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Trane Furnace Blinking Red Light – How to Fix? (Explained)

If you live in a cold area, you must be familiar with a furnace. It’s a home appliance that will keep your house warm in cold conditions. Especially when you live under snowfall in winter, you must have a furnace in your house. It could be a gas furnace or a diesel or oil furnace.

Whatever the furnace runs with, you must work on the running system. If you have a trane-branded furnace, you will have different lights. They will blink and give you some indication.

Trane furnace blinking red light

The red light is blinking on your Trane furnace because your furnace suddenly stopped working. Maybe it’s turned off due to some internal damage or anything wrong. When your furnace heating system is locked, it will blink the red light. You should check the system and repair the damaged part.

The red light can blink for some other reasons. If your Trane furnace is out of service and needs an immediate restart, the red light will blink and create some problems. You will never get further heat from your furnace since it will stop producing heat.

Other reasons might include system error and heat-producing error. In short, your Trane furnace will turn on its red light and show you that it has stopped producing heat. It will be a great concern to stop the red light and repair the damaged furnace shortly.

If you don’t have a red light, you don’t need to worry about the other lights blinking. Maybe your furnace is taking time to produce the right heat to maintain the house temperature. Before facing these issues, you should know some reasons why your furnace is showing a red light.

Therefore, I find that one of the core reasons you see the red light is blinking on your Trane furnace. I will also try to give you the perfect solution with some simple tips. Let’s get to the reason first; then, we will discuss the solutions.

Stop Working:

If you use your Trane furnace for a long time and there is no fuel available, your Trane furnace will stop working suddenly and show you the red light. 

It means you will get the red light blinking that indicates that your furnace is stopped and something is wrong

When your furnace stops working, it will no longer produce the heat and maintain the house temperature. You will realize it pretty soon since you will again find a very cold temperature where you struggle to live. 

So, you must recheck your furnace and solve the problem immediately.

System Lock:

In most cases, your Trane furnace will blink its red light because of the system lock. Your furnace has a particular system that it follows to produce the heat. If there is any problem in that system, it will not produce the heat as expected. 

So, you should check your furnace system and find the lock system.

Maybe the furnace can’t take enough fuel to burn and produce the heat. If you have an old or aged Trane furnace, you should always check your furnace’s health and take care of it. Especially if it shows the red light, you cannot ignore it and use it further. 

You must turn on the furnace and check why it is blinking.

What does blinking red light on Trane furnace mean?

A blinking red light on a Trane furnace can signal various things, considering the rate at which the blinking is occurring and how many occurrences of blinking. This is often a normal part of your furnace’s operation and isn’t a cause for concern. 

Blinking the red light on the Trane furnace shows that your unit was closed off because of some issues. Your network is currently bolted out of its typical work or capacity to operate.

You can easily identify the actual problem if you notice how many times the red light on the Trane furnace blinks. 

2 times:

If your Trane furnace blinks the red lights two times, it will indicate some external lockout problem. So, you must check the furnace and sort out the problem.

3 times:

3 times red light blinking indicates a pressure switch error. If your Trane furnace blinks three times, you should check the pressure switch.

4 times:

Your furnace will blink the red lights for 4-times to indicate the open limit device. 

Does all Trane furnace blink red light?

All Trane furnaces blink red lights if they are not in a good situation or have any problem. Otherwise, all the furnaces will not blink their red lights. Here, I came up with eight different Trane furnaces and will show you if they have that red light blinking feature. 

Trane xb furnace:

The xb furnace has a blinking red light. It will use that light to indicate the different conditions of your furnace, although it’s an entry-level furnace to install in the center of your house. So, install it and enjoy the heated home.

Trane xv80 furnace:

The trane xv80 furnace has a blinking red light. These red lights can blink and indicate different things depending on the furnace condition. If it blinks four times, your thermal protection device is open.

Trane xr90 furnace:

The trane xr90 has the blink red light. It will blink its red light in different situations if it gets wrong or damaged. 

Trane xr80 furnace:

The trane xr80 doesn’t have any red blink light; instead, it will come with a green blink light. It will indicate everything with these green lights.

Trane xl90 furnace:

The trane xl90 furnace has a red blink light, and it will blink its red light when it stops working. You will also get the red light blinking if it gets damaged.

Trane xl80 furnace:

The trane xl80 also has a red blink light. It will blink the red light to show you some situations. 

Trane HVAC furnace:

The trane HVAC furnace will also blink its red light to show you the current situation. It will indicate that the system is locked if it blinks for a while. 

Trane xr95 furnace:

The trane xr95 will also blink the red lights if it gets shut down for some reason. It will also stop producing heat. So, you must take it seriously and try to solve the problem to rerun your furnace.

How to fix Trane furnace blinking red light?

You can fix the Trane furnace blinking red light by the following tips. They are:

Put Off Furnace:

As a portion of the planning, you’ll begin by turning off the system. To turn the furnace off, you will require the use of the control switch. Also, don’t disregard turning off the pilot light as well. 

Locate Reset Button & Switch:

Now, you have to discover your Trane furnace’s reset button. Generally, most of the time, the light red button is found just near the control switch. 

Press Buttons:

Firstly, close off the reset switch by giving it a hard pressing. This will halt all kinds of control supplies within the furnace. Then, you have to hold it up until the heater cools down. Finally, you have got to press the reset buttons. 

Hold Buttons:

In the next step, you must hold the switch button down for a minute or so. You should be careful not to put as much weight on the button, and don’t remove the pressing early. 

Now, carefully follow whether the furnace is making any clamor or not. If there is any kind of noise, you don’t have to press the button.  

Test Furnace:

In the final step, you will feel like your furnace is entirely brand new. You must connect the control supply to the heater and see if it’s operating legitimately.

Why is my Trane furnace blinking green?

Your trane furnace is blinking green because of the heating system. Green lights always blink and show that your furnace is working. However, the Trane furnace is blinking to provide heat and maintain a good temperature. You will mostly find two different green lights blinking.

Your furnace will blink the green light slowly, and it’s a sign that your house has enough heat and doesn’t need any further heat. Therefore, the furnace will stop producing more heat and take some rest in the meanwhile.

So, blinking green lights is not the major concern for your Trane furnace. You should be relaxed and rely on your Trane furnace. It will automatically adjust the blinking speed when it has enough heat and can successfully maintain the temperature.

Final Thoughts

If your Trane furnace suddenly stops working, it will blink the red lights continuously. Maybe your furnace system has gone wrong, or the furnace is facing any external switching problem that hinders your furnace from producing the heat. So, find out the reason and solve them.