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Multi-Generational 5-Bedroom Single-Story Modern Farmhouse with In-Law Suite (Floor Plan)


  • 2,541 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Welcome to the enchanting realm of multi-generational modern farmhouses, where the warmth of your grandmother’s embrace meets the zest of your nephew’s latest social media adventures.

Let’s embark on a captivating journey through a home that embodies both unity and autonomy, all wrapped in an elegantly designed package.

Imagine yourself holding a beverage of your choice—whether it’s steaming hot or refreshingly cold—as we explore this architectural gem together.

Picture the exterior of this home as if it’s the intriguing cover of a novel you can’t wait to delve into.

The combination of stone, board and batten siding, and a sleek metal roof harmonizes rustic appeal with contemporary finesse.

The front porch invites you to relax, offering a quaint spot for leisurely sips of lemonade while you greet neighbors with a friendly wave, assuming the role of Pleasantville’s de facto mayor.

As you enter, a welcoming foyer beckons, suggesting you kick off your shoes and stay a while.

To your left, a versatile room awaits, serving as either a tranquil office or a creative writer’s late-night sanctuary.

However, the true heart of this home lies straight ahead in the great room—a space so grand it seems to embrace all your dreams and ambitions.

Under a cathedral vaulted ceiling, a cozy fireplace suggests settling in for a serene evening at home.

This room isn’t merely great; it’s extraordinary.

Next to the great room lies the kitchen, a culinary haven with a spacious island that’s perfect for baking, chatting, and creating memories.

A walk-in pantry ensures you’re always stocked up on essentials, making snack shortages a thing of the past.

The adjoining dining room is a lively space where family meals are filled with overlapping conversations and laughter.

Tucked away on one side of the house, two bedrooms share both a bathroom and whispered secrets.

On the opposite side, the master suite offers a private sanctuary, featuring a walk-in closet you could wander in for hours and a spa-like bathroom for ultimate relaxation.

A discreet hallway connects this retreat to the practical conveniences of the laundry room and garage, proving that functionality can indeed be thrilling.

Let’s not overlook the in-law suite, a self-contained oasis offering independence while keeping loved ones close.

Equipped with its own garage, a comfortable living/kitchen area, and all the necessities for a fulfilling life, it’s ideal for extended family or long-staying guests.

The screened grilling porch is another highlight, where you can master the art of barbecue without unwanted mosquito guests.

It’s the perfect blend of indoor comfort and outdoor ambiance, ideal for those evenings when you crave the fresh air but prefer a barrier from the elements.

A three-car garage eliminates the daily vehicle shuffle and provides ample space for hobbies, band rehearsals, or storing your festive decor.

With 2,541 square feet of thoughtfully designed space, this home strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness for gatherings and coziness for intimate nights.

What truly sets this modern farmhouse apart is its multi-generational design.

It seamlessly accommodates the evolving dynamics of your family, from festive celebrations to peaceful solitude.

This home is a canvas for creating memories, establishing traditions, and experiencing life’s moments, big and small.

This modern farmhouse transcends the concept of a mere dwelling; it’s a sanctuary where each corner has a tale, laughter echoes through the halls, and every day brings a new adventure.

It’s a place of authenticity, surrounded by loved ones and pets, offering a haven where you can truly be yourself.

In essence, if your heart seeks a home that blends versatility with comfort, akin to your most cherished sweater, this multi-generational modern farmhouse could be the fulfillment of your dreams.

It’s a haven where the passage of time only enhances its warmth, where each generation discovers joy, comfort, and a profound sense of belonging.

Welcome home, dear friend, welcome home.

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