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LG Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset? (With Solutions)

Ice makers are for making ice. Apparently, you can install ice makers in the refrigerator or buy them separately.

Some refrigerators also come with ice makers which would definitely cost high. You can still install one if you feel like you need the ice maker.

Following the below tips and information regarding the ice maker and the reasons behind it not working and the resetting procedure would help you to find a solution to repair it.

Lg ice maker not working

There are several reasons behind the Lg ice maker not working. Well, it is also a common problem among refrigerators. The reasons can be faulty water lines, installation faults, the temperature not being right, less water pressure, newly installed ice makers, the motor being failure and many more.

Lg ice makers would make the ice from the water. When the water is provided, the ice maker proceeds to make the ice.

It can form plenty of ice cubes. But there are also problems encountered with the ice makers. Ice makers often do not work properly and stop. The reasons behind this are given below.

Newly installed ice maker:

Newly installed ice makers need almost 24 to 36 hours to start making ice. Before that, you would not find the ice at all.

Do not panic and hastily make moves. After that time, the ice maker would begin to convert the water into ice. You should wait till the ice maker sets up.

Temperature fixation:

When the correct temperature is not reached, the ice maker would not begin to form the ice. The temperature needs to be below 19 degrees Fahrenheit to form ice. The appropriate one is -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Otherwise, the ice would form slowly and you might mistakenly consider it as an ice maker not working.

Water line problems:

Sometimes the water line is not connected to the system properly. As a result, the ice maker can not get the water.

If there is no water, how would the ice maker form ice. Moreover, the water pressure being low can also be a reason for ice makers not making the ice.

There can be jams in the water line. It might need cleaning or it is not connected. With proper water line connection and proper water pressure, the ice maker would begin forming the ice. You should keep an eye on the water line.

Not switching the ice maker on:

Often people forget to switch on the ice maker. Well, if it is not switched on, it would not work at all. The switch is just on the ice maker panel and it is visible. Turn it on if it is not turned on.

You can finally find the ice forming. You should first check the switch and then move to other solutions.

The system failure:

Well, mostly it does not occur, that the motor becomes a failure. You would need to change the motor if it happens. Due to the failure in the system, the ice would not be formed.

Moreover, any other solution would not work either. Repair the system to get the ice. In the worst case, you might need to change the ice maker and get a new one.

Is LG ice maker problem common?

Not only the LG ice maker but also all the ice makers go through problems. Many may regret putting the ice maker in the refrigerator as it often can get damaged.

Not exactly damaged but would not work due to varying reasons. And one had to fix that quite often.

LG Isxs26326s:

LG Isxs26326s might have ice maker problems due to the blockage of ice. It is not necessary, it is the only reason.

That’s why diagnosing the problem is necessary before coming to a conclusion. Resetting may solve all the ice maker problems in one go.

LG Isxs26366s:

LG Isxs26366s ice maker not working might not be a common problem.

But the ice maker can lead to many problems with the refrigerator. Tackling the other problems is tougher than fixing the ice maker.

The foods might not get enough freezing temperature due to the occurring problems.

LG Thinq:

Most LG refrigerators have problems keeping the foods cool. Due to the large configuration of the refrigerator, the problem is quite common.

LG Thinq having the ice maker not working can be solved by the normal steps of solving the problem.

You can check the water lines, the switch, dispenser and try resetting the ice maker. Any of them would work to keep the ice maker working.

What to do if my LG ice maker is not working?

Lg ice makers not working can be caused by multiple reasons. Well, there are also multiple solutions for that. Instead of panicking, you should focus on solving the problem.

You would not need to change the ice maker if there is no big problem. The certain things you can do after encountering the problem are given below.

Check the lines:

Sometimes, the connection of the lines is not properly done. As a result, the lack of connection would lead to no formation of the ice. You should check the wires if they are connected or not and the door should be closed afterward.

Set the temperature:

The temperature should be set at -4 degrees Fahrenheit to get the ice at the highest rate. You should fix the temperature around that. Otherwise, the ice-making procedure would become slow. Or it would take a long time to form ice.

Check the water line:

As the water line might not be connected in the proper condition, you should check it. Sometimes, the water lines get removed and no connection would supply no water. Connect the water lines and check the pressure of the water supply line.

This can somehow solve the problem if fixed. Well, you can also keep water manually to get ice.

Reset the ice maker:

If no other solution works, you should reset the ice maker. It can solve almost all problems.

Different configurations of the ice makers might have different options for resetting. You should read the manual and instructions before resetting the ice maker.

Almost all the ice makers follow the same resetting process though it may vary. If still, the ice maker does not work, you should repair it.

There might be some defects in the system. Or you might need to completely change the ice maker depending on the condition.

How do I reset my LG refrigerator ice maker?

If the LG refrigerator ice maker is not making any ice, you should definitely try resetting the ice maker.

Resetting would help to solve all the problems. Well, you should definitely check if the wires are connected or not. If the wires connection is not okay, even though you try resetting the ice maker it will not work.

After fixing all the issues, you can reset the ice maker. Follow the below steps to reset the ice maker.

Turn the switch on:

You definitely have to check if the switches were turned on or not. If the switches were turned off, turn on the switch and wait till the next day.

The ice formation would begin after 24 hours. But if the switch is turned on, try switching it off. Next, turn it on to reset the ice maker.

Check all the connections:

The water line connection, the water supply, everything should be checked to move further in the process.

After checking the connection you should remove the ice bin. The ice bin takes the formed ice. Instead, place a bowl or towel. So that if ice is formed, it would not be misplaced.

Press the test button:

To reset the ice maker, you have to take it to the test mode. You can find the test button and press it for almost 3 seconds. Well, it is better to press the button until the cycle starts. After holding for a few seconds, the ice maker would reset.

The ice formation includes supplying the water, forming the ice in mold, and leaving it in the dispenser. The operation would be complete within the next 24 hours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, LG ice makers not working or not making ice can be caused due to many problems. You should not hastily make decisions before diagnosing the problem. Ice formation cannot occur if the water lines are not connected, the system not working, the water supply is not enough, and more.