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Sub Zero Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset? (Answered)

If you can’t enjoy a drink with ice on a hot summer day, the whole point of having an ice maker fails. The automatic ice maker is one of the greatest conveniences of a sub-zero refrigerator. But, it is possible for the ice maker to suddenly stop working or making ice due to various reasons. 

Naturally, you may be curious to know about the reasons behind this and how you can solve this.

Sub-zero ice maker not working

Your sub-zero ice maker can suddenly stop working due to warm freezer temperature, dirty condenser coils, clogged water filter, jamming in the ice maker, or a frozen fill tube. Sometimes, basic maintenance or a quick fix is all it takes to get rid of any of these problems.

Bear with us and find out the causes behind your sub-zero ice maker not working properly –

The Sub-zero ice maker is not turned on:

Your Sub-zero ice maker needs to be turned on separately for it to produce ice. You can check your control panel and press the ice maker button. This will show an icon on the display that indicates that the ice maker is on. 

Also, check if the shut-off arm is in the down position. 

Warm freezer temperature:

If the freezer temperature is high, it can cause the ice to melt or form smaller ice cubes. The optimum freezer temperature is 0-5°F which allows the ice to stay frozen. 

The temperature of the ambiance may also play a role for under-counter ice makers. You can adjust the temperature with the help of the dial control or the control panel. This depends on the model of your refrigerator.

Dirty condenser coils:

The condenser coils can get dirty and as a result, limit ice production in the ice maker. The refrigerant flows through the coil to dissipate heat and cool down the temperature inside the freezer. 

If the coils get dirty, they can disrupt the regular task of refrigerants cooling down the internal temperature. This can affect the production of ice. Cleaning the coils can help in this regard. 

Clogged water filter:

Another common reason for the ice maker to produce less ice or ice with a bad smell or taste is due to the water filter of the refrigerator getting clogged. This filter works to remove contaminants to provide fresh and clean water to the ice maker. 

After a long time of use, the filter can get dirty and clogged. This can restrict the water flow and cause a bad taste in the ice. This is why it is suggested to replace the water filter every 3-6 months depending on the usage.

Jammed ice maker and frozen fill tube:

Oftentimes, the ice maker gets jammed due to residual water freezing up and blocking the unit. The harvesting components of the unit can freeze and stop the ice from falling into the ice bin. This stubborn frost can also hamper the task of the ice maker to produce ice.

Similarly, the fill tube can also get jammed up due to water getting frozen inside the tube. This especially happens when the water pressure drops suddenly. In both cases, the regular water flow gets interrupted and the ice maker fails to produce and supply ice cubes.

Is sub zero ice maker problem common?

Every ice maker can face various problems due to numerous reasons. But is the sub zero ice maker problem common? Let’s find out below –

Sub-zero 650:

It is common for a sub-zero 650 ice maker to stop producing ice. The causes can be due to any obstruction in the ice maker, faulty water lines, or there may be a part of the ice maker that is malfunctioning or needs replacing. 

Sub-zero 550: 

The sub-zero 550 ice maker can show problems with ice production. This model doesn’t have an on/off button in the control panel. To turn the unit off, you will have to remove the ice bin and then clear away any obstruction. 

Sub-zero 561: 

Unlike sub-zero 550, sub zero 561 has the ice on/off button in the control panel. If the ice maker stops producing ice, you can reset the unit by turning off the ice on/off button and then turning it on again. 

Sub-zero 632: 

There are several ways to detect and solve the problem with a sub-zero 632 ice maker. You can turn the ice maker off by going into the control panel and turning the ice button off. You can turn it on again to reset it. 

Sub-zero 700tc:

Sub-zero 700tc ice makers can also show some common problems with the ice making. The original sub zero 700 series doesn’t come with an ice on/off button. You can turn it off by removing the ice bin. 

Sub-zero 700tf:

The sub-zero 700tf model allows adding an ice maker. However, this model can also show troubles while producing ice due to the temperature problem, frozen fill tubes, water line problems, and such.

Sub-zero 690: 

Sub-zero 690 is a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer with both water and ice dispensing systems. Like any other 600 series ice maker, the unit can be turned on and off from the control panel.

What to do if sub zero ice maker is not working?

The following tips might help if your sub zero ice maker is not working –

Check the water filter:

You need to check your water filter from time to time. The filter can get clogged due to the building up of mineral deposits that can restrict regular water flow. Sub-zero recommends replacing the water filter within six months to a year depending on the usage. 

You must use the original sub-zero water filter as other filters can be made of toxic materials harmful to your health. Follow the user’s guide to remove and replace the filter properly. 

Check the fill tube: 

Oftentimes, the fill tube that is placed above the ice maker gets frozen. The tube comes from the side or back wall. If the water pressure gets low, it can cause the water to freeze in the fill tube which restricts water from entering the ice maker. 

This obstruction needs to be cleared away. First, turn the unit off and then start using a hair dryer to melt the ice. You need to keep moving the dryer back and forth so that the plastic doesn’t melt. 

Check the placement of the ice bucket: 

For the ice maker to turn on, the ice bucket and the electrical switches need to be in contact. If you remove the ice bucket and replace it again, make sure that you do it properly.

Check the position of the ice level arm:

The position of the ice level arm is very important. It should always be in the down position. It is white and flat and is placed above the ice bucket. If you find the arm in the up position, you need to turn the freezer off and try to gently push it down. 

Once the arm is in the down position again, you can restart the freezer. If it’s too tight and doesn’t seem to come down, don’t push too hard as you may end up breaking the arm. If the arm dislocates, you may need to reinstall or replace it. 

In this case, take help from professionals.

Check the water supply lines: 

Sometimes, a kink in the water supply lines can restrict the regular water flow which can lead to the ice maker not producing enough ice. You may have to readjust the lines. 

If there’s a leak due to the water line getting disconnected, you may have to reattach the line to the water dispenser and ice maker. 

How do I reset my Sub Zero ice maker?

Among many ways, the following are three of the easiest ways of resetting a sub-zero ice maker.

Turning the unit off and then on again: 

If you have a control panel that displays the ice on/off button, you can just simply turn the button off, wait for a few seconds, and then turn the button on again to reset the whole unit. 

As you reset the unit, you need to wait for at least 24 hours to see the result of whether the ice maker has started to make ice properly or not. 

Unplugging the machine and plugging in again:

Another way of resetting the ice maker is by unplugging the whole machine. The switch is located at the back of the machine. You can turn the power button off to shut down the machine. Or you can unplug the machine and wait for some time before plugging it in again.

Using the breaker to reset the ice maker: 

First, you need to locate the breaker that is responsible for the machine. You can turn the breaker off to shut down the machine. Now you need to wait for 5-10 seconds before you can turn it on again. This will reset the ice maker. 

Final Thoughts 

It is common for a sub-zero ice maker to suddenly stop producing ice due to temperature problems in the freezer, kink in the water line, clogged water filter, and such. You can easily take care of this problem by some simple troubleshooting. If the problem stays, you may need professional help.