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Should Washer and Dryer Match? (Read This First!)

Using a washer and dryer is much more convenient as it can save your time and energy. Well, you do not need to hand wash clothes anymore. Yet, some may not like the washing process as it can not give you the same satisfaction as washing clothes by hand. 

Where else the dryer would help to dry the clothes immediately.

Following the below tips and information regarding the washer and dryer would help you to choose the best one for you.

Should washer and dryer match?

It is certainly not necessary to match the washer and the dryer. When choosing a washer or dryer, you should consider the durability and function of both. Appearance and style come last in this case. Well, people might find it odd if you use a mismatched dryer and washer but it’s for your good.

The washer and dryer save both time and energy. Washing manually requires more effort and time. Well, yet gives the best satisfaction unlike using a washer. Some may feel cleaning using a washer is not a good idea as it might not be effective. Or the clothes are not cleaned properly.

In that case, you should rather choose a good washer that would satisfy your expectations. Moreover, the dryer helps to dry the clothes without hanging the clothes. Drying the clothes by hanging in the sunlight would take longer than using a dryer.

You can find a separate washer and dryer or an all-in-one washer and dryer. It depends on your preferences. But choosing the same brand is quite common as it would match. And it will look good in the eye of the viewer. 

But the same brand might not have enough facilities for both washer and dryer. 

Rather, choosing from different brands would help you to choose the more efficient one. The washer helps you to clean the clothes. Certain brands provide better efficiency and function. You should rather choose a washer depending on what you actually need. 

Moreover, you can save up your space and money by bringing two in one washer and dryer. Well, those are more beautiful in appearance and you do not even need to think of matching stuff. Meanwhile, the dryer lasts longer than the washer.

That’s why many buy separate washers and dryers. Matching the dryer and washer would look good to the eyes. But the efficiency can be questioned. You should choose the ones which are convenient even if they are not matched. 

Is it OK to have a different brand washer and dryer?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to have a different brand washer and dryer. Well, every brand has different specifications of stuff. Some provide better quality dryers while some provide better washers. It is really hard to find better quality dryers and washers from the same brand.

You may find better specifications and quality of washer and dryer in different brands. Using different brands is absolutely okay if you do not want to compromise the quality. But different brands’ products appear different. You will not find them matched. 

As a result, it can look a bit uneasy to the eye of the viewer.

If you do not like mismatched things, using different brands might not be a good option for you. But if you want to look for a durable and efficient washer and dryer, you can choose different brands undoubtedly. 

Can you mix and match washer and dryer?

You can definitely mix and match the washer and dryer. The washer and dryer serve different purposes. The washer helps to clean up where the dryer dries the clothes. You can use different dryers and washers. 

But you should put clothes in the dryer right after washing. Well, do wrench out water.

The washer can be bought separately. Though some may provide an all-in-one option, using a separate washer and dryer is best if you have enough space. You can also buy a washer and dryer matched if you like the quality. 

Or else, buying a mismatched dryer and washer is also good if it stands to your satisfaction.

You should try mixing and matching washer dryers according to your taste. Moreover, keeping them in a wide place where they will easily be a part of the attraction, would make it look weird if you use a mismatched dryer and washer. 

As durability, function, and efficiency come first, you should choose according to the use.

3 reasons why washer and dryer doesn’t need to match

Matching the washer and dryer is not necessary. You can use a mismatched washer and dryer if you are not too concerned with the appearance. The appearance may have an impact on the environment and also on people looking at it.

People might not like the view but it is not your concern. Appearance would not make a dryer or washer a quality one. You should rather focus on your satisfaction. Certain reasons for choosing a mismatched washer and dishes are given below.


The washer and dryer both do not have the same durability. You may install them at the same time, yet one of them may need to be replaced before the other. Mostly, the dryer lasts long while the washer gets damaged before the dryer. 

Moreover, the quality of the washer and dryer varies with the brands. 

Save space:

You can save space by buying different yet smaller washers or dryers in configuration. Well, you may buy the dryer or washer according to the requirements for your house. You can also use all one dryer and washer to save space. 

The configuration of the washer and dryer also varies with the brand.


Every brand is not suitable or provides a better function. The brands would vary if you are choosing a washer and dryer on the basis of efficiency. You might not find the same brand of washer and dryer as efficient. In that case, you would need to buy from different brands.

Yet, the efficiency of the dryer and washer can be ensured if you research before buying a washer and dryer. 

How do you stack mismatched washer and dryer?

You can stack your mismatched washer and dryer without any hassle. It will not require time if you do it properly. It would also save space. You can follow below to stack up a mismatched dryer and washer. 

Measuring the length:

The dryer and washer can be of different sizes. Though you should choose the size while buying, it is also needed for stacking. You should always place the smaller-sized stuff on top. Mostly, the dryer is placed on top of the washer.

Stacking up:

Put the dryer over the washer and secure it. You can use a stacking kit like brackets to secure the dryer on the washer. Moreover, using a tap can also help. Apart from that, you can also place a yoga mat beneath the dryer which is on top.

The washer would move while functioning. The movement can cause the dryer to fall. That’s why it is necessary to stack the washer and dryer correctly and secure them with the necessary things. 

How to match the washer and dryer?

Even though it is not necessary to match the washer and dryer, one can match them to look appropriate. The washer and dryer can be bought separately or some may come in a combo. You have to search for the washer and dryer to find the right one. 

You can follow below to match the washer and dryer. 

Observe functionality:

The functionality of the washer and dryer should be compatible. The drying should happen faster than washing. Moreover, the cycle time should be considered while matching a washer and dryer.

Buy the same configuration:

It does not actually mean the dryer and washer have to be the same, rather they should have similarities in appearance. If you are matching a washer and dryer, you must be concerned with the appearance. You can also buy a dryer and washer which has quite a similar appearance.

Buy from the same brand:

Well, brands can provide compatible washers to dryers or the opposite. All brands have these options. They always make compatible ones as well. You can easily find matched washers and dryers from the same brand without even wasting time. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, you can buy a washer and dryer which might not look compatible with each other. If you want your dryer and washer to look best, you should focus on the appearance and match them. If you want to ensure efficiency and durability, using a mismatched dryer and washer won’t be a problem.