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Samsung Ice Maker Not Filling with Water? (With Solutions)

If you have a Samsung ice maker that is not filling with water, don’t think of wasting your resources on getting a new one. That is because you can troubleshoot and fix the problem yourself.

To fix your Samsung ice maker and hence maintain its usability, you would need to find out the root cause of the trouble first before attempting to go for a fix.

Why won’t my Samsung ice maker fill with water?

If your Samsung Ice maker is not filling up with water, this may be due to reasons like a broken or faulty water inlet valve, clogged or wrongly positioned water filter, and issues with the waterline. Sometimes the icemaker switch might simply be turned on, so resetting the machine may work.

If your Samsung ice maker is not filling with water, there may be several good and noticeable reasons. Here are a few possibilities:

You have not reset the ice maker in a long time:

One of the hidden tricks to maintain the condition of your ice maker is to reset it.

If it has not been reset for a long time, it would not be able to make a new batch of ice.

There is a problem with the ice maker filter:

Have a lookout for the water filter in the icemaker as clogging in the filter can stop the ice maker from making ice.

The water is filled with contaminants and deposits, and thus filtering the water produces clearer, and safer ice.

Any problem with the installation of the internal ice maker filter can also cause water filling issues.

The filter may also be positioned incorrectly, causing similar problems.

Ice maker switch may be turned off:

One of the most common reasons that most people facing this problem have mentioned is an ice maker switch at the back of the freezer, that has been turned off.

Since this switch is at the rear of the freezer, you may have missed out on turning it on.

The control arm is in the wrong position:

Another simpler reason why your ice maker is not making ice is that somebody has positioned the control arm in the off position.

This would also mean that water does not reach the molds to fill in the first place.

The water inlet is out of order:

If the water inlet valve that controls the flow of cold water is faulty, disconnected, or broken, the ice maker would surely fail to make ice.

The Ice bucket is not clean:

Sometimes when the ice bucket is not clean, the ice maker stops making ice.

Consequently, the malfunction will cause the ice maker to not fill with water.

There is an issue with the water line:

If the water line is clogged with gunk, sand, or calcium deposits, there is no way water can pass to make ice. Moreover, if the water line freezes, your ice maker cannot make ice either.

Why are these Samsung ice makers not filling up water?

Here are possible reasons why the following Samsung ice makers are not filling with water.

Samsung side by side ice maker:

If you have a Samsung side by side ice maker which is not filling up with water, you may want to check if the temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other reasons include inadequate pressure in the water inlet valve and any problem with the assembly of the ice maker.

Samsung lower/bottom ice maker:

If a Samsung bottom ice maker is not filling up with water, you may need to check the internal water filter.

The filter may be incorrectly installed. A clogged water filter can also stop a bottom ice maker to show problems.

Samsung French door ice maker:

In a Samsung French doors ice maker, one of the more common problems occurs when the water line is frozen.

This causes the icemaker to stop making ice until the line is defrosted completely.

How do I test my Samsung ice maker water line? How do I prime my Samsung ice maker?

Testing the Samsung ice maker and priming it the right way is important. Here is what you would need to do:

Defrost the ice maker:

The first step is to defrost the ice maker compartment by force defrosting it using button sequences.

The button sequence would depend on the model of the refrigerator you are using. Mostly the common combinations are of two types. The energy saver plus the fridge button in one.

The freezer and light button are another. You would just have to hold the two buttons together for 5 to 8 seconds.

Disconnect the main power:

For 5 to 10 minutes, let the ice maker defrost completely. Then, exit the defrost setting as per the manual.

Next, you would need to disconnect the main power supply of the freezer. Disconnecting the power supply is vital for the safety of the person testing the waterline.

Thaw if needed:

Next take out the ice maker assembly. If you notice more defrost inside, you would let your sit the thawing out by letting it melt naturally. In this stage, do not use any external tools like a blow dryer.

Check the waterline position:

Next you would need to use an angled mirror and check the position of the waterline. If the position of the water line is not right, you would need to set it right.

Make sure to screw the nails back in position and put back the caution tape accordingly.

Run distilled vinegar to remove debris:

For a few cycles, running distilled vinegar can get rid of any debris or small clogs in the line. Let the ice maker cool for about 6 to 12 hours.

How do I force my Samsung ice maker to cycle?

If your Samsung ice maker has stopped the cycle, there are a few ways to make it cycle again.

Reset the ice maker:

Resetting the ice maker is a simple way to get your icemaker going again, in case the cycle had stopped.

All you would need to do is, press and hold the reset button on the machine till there is a beep.

Clean the ice bucket:

Cleaning the ice bucket can also help force the cycle of the icemaker to begin again.

You would just have to remove the bucket and let it sit outside for a few hours. Insert the bucket back into the fridge to force the ice maker to cycle.

Change control arm:

You can also change the control arm from the on position to the off position. Then put it back to the on position again before starting the power supply.

Force run:

After checking the waterline position and connection, force run a cycle of distilled water or vinegar to clean up the line.

Where is the reset button for the Samsung ice maker? How do you reset a Samsung ice maker?

One of the quickest fixes for a Samsung Ice Maker that is not filling with water is perhaps pressing the reset button. However, not everyone can find the reset button so easily.

Hence it is important to know where the reset button is in a Samsung ice maker and how to reset it the right way so that the ice maker can start to fill in the water again.

Depending on which model of Samsung freezer you are using, you can either find the reset button on the bottom of the ice maker or you can also find the reset button on the compartment, also known as the bin, from where you get the ice.

To reset a Samsung ice maker, you would simply have to press the button and hold it for at least 4 or 5 seconds. As you hold it, you would hear a beeping sound which indicates that you would now need to let go of the button.

If you have confusion, you may clear it out by reading the model-specific instruction manual as well.

Can filter stop the Samsung ice maker from working?

The integrated water filter in the Samsung Ice maker is an important part of the machine and any issues with the filter could make the ice maker stop working.

One of the many issues is how the ice maker stops filling with water if the filter is not working properly. Since one function is dependent on another, the machine also stops producing any ice until the filter is cleaned.

The filter may become clogged due to calcium deposits and contaminants. Sometimes the problem arises when the ice maker is not installed or even positioned the right way.

Final Thoughts

A Samsung Ice Maker may stop filing up water if the ice maker switch is off or the machine has not been restarted for long. Waterline blocks, control arm position, and unclean filter all cause the ice maker to become faulty. It is easy to fix minor problems by simply troubleshooting the cause.