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Standard Height of Ceiling Fan from Floor? (Explained)

Installing a ceiling fan is not a child’s play. It’s not about hanging the fan with the ceiling and connecting wires. There is much more to consider when you are installing your fan DIY.

The height is one of the first confusion that appears while installing the ceiling fan. This article will answer all the questions related to the ceiling fan height.

Standard height of ceiling fan from the floor

The standard height of a ceiling fan is 8-9 feet from the floor and 12-14 inches from the ceiling. You should not install a ceiling fan under 7 feet high. If the ceiling height is below 8 feet, choose flash mount ceiling fans, although the performance will be lower than regular fans.

Hiring a professional is too mainstream, but doing DIY projects can give you a satisfying sense of accomplishment  (and save some money). Installing your fan DIY is possible. All you need is proper research and a bit of electronic knowledge.

One of the first thing you need to know is how high should your ceiling fans be. Keep reading to get a clear understanding of standard fan height, dos, and don’t.

In the US, the average ceiling height is about 9 feet. That’s the standard here. However, the second story of some homes has 8 feet ceiling height. The height of the ceiling is directly related to the ceiling height.

Ceiling fans are connected to the ceiling with a mount. A ceiling fan with a standard mount will be necessary for a typical ceiling height. A standard ceiling fan light ground is about 8 feet from the ground.

A minimum ceiling fan height should be 7 feet from the ground. If you set your fan lower, there will be a chance of accidents and performance problems.

A ceiling fan with too much space between the blade and ceiling does a decent job, but`12-18 inches is the sweet point where you get the maximum performance from the ceiling fan.

So, what do you do if you have a ceiling with low height? Such as a 7.5 feet ceiling. If you want to set up a standard fan, that will be too low from the ground.

There are flash mount fans at low high ceilings. Flush mount ceiling fans have almost no mount rod, and the distance of those ceilings is 6-10 inches from the top. Installing those allows you to keep the fan as high as possible in a room with a low ceiling.

However, flash mount ceiling fans are not as effective as standard fans. The ceiling fan need some space above it. It allows the ceiling fan to pass the maximum air downwards and increase the airflow.

A room with a high ceiling can also be problematic. There are solutions too. You just need to install your ceiling fan with an extended mount rod to keep the fan about 8 feet high.

You can always measure the height of the ceiling, but you don’t need to be super accurate all the time. Be careful while installing a ceiling fan in a higher room. Getting someone to assist you will be a great idea.

Is a 7 foot ceiling too low for a ceiling fan?

Sadly, 7-foot ceiling ceilings are too low for ceiling fans. There is no chance that you can set up a regular ceiling fan in a 7-foot ceiling. But you may consider installing a flush mount ceiling fan if you want. But even flush mount ceiling fans will be low for a 7 feet room.

You need at least 7.5 feet of room for a flush mount ceiling fan. But what if you install a flash mount ceiling fan in a 7 feet ceiling room? The flush mount ceiling fan will take about 1-foot space. You will have 6 feet of space for moving freely.

That’s too low for a standard room also. Remember, the average man’s height in the US is 5.9 feet, and a low ceiling fan can irritate a tall guy.

So, what should you do with a 7 feet high room? You can choose stand fans for your seven feet-high room. The stand fan does pretty well to keep you cool, but it’s not super comfortable like the ceiling fans.

Ceiling fan height from floor code

There are no specific floor codes for the ceiling fans, but according to the professionals, the standard ceiling fan height from the ground is 7 feet.

When you set the ceiling fan 7 feet high, the fan can adequately distribute all the air in different room parts. It’s also a safe height for most people.

If you have a low high ceiling fan, you may easily get used to the fan. But when someone new comes to your house, he can be injured if he mistakenly raises his hand or does something like that.

Seven feet from the ground is only one of the three things you must remember while installing the ceiling fan.

The other two are installing the fan at the center of the room and keeping the fan at least 18-inch from the ceiling. You can enjoy a satisfactory ceiling fan installation by following those three things.

How to choose the right height for the ceiling fan from the floor?

Did you know ceiling fans keep a significant role in saving the planet from global warming? Ceiling fans consume energy, and the energy leaves a carbon footprint. But it’s nothing if you compare it with Air Conditioner. The air conditioner also adds enormous electricity bills.

So, congratulations on your diction to using a ceiling fan to keep your house and our planet cool. So, how do you know the perfect ceiling fan height for you?

Well, it’s not rocket science. You just need to check the ceiling height to choose the suitable fan and mount. Here are some points that will help you choose the right height for the ceiling fan from the floor.


Our goal will be to keep the ceiling fan at least 7 feet high from the ground, while 8-9 feet is the best height for the ceiling fan from the floor and keep the ceiling fan blade 18 inches from the ceiling if possible.

For 8 feet ceiling height:

For 8 feet ceiling height, you will need flash mount fans for low-height ceilings. Flush mount fans will be less efficient but keeping above 7 feet is more important.

For 9 feet to 11 feet ceiling height:

For nine feet to 11 feet ceiling height, you will not have to do anything special to install your ceiling fan. Just buy a standard fan with a standard mount. Traditional fans are usually 18 inches from the ceiling.

11 feet or higher ceiling:

If your room has a higher ceiling height than the regular, you will need extended mounts for installing a ceiling fan. Measure the height of the ceiling and find out how long the downrod you need to keep the fan within 8-9 feet from the ground.

What size downrod do you need for the ceiling fan?

The size of the downrod you need depends on your ceiling height. The higher ceiling you have, the longer downrod you will need. On the other hand, you will have to get a fan without downrod if your ceiling height is too low. Check out the following points.

No downrod:

A room lower than 8 feet is too low for regular ceiling fans. You need ceiling fans with no downrod called flush mounting ceiling fan for those rooms.

Regular down rod:

Regular ceiling fan downrods are 6 inches and suitable for 9-11 feet. In those cases, you will not have to take the hustle of measuring the ceiling height and other measurements to install the fan at a suitable height. You can just get a regular ceiling fan with a regular downrod.

Extended downrod:

Extended downrods can be up to 120 inches for the 20 feet ceiling height. You need to measure your calling height and determine the downrod size to install the fan 8-9 feet from the ground. You can find the different sizes of downrod in the market.

Final Thoughts

8-9 feet from the floor is the regular and most common height for a ceiling fan. You will notice significantly low efficiency if you install too lower or higher than this. A ceiling fan also needs at least an 18-inch distance from the ceiling. Make sure to wear protective gloves while installing.