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Modern 5-Bedroom 2-Story Farmhouse with Dual-Level Laundry (Floor Plan)

Plan Details:

  • 4,049 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.5 Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Step into the world of exquisite living that rivals even the elegance of Martha Stewart herself. Imagine a modern farmhouse that seamlessly merges style with functionality, and where even the laundry facilities have a touch of grandeur.

Reminiscent of those carefree childhood days spent sipping cold lemonade on a porch swing, this modern farmhouse is here to transport you back in time, but with a luxurious twist.

The immense front porch, with its captivating charm, seems to be urging you to indulge in the pleasure of a perfect porch swing. And why settle for one when you could easily have two?

However, the allure doesn’t end there. As you step through the front door, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. Not just one, but two rooms on either side of the inviting foyer.

On one side, a serene study awaits, tailor-made for your inner bookworm. Meanwhile, on the other side, a delightful school room emerges, perfect for the little ones or perhaps your concealed artistic aspirations. Could you be the next Picasso in disguise?

The true heart of this home, though, undoubtedly lies in the combination of the great room and dining area. Imagine lazy Sunday brunches with the family, laughter resonating, and the warm embrace of sunlight flooding in from the rear, illuminating the most Instagram-worthy spread you can envision.

And the views that unfold beyond!

With elegant glass-paneled doors, the boundary between indoors and nature dissolves, allowing you to step into the outside world with ease.

Whether it’s a vibrant BBQ gathering or a tranquil evening under the celestial canopy, the covered patio stands ready to accommodate your desires.

Feeling peckish? Let’s wander into the u-shaped kitchen, a culinary haven that transcends mere functionality. The expansive prep island takes center stage, while the lofty vaulted ceilings add a dash of theatrical flair to the ambiance.

And then there’s the walk-in pantry, spacious enough to harbor your charmingly quirky mug collection, those exotic tea blends you adore, or even your treasured stash of midnight snacks. Your secret is safe with us.

But what about parking, you ask? Fear not, for this resplendent dwelling has got you covered with a generous 3-car garage on the left, inviting you to park your cherished steed with pride.

And after a day spent gallivanting, the expansive mudroom awaits, beckoning you to leave behind your rain-soaked coats and mud-caked boots. Yet, should you find yourself dusty rather than damp, a discreet powder bath is cleverly concealed behind a nifty pocket door.

Clearly, thoughtful design is the hallmark of this abode.

Enter the master bedroom, a haven worthy of being dubbed your personal palace. With a fireplace to keep you cozy on chilly nights and access to an inviting back deck for those sunlit morning coffees, it’s a retreat tailored to your every desire.

Ah, and who could forget the affair of laundry? Nestled within the master closet, you’ll discover a stackable washer and dryer, ensuring that you not only reign supreme but that your regal robes remain perpetually fresh.

Venture to the upper floor, where an enchanting realm for the kids or guests awaits. Each of the four bedrooms boasts its own private bath, putting an end to the morning squabbles over who claims the shower first.

And then, the pièce de résistance: another commodious laundry room. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of trekking downstairs with your laundry basket; now you can effortlessly toss that sweaty jersey after the game right from upstairs.

Beyond being a mere residence, this 5-bedroom modern farmhouse is a tangible manifestation of dreams. It offers space that breathes, charm that captivates, and a plethora of considerate features that delight at every turn.

From its versatile multi-purpose rooms to the convenience of a dual-floor laundry system, this architectural plan stands as the true MVP.

So, why confine yourself to mere daydreams? Plunge headfirst into this realm of comfort, opulence, and a hint of farmhouse whimsy that’s been patiently waiting for your arrival. And along with it, that enchanting porch swing you’ve always yearned for.

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