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LG Washer Not Draining or Spinning? (Read This First!)

Washers are used to make the cleaning easier. But when the washer doesn’t work properly it would only cause problems while cleaning. You would not be able to clean the stuff as well. 

Trying to fix the washer is the best possible solution to clean the stuff without doing it by yourself. 

Following the below, tips and information regarding the washer not draining or spinning would give you an idea of solving the problems quickly. 

LG washer not draining or spinning

Lg washer might not drain water and spin at all. It can occur if the loads are excess, the water drain hose is clogged, the pump not working, and even more. You can solve the simple problems by yourself or else you might need to change the system and repair it by professionals. 

Washer not spinning and draining can occur often. It would make it difficult to wash the stuff by hand. Well, you might need to replace the washer if it is totally not working. But trying some solution on the washer might get your washer to work. Otherwise, repair it or change it. 

Not draining:


Clogged drain:

When the drain hose is clogged with dirt, it would not let the water be drained. It will work as a barrier for water to pass. The clog can be caused by the excess dirt if you do not clean it occasionally. Moreover, a piece of cloth might also get stuck in the way. 


Unplug the washer and remove the drain hose. Clean it and put it back. 

Imbalance load:

Adding too much load to the washer in one go can cause draining problems. The clothes might get stuck on the drain. Moreover, the washer may get damaged while working.


A balanced distribution of the stuff is required to keep the drainage system working. Do not use too many at a time and different materials as well. Try taking it slow. 

Defect in assembly:

The wire assembly may not be done in the correct order, it would definitely not drain water in such cases. Sometimes, the lid may not close up or the error may show. It is because the washer takes the lid open. 

And it would not complete a cycle and neither would drain water afterward. 


Check the assembly and close the lid. Monitor if any error is shown or not. It is likely the lid is loosely closed. 


Washer getting clogged:

The most common reason why the top-load washer does not drain water is because of the clog. You have to check it first and confirm it to find the solution.


Try running a cycle on the washer to confirm the problem. If the washer is working fine but the water is not getting drained, it is most probably because of the clog. You should turn the washer off and unplug it.

Remove the drain hose and clean the clog. You might see through it to check further. After checking and cleaning, put the drain hose back.

Plumbing defects:

Sometimes, the water can not get to the pipe connected to the main plumbing line. The plumbing line might have defects as a result, water gets stopped in the middle and stays still. You can not find the water draining.


Plumbing issues can be caused by the clog or because the pipe is going bad. You need to check every possible issue. Try removing the drawing hose and check if any clog is present. If the pipe has defects, you should change it and repair it. 

Not spinning


Defect in drive belt:

The front-load washer rotates with the help of the drive belt. The drive belt usually connects the motor to the tub and rotates it. If the drive belt is not fine or damaged, the washer would not spin. Sometimes, it can break entirely.


Drive belt can be replaced and it does not even cost much. Placing a new one is better as the belt can get damaged due to the frequent use of the washer. And it is a common one. 

Door lock problems:

The washer would not start unless the door is locked. It can be caused due to the faulty switch or the wires being not connected correctly. Moreover, you need to close the door properly without forcing it to.


Close the door properly and open it with ease. Test the door lock with a multimeter, if it is not okay you would need to change the door lock completely. 

Too much load:

Well, it is easier to assume that too much load would create a burden or force as a result the washer would not spin. It is not that the washer has defects. The excess loads would make it impossible to rotate them.


Unload the excess load. Balance the load throughout the washer instead of gathering all of them in one place. 


Not draining:

The washer cycle completes by draining the washer. If the draining does not go right, the washer would not start. Which results in the washer not spinning.


Check the drain hose and solve the drainage problems. Any problem related to draining can be a cause of the washer not spinning. The washer would work after fixing the drainage problems. 

Defected motor:

The defect in the motor would also cause it to stop the spinning of the washer. The normal agitation might continue but not the washing cycles.


Repair the motor. It is not a task that you can do by yourself, contact professionals for help. 

Is LG washer not draining a common issue?

It is kind of a common problem in the LG washer that the water is not draining. It can occur due to various defects in the washer. You need to fix the drainage problem immediately to keep the washing working. 

LG inverter direct drive washer:

LG inverter direct drive washer not draining might be caused due to many defects in the washer. Especially when the drain pump is not working, the draining of the water would not occur either. 

LG thinq washer:

When you put more than enough accessories or stuff in the washer, the washer would get crowded and can cause drainage problems. It is also common in the LG thinq washer. 

LG truesteam washer:

LG washers tend to get draining problems. Even the motors might not work with time. In that case, changing the motor is the best solution. Almost all the washers face the same problem, and so does the LG thinq washer.

LG tromm washer:

The LG tromm washer not draining water can occur when the dirt is clogged. Well, other defects of the motor system can also be a reason for the water not getting drained. 

Even washing too many things at a time can also lead to draining problems.

How do I force my LG washer to drain and spin?

When the LG washer is not working, you might want to force the LG washer to work. Well, it might work as well. There is no way out when the washer is not working unless you fix it up. Temporarily you can get the washer working if you force it. 

You can follow below to force down the washer to drain and spin.

Force the washer:

The washer not draining and spinning can not be fixed by only forcing the washer. You need to fix the washer completely. For that, you might need to look at the motor of the washer. In the worst case, you might need to fix the washer. 

To force the washer, you should stop the cycle, then start the cycle again. Trying this might help to drain the water. But this might not solve the spinning problem. Spinning problems can occur if you use too many of the detergents in the washer. 

Now, you can not pull the chemicals out, rather washing cycles might help.

Try using only a spin cycle to let the washer spin. You can also drain the water by removing the drain hose and removing the water out of it. 

Final thoughts:

Overall, the LG washer not spinning and draining might be due to many reasons such as overload of the stuff, drainage problems, clogs in the drain, too much use of the detergent, defects in the pump, and even defects in the washer. You can try solving this problem or repairing it directly.