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Samsung Dryer Making Noise: How to Fix? (Quick Answers)

Samsung dryers are known for drying clothes quickly and efficiently. There is, however, a possibility that it could make noise if there is something wrong with it. Various types of sounds can be made by it for various reasons. 

Let’s find out why your Samsung dryer is making noise and how to fix it. 

Samsung dryer making noise

Samsung dryers are noisy due to clogged filters and inefficient airflow. Bad bearings, lost exhaust vents, dirty filters, overloaded gearboxes, or broken belts may result in noise. For solving the noise issue Replace belts or gearboxes; Clean and check bearings; Clean dryer ducts and filters.

The following are some of the most common reasons why Samsung dryers make noise and how to fix them.

Rattling noise: 

There may be a loose exhaust vent causing the rattling noise. When loose venting wiggles during operation, a rattling sound can be heard. Ensure that your venting is secure by checking it and adjusting it as necessary. 

If the rattling noise comes from inside the dryer, it may be caused by a worn-out component (such as a belt or pulley). 


You will need to tighten up the exhaust vent to solve the problem of a loose exhaust vent. The first thing you will need for tightening the exhaust vent is a standard screwdriver, and once you have that, you will use an Allen key to tighten it up. 

Grinding noise: 

The grinding noise may be caused by a dirty filter. This filter helps to reduce static electricity and other kinds of build-ups that can lead to noisy dryers as a result of static electricity. 

Whenever the filter becomes clogged, it will rub against the drum in an abrasive manner, causing an abrasive noise when it rubs against it. 


All clothes in the dryer must be removed and then the dryer’s drum, lint trap, vent hose, and belt must be removed or cleaned to remove any obstruction from the filters. If any parts are worn, replace them with new ones. 

Squealing or screeching noise: 

The Squealing or screeching noise may be caused by a broken belt, which rubs against the drive wheel. A belt may also break if the dryer is installed incorrectly or misused. 

The noise coming from the front of the machine may be caused by a failed bearing in one of the shafts of the drive motor if the noise is coming from the front end of the machine.


The sound of loud noises may be heard when driving your vehicle, especially if your belt was just replaced. Something may be wrong with the drive wheel in this case. Professional dryer repair or replacement is recommended.

Scraping noise: 

There may be a cause for the scraping noise, which may be caused by the motor being too loud. The dryer may be making excessive grinding or squeaking noises as a result of a broken belt or worn bearings in the motor if it is making excessive grinding or squeaking noises. 

The noise may, however, also be caused by items such as lint or dander being caught in the rotating blades of the machine.


When your machine makes excessive grinding or squeaking noises, there may be a problem with the motor. Taking your dryer in for repair or replacement will determine whether this is the case.

Clunking noise: 

If you hear a clunking noise, there may be a problem with the gearbox or door hinge that is causing the problem. The dryer may need to be serviced if it is continuously making rattling noises, which may indicate that it needs to be repaired. 


Several things can be done if you think the clanking noise is coming from the gearbox or door hinge. All bolts and screws on the exterior of your dryer should be tightened down properly. A gearbox may need to be replaced or repaired if there is a problem. 

To see if the issue is resolved, try adjusting one or more of the door hinges if the noise comes from inside the machine.

Banging noise: 

Due to overloading, Samsung dryers often make banging noises as a result of the excessive load. Most likely, the clanking noise is caused by the weight of the clothes being put into Samsung dryers. 

Metal-on-metal contact may cause a clunking sound if there are more items in the drum than can fit.


You may need to reduce the number of clothes in the machine at one time if the machine is making excessive banging noises. By rotating loads more frequently and using smaller loads, this can be accomplished.

Thumping noise: 

When the Samsung dryer is empty, there can sometimes be a thumping noise coming from the dryer. Even though the blades do not touch the clothes, the spinning of the drum makes a noise since they do not touch the clothes.


When the Samsung dryer is empty and you hear thumping noises, you might want to try to add more items to the load or use a different cycle for delicate, if the dryer is making thumping noises when empty.

Humming or buzzing noise: 

Humming or buzzing noises can be caused by a blocked air filter in the Samsung dryer. This type of noise occurs when the motor pulls air out of the dryer.


When you hear a buzzing or humming noise coming from your Samsung dryer, you can simply remove the filters in the blower motor to get rid of any blockages in the system. Nevertheless, if the noise persists, there is a chance that it will need to be replaced.

Rumbling noise: 

Samsung dryers can make rumbling noises due to worn drum rollers. When the dryer is in operation, the rollers can make noise because they are not mounted on a rigid axle.


When your Samsung dryer is making rumbling noises, you may be able to resolve the problem by replacing the worn-out drum rollers. In addition, the height of the dryer’s drum may need to be adjusted to achieve the ideal result.

Clicking noise: 

The clicking sound may be caused by metal-on-metal contact between the drum and lid when they come into contact with each other. When something lies on top of a drum, it might cause the lid to graze or scratch in certain areas if it touches or grazes the lid in certain places. 


As a first step in solving this issue, you should remove anything that might be preventing good contact between these two pieces and try spinning both slowly by hand to see if that helps. 

Alternatively, if that doesn’t work for you, you can spray some lubricant on the surface where they make contact before putting them back together.

Knocking noise: 

The reason your Samsung dryer may be making a knocking sound is that some hard objects may be inside the drum of your dryers, such as zippers, snaps, buttons, and coins.


Remove any such objects and check if the noise goes away once they have been removed. Furthermore, if it is found that the drum is severely damaged, it may be necessary to replace it.

Is Samsung dryer making noise common?

It is common for Samsung dryers to make noise. Due to the whirling drum or internal components like belts and blades, dryers are usually noisy. You may be hearing a rattling or knocking noise from your Samsung dryer for a variety of reasons. 

Components such as the drum, belts, and blades can all be worn or faulty. In addition, zippers and snaps placed inside the dryer may cause rattling or knocking.

You may be able to alleviate excessive noise from your Samsung dryer by doing a few things. In the first place, make sure all lint filters and exhausts are clean and working properly. 

As a next step, you should make sure that the heating element is turned on to its highest setting (usually this can be found right in front of the machine). 

Last but not least, make sure any large items are moved away from the outer edge of your dryer so as not to obstruct the airflow into and out of it as it operates.

Final Thoughts

Samsung dryer can make Rattling, Grinding, Squeaking or screeching,  Thumping, Humming, or buzzing noise because of Bad bearings in the motor, loose Exhaust vent, dirty filter, overloaded, gearbox or door hinge, broken belt. And it is very much common for any dryer to make such noise.