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Maytag Neptune Washer Not Draining or Spinning? (Explained)

Maytag Neptune washer is one of the famous washing machines with excellent features. Running this washer is pretty convenient and easy.

However, like other electrical machines or devices, this washer can also create problems. For example, you might observe that the washer is not draining or spinning.

So, you might be confused about why your Maytag Neptune washer is not draining or spinning. You must know about this malfunction if you want to solve the problem.

Moreover, different reasons can be responsible for not draining and spinning. Knowing about the functions and solutions is essential. So, let’s see details about these problems.

Maytag Neptune washer not draining or spinning

If the pump filter or hose of the Maytag Neptune washer is clogged, the washer might stop draining or spinning. Moreover, imbalance load distribution, improper drain height, bad drain pump, etc., can also be responsible. Besides, if the lid is not closed correctly, the washer might not spin.

The draining and spinning can stop for multiple reasons. Let’s get to know them.

Not draining

When your Maytag Neptune washer is not draining, some reasons might be responsible for this. If you want to solve the draining problem, you have to know about the problems in detail.

So, here are some reasons why your Maytag Neptune washer is not draining and the corresponding solutions.

Clogged drain hose:

A drain hose is one of the essential components to drain the residual water and dirt from the drum of the washer. But sometimes, the drain hose can become clogged. Once the drain hose is clogged, it will not drain properly.


To solve this problem, you must unplug the machine and keep it at a distance to access the drain hose.

Once you have found the drain hose, you must clean it thoroughly. Remove debris, hair, dirt, and other residues in the hose. Then flow water through the hose and keep it in place on the washer.

Blocked drain pump filter:

Another reason might be that the drain pump filter is blocked. If this happens, you will see that the pump is running but can’t drain water. The drain pump filter can get clogged by dirt, debris, hair, and other things.


To solve the problem, you have to unplug the machine and look at the back panel of the washer. If you find the drain pump filter, remove it from the washer. Then clean the filter very well. If the filter is not usable, you can change it and attach a new one.

Damaged drain pump:

The drain pump helps the entire system by removing dirty water from the washer and draining it. If the drain pump is damaged, the draining system will not work.


First, you can try to clean the drain pump. If it does not work, you can seek professional help. Otherwise, you have to fix it with a new drain pump.

Incorrect drain height:

When the drain height or drain pipe height is incorrect, the draining system will be interrupted.


You can check the user manual and buy a new drain pipe according to the required height.

Imbalanced load:

When the load inside the Maytag Neptune washer is not balanced, it can cause a problem with draining. Poor distribution of loads can lead to this problem.

For example, if you overload the washer or put different types and sizes of fabrics altogether, it can cause an imbalance load to the washer.


Keep the fabrics in the required amount. Don’t overload the washer with too many things. Moreover, distribute the fabrics well. Put the same size and types of fabrics together. This will help keep the balance of load in the washer.

Lid switch problem:

If the lid switch has a problem or doesn’t work, it can cause a problem with draining. Because the lid switch helps to turn on the motor. If the lid switch is damaged or has a problem, the motor will not run. As a result, draining will be stopped.


You must check the lid switch whether it is okay or not. If the switch is damaged or failed, you have to replace it. Otherwise, the problem will not be solved.

Not spinning:

Sometimes, the Maytag Neptune washer stops spinning. The problem might be different from the draining problems.

But sometimes, the same problem can cause draining and spinning problems in the washer. Here are some possible reasons why your Maytag Neptune washer is not spinning and the corresponding solutions.

The lid is not closed correctly:

If the lid of the washer is not closed correctly, the washer will not be ready to work or spin. Moreover, when the lid becomes faulty, it will cause problems with spinning.


If the lid is not closed properly, you must close the lid before turning on the cycle. But if the lid has been damaged, you must seek professional help to fix or replace it.

Drive belt problem:

The drive belt is an essential part of the washer that helps the washer to spin around. If the drive belt is faulty or has some problems, it will not help to spin the washer. So, if your Maytag Neptune washer has a drive belt problem, the washer will not spin.


If you see that the drive belt is faulty, you must replace the belt. Otherwise, spinning will not start.

Motor coupling problem:

Generally, motor coupling in the Maytag Neptune washer connects the motor to the transmission in the washer. So, if the motor coupling has a problem, the washer might stop spinning.


You have to check whether the motor coupling is broken or damaged. If you see it broken or damaged, you must replace it.

Other problems:

Some other problems might prevent the Maytag Neptune washer from spinning.

For example, door latch problem, faulty motor control board, faulty clutch, faulty drive pulley, rotor assembly problem, stator assembly problem, drive motor or transmission problem, etc., can also be responsible for why your washer is not spinning.


Each of these problems has different solutions. But if these parts of the washer are not working properly, it will be best if you replace the associated part. Otherwise, you can contact a professional.

How do you manually drain a Maytag Neptune washer?

When you can’t fix the draining problem with washing machine automation, you must manually drain the Maytag Neptune washer.

Draining manually can sometimes make a mess with water. So, you have to drain the washer appropriately. But you might not know the process. So, let’s see how you can manually drain a Maytag Neptune washer.

Disconnecting the washing machine:

First, you have to disconnect the Maytag Neptune washer entirely from the electrical connection. To do this, you can pull the washing machine away from the wall. Then you have to turn off the power switch and water connections.

Emptying the washer:

Then you have to empty the washer from all loads. You must scoop out all the remaining washers from the washer drum. Then the washer will be empty.

Moreover, you can unhook the drain hose from the wall and empty the residual water.

Clamping the open end:

Finally, you can clamp the open end of the hose. This will prevent excess spillage from the washer while you drain it. Thus you can drain the Maytag Neptune washer manually.

How do I get my Maytag Neptune washer to spin?

Now that you know your Maytag Neptune washer has different reasons for not spinning. So, let’s see how you get your Maytag Neptune washer to spin.

  • First, check the lid of the washer and close the lid properly.
  • If the lid is closed correctly, you can check the drive belt and replace the faulty drive belt.
  • Next, you must check the motor coupling and replace it if it has gone bad.
  • Check whether the door latch is okay and replace it if needed.
  • Check the motor control board and drive pulley and fix them by replacing the bad ones.
  • Inspect the rotor and stator assembly and fix them by replacing them with new ones.
  • Finally, if the washer is still not fixed, you can contact a professional.

Final Thoughts

Your Maytag Neptune washer can stop draining and spinning for different reasons. The draining problem is associated with clogging or damaging parts like drain hose, drain filter, etc. But the spinning problem can arise when the internal parts of the washer have problems.