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Samsung Washing Machine Power Consumption (Explained)

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Washing machines are becoming a necessity around the household. And these machines require a lot of energy in general. Make sure you are well aware of their energy consumption before getting one.

Samsung washing machine power consumption

Washing machines require a lot of energy and power. When you look at your electricity bill you will see your washing machine costing the most. However, the Samsung washing machines have energy saving technology. The washing machines use about 2400 watts of energy and power per machine.

How much power a particular machine will use depends on the size and the usage of the machine. As for washing machines, this fact is more prominent.


Samsung washing machines come in various sizes and their level of power consumption is heavily affected by the size of the machine. Given below are some of the popular sizes of Samsung washing machines and their power consumption-

Samsung 6 kg washing machine:

This is a standard sized washing machine, and will use up to 2400 watts of energy. Most washing machines come in this size and uses the same amount of energy.

Samsung 6.2 kg washing machine:

The slightly bigger sized washing machine will need only 380 watts of energy. Most washing machines this size need more energy but Samsung washing machines can run with 380 watts of energy in this size.

Samsung 6.5 kg washing machine:

As the 6.5 kg top loaded washing machines have become popular the reason behind it was also analyzed. The energy consumption of only 350 watts is supposed to be a good reason behind the machines’ popularity.

Samsung 7 kg washing machine:

Even though the 7 kg washing machines weigh 5 kg more than the 6.5 kg machines, the power consumption is still the same. They also require 350 watts of energy.

Samsung 8 kg washing machine:

A standard 8 kg weighted Samsung washing machine will need the standard amount of energy, 2400 watts of energy.

Samsung 9 kg washing machine:

Samsung washing machines can weigh around 9 kg as well and these washing machines will need around 400 watts of energy to run properly.

Samsung 10 kg washing machine:

A 10 kg Samsung washing machine is rarely bought in the household. These washing machines can use from 2000 to 2400 watts of energy depending on their daily usage.


Another important factor when it comes to determining the energy usage of any machine, including the washing machines, is the type of the machine. There are various types of washing machines available. Each of the machine has a different level of energy consumption level-

Samsung automatic washing machine:

According to the size of the machine, an automatic Samsung washing machine can use from 350 watts to 2400 watts of energy. These types of washing machines are more popular among the common consumers.

Samsung semi-automatic washing machine:

A semi automatic washing machine can use around 350 watts of energy only. The machines do not require much energy to run. Which is why people are leaning towards this type of washing machine now a days.

Samsung front load washing machine:

Similar to the standard Samsung washing machines, a front load washing machine will cost around 2400 watts of energy. This may change depending on the usage of the machine as well.

Samsung top load washing machine:

Top leaded washing machines are gathering the attention recently. This may be because of their low power usage. The machines use only 350 watts of energy, which is less compared to the work it can get done.

Washing machines need a lot of energy to run properly. Which is why the new buyers are conscious about the power usages of the machine. According to the size and type of the machine, the power usage amount can vary. Make sure to do your research.

Does Samsung washing machine consume more electricity?

Washing machines in general require a lot of energy. And when it comes to a smart washing machine, the consumption of energy level will be more than the usual or standard.

But compared to the regular washing machines around the market, the Samsung washing machines do not require more energy.

A standard Samsung washing machine will use about 2400 watts of energy, which is the usual amount of energy needed for any sort of washing machines.

Most top loaded and automatic washing machines can need more than this amount. And for the Samsung washing machines, this may seem more than the others.

When it comes to determining and comparing the amount of energy consumed, you will need to see if the size and the type of machine are similar. And when compared to the contemporary machines, can be said that the Samsung washing machines do not use more energy.

How many starting watts does the Samsung washing machine use?

A good amount of energy goes into the starting of any washing machine.  Most washing machines use almost half of their total energy consumption in their starting.

Which is actually a lot when it comes to automated machines. Around 1600 watts of energy goes behind a washing machine at the starting.

Machines need a lot of energy when starting. Any and most machines need to be fully powered to start their activity.

And washing machines need a lot of energy in general, to run and operate. So, when it comes to the starting energy washing machines need a of energy lot at that time as well.

Samsung washing machines need around 1600 watts of energy to start. Which is standard compared to the regular washing machines’ starting energy level requirement. As the machine is done starting, the usage of energy levels starts to lower as well. Which is also normal.

How many watts does a Samsung washing machine use on standby?

Standby is when a machine is half running and that is when their energy usage level is on minimum.

On the standby mode the Samsung washing machine takes about 1.6 watts of energy. Considering the standard usage of energy, this is very normal. And as the Samsung washing machine takes standard energy, the standby amount is also okay.

On standby, any machine needs a minimum level of energy running. This minimum level of energy depends on the type of machine and the size of the machine. As washing machines are large sized and require a good amount of energy to run, their standby time is also a bit high.

A standard standby energy usage amount is maintained by the Samsung washing machines. 1.6 watts of energy is needed as the standby energy for the Samsung washing machines. This is a normal amount and is not too much considering the other machines.

How can I calculate my Samsung washing machine power consumption?

Calculating the energy or power consumption amount of a washing machine is important if you are looking to control the usage of electricity. Even if you do not have that particular thought in your head, still you should know exactly how much power your washing machine is taking up.

Samsung washing machines tend to take the standard amount of energy. But if you are doubtful or if you have a new machine that does not match the previous energy levels, you might want to calculate the power consumption of your washing machine.

To calculate the energy consumption level follow the given steps-

Find out daily consumption

You will need to find out the daily consumption first. Then you can multiply the daily power consumption amount with 30 to find out the monthly power consumption amount.

Collect formula

Collect the formula of power consumption of a machine. The formula to figure the power consumption of a machine is, kWh = Wattage x operating hour / 1000.

Cross check the power consumption

You can check the power consumption using another formula as well, Power consumption = appliance power rating x duration of use (hours).

Check machine rating

Once you have your preferred formula of calculation, check the power rating of the machine. It is usually written at the back label of the machine. Or on the box.


Put the power rating of the washing machine on the preferred formula and let your calculator do the rest. You can calculate the power usage of any period of time with the given formulas.

Washing machines require a good amount of power. Calculating the power consumption rate is very much important if you want to see where your electricity is going and how much an appliance uses it.

Make sure the calculations are done right and the power rating at the back is accurate.

Final thoughts

A Samsung washing machine can be found in almost all houses. The washing machines doesn’t require more energy than the standard washing machine. Around 2400 watts of energy is sufficient for the Samsung washing machine to run. It seems a lot but for a washing machine, 2400 watts of energy is okay.