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LG Microwave Not Heating: Why & How to Fix? (Answered)

Your LG microwave may not be heating up for several reasons. Let’s look at the most common causes and solutions for microwaves not heating up. Here’s everything you need to know about repairing your LG microwave, from a power issue to a broken sensor. 

Lg microwave not heating

The most common reasons LG microwaves do not heat are Broken Sensors, Defective Power Supplies, and Garbage Buildup. Additionally, the magnetron could have gone bad, and the microwave’s circuitry could be defective. There are also cases where the turntable motor and diode fail.

There may be something blocking the sensor in the door of your LG microwave if it is not heating up. A debris buildup on either side of it or grease buildup inside could cause this. Here are some more reasons why LG microwaves do not heat in different situations:

Lg smart inverter magnetron microwave

Your LG smart inverter magnetron microwave may not be heating due to a broken sensor, a defective power supply, or debris buildup. Here’s what we find:

Broken Sensor:

A broken sensor may not accurately detect heat, so the first thing to check is the sensor. As a result, your microwave may not heat up, or even turn off randomly. You will need to replace the sensor if it is broken.

Defective Power Supply:

A defective power supply could also be responsible for your LG smart inverter magnetron microwave not heating up. 

There might be problems with the electrical current going to the oven’s sensors and circuitry if there is an issue with the wiring or plugging into the outlet. You will need to replace the power supply to fix this issue.

Broken Fuse:

A broken fuse can also cause your LG smart inverter magnetron microwave not to heat up. It is possible to blow a fuse if the power supply wiring goes bad. The power supply unit needs to be replaced to fix this problem.

Lg I wave microwave

The LG I-wave microwave may not be heating for a few reasons. Check the power connections first, as they might be loose or damaged. The following are some other reasons:

Magnetrons are likely to fail:

There are many reasons why microwaves fail to heat up. It is likely that the magnetron on your oven has failed, which will result in a loss of power going to its sensors and circuitry. 

It will be necessary to replace the entire microwave to fix this issue.

Microwave circuitry might be defective:

The wiring or plugs that go into your LG I-wave microwave could also be faulty, causing it to not work properly. It is best to enlist the help of a professional for troubleshooting and repairing these issues.

Something may be blocking microwaves:

It might be necessary to clean anything that may be blocking your microwave from heating up properly – such as paper fragments or food particles – if you do not see any physical problems.

Lg lmv1683st microwave

The LG lmv1683st microwave may not heat if a child lock is on, there is a problem with a diode, or a turntable motor has stopped working. The details are as follows:

Activated Child Lock:

Activating the child lock feature will prevent people under 13 from using the microwave. This issue can be resolved by deactivating the child lock and then resetting the oven’s clock. Select “clock” from the “settings” menu on your microwave.

A Failed Diode:

You may experience problems heating up your LG lmv1683st if its diode fails. In this case, you will need to replace the diodes on both microwave power supply boards. Your local electronics store can provide this service.

Turntable Motor:

Your microwave may not heat up if the turntable motor is not rotating properly. This issue can be resolved by replacing the turntable motor. 

Is it worth fixing an LG microwave that won’t heat?

The LG microwave is worth fixing. It may be necessary to replace the turntable motor if there is no physical obstruction blocking microwave energy from reaching the heating coils and the oven has a working clock.

You may want to consider replacing your microwave if your microwave isn’t heating correctly or if there are other signs of problems (such as moisture buildups). You can find several repair shops that can assist you with this task. 

Depending on the repair service, some charge a flat fee, while others charge per service. Make sure you do some research before making any decisions so that you know what is fair in terms of quality and price.

How do I know if my LG microwave fuse is blown?

The LG microwave fuse may be blown if there is an obstruction blocking the microwaves from reaching the heating coils. You will need to replace the blown fuse if you notice this issue. Here’s how you can tell if your LG microwave fuse is blown:

Remove the front panel:

To begin with, you’ll need to remove the LG microwave’s front panel. The front panel can be removed by removing two screws located at the top and bottom. You can gently pull off the front panel after removing these screws.

Check for burnt-out wires:

You should check for burnt-out wires and connectors after removing the front panel. Your oven’s fuse will blow if there is any problem with electricity going into or out of it. You should replace the blown fuse as soon as possible if you find any damaged wiring.

Inspect the heating coils:

An obstruction in the way of the microwaves reaching the heating coils can cause a fuse to blow. To resolve this issue, you will need to inspect all of your oven’s heating coils for damage or obstructions. These heaters must also be replaced if you find any such problems.

How much does it cost to replace the magnetron in an LG microwave?

There is a possibility that your LG microwave magnetron may have blown and that it will need to be replaced to bring it back to life. LG microwave magnetrons typically cost between $150 to $200 to replace, depending on the model

It is important to note that the cost of your microwave may vary based on the model and the condition in which it is. 

In addition, if you happen to have any other problems with your microwave, such as noise or a burning smell, then you may also need to replace the magnetron if you have any other issues with it.

How do I fix my LG microwave that is not heating?

If your LG microwave is not heating, the thermostat may malfunction. You can reset the thermostat by entering the code printed on the card that came with the appliance if this is the case. Your circuit board may need to be replaced if this doesn’t work. 

How to fix your LG microwave that won’t heat:

Remove the cover:

LG microwaves require you to remove their covers first. It can either be removed by removing the two screws holding it in place or by pulling it up from one side.

Check for heat:

Remove the covers from the ovens and check to see if they’re heating up. You may need to replace one or both of your ovens if there isn’t enough heat. The heating elements might not turn on in some cases due to a blown fuse.

Check the thermostat:

You may need to check your thermostat if the ovens don’t have heat and the fuse is not blown. Remove the cover of your thermostat by removing the two screws or pulling it off by pressing down on one side. You’ll probably need to replace the thermostat if it’s broken.

Replace the circuit board:

You’ll likely need to replace the circuit board if the thermostat isn’t working and the ovens aren’t heating. Remove all of the screws holding your LG microwave’s circuit board in place and then gently pull it out. 

It is important to wash your hands after completing this step because some small parts may fall off.

Reinstall the circuit board:

Replacing the circuit board requires gently pushing it into place and then screwing all of the screws back in. You may get some small parts off the board after this step, so wash your hands afterward.

Final Thoughts

Microwave, not heating due to broken sensor, defective power supply, or debris buildup. Additionally, the magnetron may have failed. You can resolve this problem by plugging in and turning on the power supply. Vacuum the filters and clean them with water. Replace the magnetron if necessary.