches tall. This still allows them to be mounted on a 4-inch square frame. Consequently, you will not have to worry about it accidentally hitting walls or ceilings over time.

Is there any standard size for french doors? What is the smallest width for french doors?

French doors are available in many different sizes, so you can easily find the right one for your space. Ideally, the door should be large enough to prevent dust and various obstacles from entering and keep it closed. This will prevent it from being opened. 

There is no standard size for all kinds of French doors. It depends on your home and where you intend to install them. 

French doors have a minimum width of 18 inches. You can use any width between 19 and 24 as long as you don’t mind a small gap at the back of the door. All french doors must be at least 18 inches wide.

How much space do you need for french doors?

The optimal amount of space required by most people with average-height floors will suffice. Anything additional up in space can cause problems for many people. There may be kids and pets in the hall or the room above. 

Generally, the rule is to divide the width of the door by 2 and add two inches with the result to get the desired space you need for your french door.

It would be open on one door while closed on the other, so you can see inside. This type of door is best positioned next to or against a wall. Ideally, they should take up as little floor space as possible but still provide adequate ventilation and light.

What is the rough opening for French doors?

It is possible to estimate the rough opening percentage of a room by dividing the square footage of the room into ten pieces based on a 5-inch increment.  

This is in addition to the square footage of a door, which should already have been squared away. But the standard rough opening should be 62 inches.

In addition to that, we have to subtract one inch across from zero since there cannot be less since we are about to use any dimension 35″, 50″ or greater. 

There is no way to go below 18 inches because other doors go with a minimum width of two inches and a minimum height of three to four inches.

Please take a moment to read this very important housekeeping note before we even start. There are always differences between manufacturers and model numbers when it comes to rough openings. 

Therefore, it is recommended to measure your custom French door opening about 1 square foot (1 ft x 1′) in the middle of one stile sash. At least one side of the door will open the same way.

What is the standard glass size for the french door?

It is the most popular size for windows, walls, and French doors, which is 12″ X 16″. In the case of larger windows or door openings that need protection against rain, hail, sleet, etc. 

You might want to consider a 15 x 31 maximum glass replacement instead of one that just sticks out past the siding as is recommended in normal conditions.

The same applies to double-hung windows with fiberglass frames as well. These types of windows are more complex because they have two panes of glass on either side. 

A lot of open doors have railings that are above them, so the light can be distorted to one side if they are open. You would not be able to just replace one pane since it is not a 12″ x 16″.

How do you measure a door for French doors?

Taking measurements for a French door is easy. You just need a few basic skills. Here is how you can do it. 

You will need the following tools:

The first and last thing you will need when measuring a door for a French door is a tape measure. Aside from that, you won’t need anything else. For obtaining exact results, you can use laser tape measure.

Take the width:

It is usually the width of a part that has to be measured first to determine its size. You need to measure the width of the total to find the total width. The first thing to measure is the width of the floor where the door is in the middle. Next, measure how wide the top is. 

Finally, measure how wide the lower door is. The width of your French door will be the smallest of these three measurements.

Estimate the height:

When it comes to measuring height, you need to take three measurements in the same way. The first measurement that you need to take is the height of the middle part of the door. Next, you need to measure the height of the far-right side of the door. 

The last thing you need to do is measure the height of the French door that will be the lowest in the height obtained after you have measured the height to the left.

Determine the depths:

The final measurement is its depth. Measure the exit of the door. Exclude trim when measuring. The depth of the door is the size you obtain.

Are French doors always double?

It is more common for them to be doubled in situations involving one door, such as a storm door. Even single doors on an opening may not always have their sides shown, though not always. Snow often prevents this. Cars can’t fit through. 

There should be only two lines at wall height, not four. French doors have been used to build these variations. Half-French Doors combine both regular and French doors. On one side there is a half-door panel, while on the other there is a regular doorway.

Their primary purpose is to prevent the entry of insects and weather below door level. French doors halfway up differ from them because they have only one wall on either side, not two. There is also a third option called “pocket or terrace”. 

This is a built-in porch style that is similar to a half-French door but with three low walls instead of two as in a half-French door. The first will be vertical, and the other two will be horizontal. 

Final Thought

The standard width of a French door is 70 inches. There is also a standard height of 70 inches. Comparatively, if we were to discuss the Double French Doors, the standard size would be 70 by 100 inches. Almost all French doors, except for this one, measure 80 inches by 70 inches.