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Nespresso Blinking Red Light – How to Fix? (Explained)

Nespresso is a coffee and espresso machine that has been made considering user convenience. The minor errors in this machine are very easy to fix and can be done at home. 

The most common problem is the red blinking light which may have several reasons but can be sorted out following some easy steps.

Nespresso blinking red light

If your Nespresso is blinking a red light, it means it has some minor issues that require fixing. The red lights might be stable or blinking. Stable red lights may indicate overheating. On the other hand, blinking red lights might be because of an empty tank or obstruction inside the machine’s head.

There are different models of Nespresso. Different models may have different indicators of red light blinking. These are described as follows –

Nespresso Vertuo

Troubled head:

In the Nespresso Vertuo, if the machine’s head faces some trouble or obstruction, it blinks red light continuously and the head stops moving.

Empty tank:

With an empty tank, the Nespresso Vertuo blinks the red light twice and turns on the green light. In such a case, you need to fill up the water tank.

Special function:

By any chance, a special function, descaling mode might be in effect resulting in flashing red lights. 

Nespresso Vertuoplus

Obstruction in the machine’s head:

If there is an obstacle to the capsule, red light may blink continuously. So you need to make sure that there is nothing in the capsule. You can remove the capsule, wipe out the water or anything on it, and place it again in the machine.

Empty tank:

Red blinking light may be an indicator of the empty tank. When red lights blink twice and green lights get turned on, you will get to know about the empty tank and act on it. So you need to make sure that the water tank is filled enough to make coffee.

Descaling mode:

If the descaling mode gets turned on somehow, the machine starts to flash out red lights. So, you can immediately turn off this mode to stop red lights blinking.

Nespresso Essenza Plus

The Essenza Plus is the latest and more basic Nespresso model. It has four orange lights which seem more like red. There are some following reasons for blinking the red lights.

Stuck in descale mode:

There is a small LED red light above the button of your machine. If your Nespresso Essenza Plus accidentally gets stuck in descale mode, it starts blinking the red light.


If you notice that three beverage buttons are blinking, it means the machine has gotten overheated. Just let it rest for a while. If it doesn’t stop blinking then switch off the machine and plug it out. 

After plugging in, if it blinks again, then there is a problem in the internal thermal component and you should consult with the experts.

Firmware update:

The Nespresso Essenza Plus often requires a firmware update. When it goes through the update, all four lights start blinking. It may take a while to complete, but till then you need to avoid using the machine. After a while, you can use it as usual.

Nespresso Aeroccino

Quick heating:

Continuous blinking of red lights on Nespresso Aeroccino indicate quick heating of the machine. The machine has a safety thermostat which prevents the overheating and burning out of liquid in the machine.

As an indicator of quick heating, the machine blinks the red light. You need to rinse the machine with cool water, keep it aside for a while, and allow cooling down before using it again. 

Amount of liquid indicator:

there are two horizontal lines in the Aeroccino indicating the minimum and maximum level of milk required for frothing. If that level is not met or exceeded, the machine starts blinking red lights.

You need to make sure that the given milk touches the minimum level and doesn’t exceed the maximum indicator. 

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus


If the milk gets heated quickly before frothing, the machine indicates red lights to stop the machine immediately. Otherwise, the milk may burn in no time spoiling the texture and flavor of the coffee. 

There might be traces of milk that also get overheated quickly. So, make sure that the machine is properly cleaned before use.

Constant use:

Constant use of the machine might enable the safety thermostat to prevent heating up. As a result, the red light will start blinking. This is because there might be a chance of milk burning out. But, you don’t want burnt coffee, so the machine stops working. 

What does the red blinking light on Nespresso mean? 

Red light, the insignia, has historically represented something negative. And so, seeing a blinking light red color on a Nespresso machine is bound to give a gut feeling that something is not right.

Yes, it is true that red light is suggesting something negative is going on, but it doesn’t mean that you should worry. 

The electric appliance is delicate among many next-generation coffee makers. The state-of-the-art technology is yet to reach the level where consumers can expect durability and longevity without worrying about the machine falling apart. 

As mentioned earlier, the red light doesn’t mean anything too worrisome for the Nespresso owners. 

Red blinking light suggests that there might be some leftover coffee, milk, or water that has fallen inside. Any of such many obstacles to making a perfect cup of coffee. 

When the red light blinks on Nespresso Virtuoline Plus?

Nespresso Virtuoline Plus provides a good quality coffee at home with maximum convenience. This machine has been designed in a very user-friendly way to make it more accessible to all users. It is very easy to fix any minor issue at home.

As a user, you may notice blinking red lights on your machine. Red lights on your Nespresso Virtuoline Plus indicate several things. Basically, when the machine is overheated, there is some obstacle in the capsule, or the water tank is empty, then the red lights start blinking.

Besides, often the descaling mode of your Nespresso might get turned on accidentally, then you will notice continuously blinking red lights on your espresso machine. 

However, red lights give you the warning to look for any arisen error in the machine. Immediate steps would give you an easy solution at home or you may need to consult any experts if required.

How to fix blinking red light on Nespresso? 

Red blinking lights are the most common issue in Nespresso. But it can be fixed very easily at home. Red lights in Nespresso blink for different reasons. However, there are some common measures to sort out this issue. 

Turn off the machine:

The first step you can take is to switch off the machine. Turning it off will give you some time to think and check what the problem is. 

Sometimes, overheating results in red lights. By turning the machine off, you can cool down the machine and get ready for further use.

Remove the obstacle:

If there is any obstacle in the capsule, you need to remove it, empty the container if required, and open and close the machine head to reuse your Nespresso.

Fill up the water tank:

If the water tank is not filled with enough water, the red lights start blinking continuously. So, check your water tank before using it, fill it up with water if required

Rinse with clean water:

Often in the capsule, you can find some unwanted traces that disable the machine to function properly. In such a case, cleaning the capsule with clean water is mandatory. 

Besides, in Nespresso Aeroccino, milk traces are left. It causes the milk to burn and overheats the machine. You can reuse the machine only after cleaning the milk traces left.

Descale mode:

Descale mode is very helpful if used properly. It removes the accumulated calcium and lime from the water to enhance the flavor of your coffee.

However, often the Nespresso gets stuck in descale mode accidentally and starts blinking red lights. So, you need to exit the special mode manually for the proper functioning of your machine.

Final Thoughts 

Nespresso is very user-friendly even for sorting out minor issues at home. The most common problem with this machine is the red blinking light. However, the blinking red light can be fixed by switching off the machine, cleaning it thoroughly, and keeping it aside to cool down before further use.