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LG French Door Refrigerator Not Making Ice: How to Fix?

Appliances which have built in ice makers are a blessing for home owners. But make sure you know how to use them properly.

LG French door refrigerator not making ice

There might be some technical issues when the problem is with the ice maker of the LG French door refrigerator. You might want to check the power supply and connection of the ice maker. Also see if there is enough water in the ice maker to make ice. Resetting the fridge is an option to fix it.

Most fridges come with an already installed ice maker on the side of the door. This is a very convenient installation for everyone. A built in ice maker is always appreciated and needed around the house most of the times.

But sometimes the machine can stop working just when you need it to work the most. This can be annoying and very difficult to manage at the last minute.

Usually the machine or the fridge gives no early indication that there is something wrong with the ice maker. So when you see that the ice maker is not working try to understand the reason behind it.


Sometimes you may forget to turn the ice maker on. If this happens all you have to do is turn the ice maker on and it will start working in a matter of minutes.

When you don’t use the ice maker as often or regularly you might want to keep it turned off. And if that happens then it is very common for you to forget to turn the machine on again.

So before getting to an assumption you should check and see if the ice maker is turned on.

Connection of the water line:

Most times there needs to be a connection with the water line for the ice maker to work. If you kept your ice maker off most of the times then chances are the water connection might need turning on as well. Check the connection of the ice maker first.

There might be issues with the water connection of the ice maker and the fridge. Most times the connection is disrupted due to some technical issues.

When this happens the ice maker stops working. You will need to fix the connection issues if you want the ice maker to work.

Manual reset:

Ice makers need to be reset, not very frequently but it does happen. If you have use the machine too many times then you will notice the ice maker not work. I does not take much time or effort. Sometimes the reset option is automatic, to make the work easier.

You might find this confusing if you reset the refrigerator the ice maker does not reset as well. You should keep this in mind when you go to reset the ice maker.

The reset option for the ice maker is separate from the fridge. You will have to reset the ice maker separately.

Ice makers have become an important part of the household appliances. And instead of a different ice maker machine, LG French door refrigerator has an ice maker installed with the fridge. The appliance may not work sometimes. Try find the reason behind the malfunction.

Is there a reset button for the ice maker on the LG French door refrigerator?

Most appliances have a reset button installed in them in case of emergency or any other situation. For an ice maker you may find it difficult to find the reset button. Because unlike the other buttons, it is not in a specific position that is easy to spot.

There is a small hole at the left side of the fridge door. It is a very tiny hole, almost impossible to notice at first glance, or if you are not looking for it. That is the reset button itself.

You will have to insert a pin and hold it in place for a few seconds until the ice maker has started to reset.

Reset button in the ice maker is not like any other button. It is not right at the surface of the machine or it is not labeled. The button needs to be found at the left side of the machine.

Where is the test button on LG French door refrigerator Ice Maker?

The test button is sometimes used sometimes to either fill the water for the ice maker or instead of resetting the entire machine. It is different than the reset button.

The test button can be found on the outside of the ice maker. The test button usually has a small label underneath it.

The test button is easy to locate. It is usually at the outside of the ice maker. The test button can be on either side of the ice maker, either left or right. The button is labeled so you won’t have to work too hard to find it.

The test button is equally useful as the reset button. In case of any inconvenience, you can use the test button and get the job done. Just look for the test button on the outside of the ice maker and you should find it on either side of it.

How do I get my LG French door refrigerator to make ice?

Ice is important in any season and time. You will never know when you need it. Which is why an ice maker has become an important part of the household appliance list in the recent days. You can get ice in any of the two ways if you have an LG French door refrigerator-

Use the ice maker option:

The LG French door refrigerator has a built in ice maker that you can use to make ice. You should make sure the machine is turned on and has connection with the water supply. Run the machine and you can get ice in a matter of minutes.

The traditional way:

If the ice maker stops working then you can always go for the traditional way. Fill an ice tray with water and keep it in the fridge for an hour or more. The old fashioned way requires more time so make sure you are in no hurry of ice.

The LG French door fridge has a built in ice maker which helps the ice to form quicker. It takes about a few minutes for the water to turn into ice. It is a more convenient and efficient way of making ice.

How do I reset my LG French door ice maker?

Sometimes you will notice the ice maker of the LG French door refrigerator not working properly. There might be several reason behind the issue.

But resetting the ice maker will fix the problem immediately. If you are new with an ice maker then you might face some confusion while resetting it. Follow the instructions given below to properly reset the ice maker-

  • Look for the on/off switch on the ice maker. You can find this on the left side of the ice maker unit. It has a label underneath the button so it won’t be difficult to locate.
  • Press the button with the “ice” icon on it. It should start a cycle. But if the cycle does not start you will have to remove the bin.
  • Remove the bin from the ice maker unit if the cycle does not start.
  • Turn the breaker off for 30 seconds or more.
  • Place the bin back in place after you have waited about half a minute.
  • Turn the breaker back on and wait for a few hours before you start the ice maker.
  • Turn the ice maker on and wait a few more minutes before the ice maker starts working properly.

Resetting the ice maker can be a handful if you go for the manual way. There is an option to reset the machine in the automatic way. For the LG French door fridge there is a reset button at the left of the unit. Enter a pin in the small reset hole and wait a few seconds.

The machine will turn off and on again in a few seconds. It is sometimes necessary to reset the ice maker of the LG French door fridge or any other.

Final thoughts

If there is an issue with the water fillers or the water line connection of the LG French door fridge then you will notice the ice maker not working. Any malfunction in the power supply will also be a cause of the issue. Or sometimes the ice maker needs to be reset after running for awhile.