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What Does “UR” Mean on a Samsung Washer? (Answered)

When talking about home appliances, Samsung holds a special place on everyone’s list. Their machines are efficient, affordable as well as user-friendly. Especially. With their automatic washing machines, Samsung is ruling the current market.

One of the reasons people love to rely on a Samsung washer is because it can inform you of any difficulty through the display. 

You can get to the root of an issue by understanding the error codes a Samsung washer shows when it’s not functioning properly.

Among those error codes “UR” is a very common code people witness in their Samsung washing machines. Let’s know what exactly this means and how to resolve this code issue.

What Does “UR” Mean On A Samsung Washer?

‘UR’ in a Samsung washer means unbalanced and retrying. This code is displayed when the washing machine is not placed on a balanced surface or it’s loaded with heavy items unevenly. ‘UR’ code is also shown if there is a technical problem in the washer such as faulted drive belt.

Many automatic washing machines from the Samsung brand come with a display on the operating portion. It’s to let you know the activities or errors of the machine when diagnosed.

One of the common error codes that pop up on a Samsung washer is “UR”. For many users, this code is new to notice and so they may panic thinking about what’s wrong with their most important home appliance.

The code ‘UR’ stands for ‘unbalanced and trying’ in the Samsung washing machine. It appears while the machine is powered on but not functioning due to difficulty.

The most common reason behind ‘UR’ is extra or insufficient laundry that’s not distributed inside the washers’ drum evenly.

More specifically, the unbalanced load is the main reason in most of the cases where the washer displays the ‘UR’ error code.

A washing machine works effectively only after it has placed the clothes inside evenly. Thus it requires a certain amount of laundry, not too much or too less than that.

Often people load their Samsung washing machine with clothes that are insufficient comparing the machine drum.

Or sometimes people overload it. For this, the machine cannot arrange the items properly in a balanced way and thus stops working. That’s when you see that ‘UR’ sign.

Many times, even if the washer is not wrongly loaded, you may notice a ‘UR’ code if a ribbon or lace is stuck on the spinning drum ruining the balance of the washer.

This also occurs if the washer is not placed on a plain surface or any of its equipment such as spring is not fixed accurately.

Moreover, if the machine is belt-driven, a damaged belt drive could be the reason for the error.

Besides, a faulty brush, broken tachometer, damaged control board, etc. technical issues, or objects accidentally stuck somewhere in the drum can be the reason for the ‘UR’ code.

Why does my Samsung washer show a UR code?

If you’re using a Samsung washing machine undoubtedly you’ve one of the best washers available in the market. But there is no machine that doesn’t face problems and there are reasons behind every difficulty.

So if you notice your Samsung washing machine displaying a UR code, the reasons could be:

You’ve loaded the laundry wrong:

Uneven load of laundry is the most common reason behind the ‘UR’ code. If the clothes inside are too large, heavy, or more than the machines’ capacity, the washer cannot order them evenly.

Thus all the things inside get tangled and your Samsung machine displays the UR code not being able to work. This may happen if there are insufficient clothes inside too.

Your washer is not on a plain surface:

If the washer is not placed on even ground, it may not work properly and show the “UR” error code.

An unbalanced machine cannot keep up with the laundry load while spinning as the stuff inside gets unevenly arranged.

The level of the floor and the machines’ leg must match to make it spin and wash clothes.

Your washer got technical issues:

If your Samsung washer doesn’t support the two reasons above, then it’s the washers’ fault that’s showing a ‘UR’ code. A malfunctioned control panel board sometimes is responsible for such error codes.

Also, a faulty motor brush, damaged drive-belt, and broken tachometer are the possible reasons for a Samsung machine displaying ‘UR’ code.

What to do if Samsung washer shows UR code?

If you’re experiencing a ‘UR” code from Samsung machine, there are several things you can do instantly.

Most of the time a “UR” code appears because of an uneven load of clothes. So check your washers’ drum first to see if it’s overloaded. If yes, then take out some.

Manually arrange the clothes in the drum by putting heavy items in the bottom. If there is insufficient laundry, put some more items to balance.

If the issue is not with the clothes inside, observe if the washer is maintaining balance with the floor. An uneven surface can make a washer stop and show “UR” code. Fix if any parts are causing the imbalance or level the ground and machine.

If you’ve found nothing wrong with the balance of the machine, restart it and notice if the error code pops up. If it still does but the machine is spinning usually, it could be your control boards’ fault. So replace it as soon as possible.

If the machine still shows “UR” and doesn’t work then get the Samsung washers’ electric motor, bearing, and drive-belt checked by a professional.

How to fix Samsung washer UR error code?

To fix a Samsung washer with a ‘UR’ code on the display is quite simple if you can detect the problem. Most of the time the error appears because of uneven shipping of clothes inside the drum.

Here are some steps you can follow to fix your Samsung washer.

Switch off the machine:

As soon as you notice the “UR” code, turn off the machine at first. Unplug it from the electricity. Or else it might vibrate too loud.

Evenly arrange the clothes:

Unload the laundry and manually arrange the clothes inside, if the machine is not being able to arrange items due to heavy load. If the laundry drum is loaded evenly the washer may work again.

Remove or add items:

If the washer is overloaded, take out a few items. It should be balanced by then.

Again, sometimes if the washers’ drum is not filled with enough clothes it cannot spin appropriately. So add some items and check if the washing machine runs.

Balance the washer on the ground:

Check if the balance of the washing machine with the floor is ruined using a level. Fix if any spring or other equipment is not letting the washer sit evenly.

If needed level the Samsung washer’s legs with the help of a wrench.

Restart the washer:

Lastly, if the control board is found slightly faulty, switch off the washer for 5-10 minutes and restart. The Samsung washer is supposed to work again.

How do you fix an unbalanced Samsung washer?

The unbalance in a washing machine happens mostly due to overload, unevenly arranged clothes, inadequate laundry, or uneven placement of the washer.

To fix an unbalanced Samsung washer, you’ve to make the laundry balanced by untangling the clothes.

If there is ribbon, you’ve to tie them short so they don’t get stuck in the agitator. Remove or add items if the washers’ laundry requirements are not fulfilled to make it balanced.

Relocate the washer to place it on a leveled surface or fix its’ legs. Thus the Samsung washer will be balanced.

How do you reset a Samsung washer?

Pop up of a “UR” code might need you to reset your Samsung washer sometimes. It’s one of the common suggestions we find everywhere.

But you must know that resting a Samsung washing machine is not removing all the settings and reinstalling them. It’s to restart the washer for a quick glitch fix.

To reset a Samsung washer, you will need to disconnect it from the power source first. Wait 1 to 5 minutes for the washer to turn off completely. After 5 minutes’ maximum, power the washing machine again as a rule. 

Final Thoughts

‘UR’ code in a Samsung washer indicates the washer is unbalanced. Either the washer drum inside is overloaded or has insufficient clothes. It occurs when the laundry is not distributed evenly. ‘UR’ which stands for unbalanced and retrying, also shows if the washer is not placed on a leveled floor.