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Samsung Ice Maker Making Noise: How to Fix? (Answered)

Refrigerators are appliances that are noisy almost the whole day. This is because they are constantly frosting, and defrosting items, running cool and warm cycles, controlling water valves, and so on.

As a result, they end up making sounds throughout the whole day. And so does the ice makers present in these fridges.

The Samsung ice makers come installed in the Samsung refrigerators and although these ice makers are a handy delight, they show problems as well. They either make a grinding, popping, humming noise when ice is dispensed.

Therefore, even though the ice makers make our life easier and more fun since access to chilled drinks becomes easier, let us learn about the noises these ice makers make and ways to fix them along with other interesting facts about ice makers.

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It is fairly normal for any ice maker to make noises–these devices are noisy. Ice makers make constant humming and grinding noises which is normal because mostly it means that the ice maker is being filled with water or dispensing ice. But if the sounds get too loud, that is an anomaly.

There are many noises that an ice maker makes because these devices are inherently noisy and are almost active all the time. Thus, they are either making or dispensing ice, or filling the freezer with water, maintaining the hot-and-cold cycle, and so on.

Samsung freezers come with their own ice makers.

Whirring noise

Loose Pipes:  

Any rattling or whirring sound normally happens from anything loose. It can be loose pipes and trays. Since they are loose, they rattle with each other or the body of the freezer and make the whirring sound.


The best course of action is to tighten or replace anything loose or misfitting. One can also contact the support center or a trained technician.

Frozen Water Line:

When water lines freeze, the pipes comparatively expand since water expands once frozen. This makes a rattling or whirring noise when water flows through it.


Although it is better to call a technician to solve technical problems, we can use hairdryers in their lowest heat and hold it above the water line to melt the ice off.

Grinding noise

Blocked Evaporator Fan Blades:

Evaporator fan blades are the fans that keep the freezer or ice maker cool and they sometimes tend to get jammed or blocked due to accumulation of dirt or simply getting frozen.

This phenomenon causes the blades to make some noise.


It is always best to call for a certified technician or support center when it comes to appliances.

The fan can be cleaner by turning the fridge or ice maker off, taking out the evaporator fan, and simply using warm water to defrost it or a cleaning solution to clean it.

However, caution should be maintained when it comes to the motor–no water should get in there.

Jammed Dispenser:  

Sometimes, the dispenser gets jammed when a haywire ice shard or cube gets stuck.

This happens when the dispenser or ice maker is not used often and the ice melts a bit before freezing again. That prevents it from being dispensed.


Solving jammed dispensers is quite easy. We simply need to run the dispenser through hot water, back, and the front until all the ice melts.

Popping noise

Faulty Water Valve:

The water valve in an ice maker opens and closes to control the inlet of water in the ice maker. This is what makes the popping noise.

However, faults in the procedure can make the noise louder or continuous and one of them is when the water supply is cut off and the valve keeps opening and closing continuously.


With advanced knowledge or the help of a manual, one can solve faulty valves but it is always wise to call for professional help.

Frozen Evaporator Coil:

Since the ice makers have a completely warm and cooling cycle, the freezer works alright. Problems happen when it gets stuck in one cycle, and in this case, it is the cooling cycle.

If the ice maker gets stuck in that cycle, the evaporator coil has no room to defrost and gets colder, resulting in a continuous popping noise.


To solve faulty evaporator coil problems, it is best to call the support center or certified technicians since it’s illegal to service parts of appliances by ourselves.

Loud humming noise

Water Filling:

Ice cubes are made by a valve opening and filling the molds with water before the valve closing. The sound made while the molds are being filled is the humming noises which are quite normal.


Since it is the normal procedure of an ice maker, there is no solution to the sound but to bear with it.


The freezers make an odd humming noise that resembles vibrations when the freezer or the ice maker is not positioned adequately.


To get rid of this sound, it is best to try new positions for the ice maker and see which makes the least noise and position the ice maker that way.

High Water Pressure:

Sometimes, the humming noise is too much when the water pressure is too much.


We can lessen the noise by simply reducing the pressure of the water. It will work until the pressure becomes too less.

Is ice maker making noise common in Samsung?

Yes, ice makers making noise is very common and is a sign that the ice maker is working. These appliances are noisy in nature.

For instance, there is a humming noise when the molds are being filled with water for ice, a grinding noise when the ice is being dispensed, and a popping noise due to the routine work of water valve and cooling cycles.

However, there are some noises that might call for attention and can be annoying as well. Some downsides of two Samsung Freezers will be discussed below:

Samsung rf4287hars:

In some cases, the ice dispenser does not work which can make some rattling and grinding noises, sometimes even popping noises. In these freezers, the evaporator fans stop working as well, in which case they make noises.

Evaporator fans can also get frozen and jammed. One of the complaints about this particular freezer is that they sometimes produce smaller ices which can be a result of many issues including but not limited to frozen water pipelines.

Samsung rfg237aars:

One of the most prominent problems with Samsung ice makers is that, their ice making. The dispensers especially, and the motors that push the ice out.

How do I fix the humming noise in my Samsung refrigerator ice maker?

Normally, Samsung fridges make noises for various reasons and it does varies from model to model of the refrigerator.

Thus, the ways of fixing these issues will also significantly vary depending on the reason behind the humming noise in your Samsung refrigerator ice maker.

Now, let’s discuss about some common ways to fix the humming noise in your Samsung refrigerator ice maker. Those are as follows:

Unplug and Observe:

It is very important to unplug the fridge before observing what’s wrong and which vents are making noises.

You can use a battery-operated fan or hairdryer to melt the ice off. This will help you to melt the ice faster in case you don’t want your foods to get spoiled that are being kept in the refrigerator.

Turning the Fridge Off:

In case you fail to troubleshoot the humming noise in the refrigerator, turn off the refrigerator.

You can melt the ice around the vents by turning the fridge off overnight and letting the ice melt. But this might spoil the food unless there’s another freezer.

Press the option “Freezer and Lighting”:  

First, on the front of the fridge, there are a few options we can press. We have to press the options that say “Freezer” and “Lighting” at the same time for 5 seconds.

Press “Fridge”:

After holding down the two options for five seconds, a beep will be heard. After which, we need to press the option that says “Fridge” three times until the word “rd” appears on the screen present on the front door of the refrigerator.

The “rd” will help the ice melt in the back by turning off the fan while keeping the fridge cool at the same time.

There are chances that it might not work the first time, in which case we need to do it again and preferably before our fridge starts making weird noises.

Final Thoughts

To fix any noise an ice maker’s making, we must first identify the noise. Freezers are normally noisy appliances and make noises even when it is doing vital regular act. Although it is best to call the support center or professional technician, one can solve the noises with the help of manuals.