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Kitchenaid Ice Maker Not Working – How to Reset?

Kitchenaid ice maker is a renowned brand that people mostly use in the USA. If you have a business or office, you need an ice-maker to get some ice cubes to enjoy the party. You can’t always rely on the refrigerator’s ice tray to get the ice.

The ice maker gives you a reliable process & a perfect small fridge to make your ice as per your preferred boxes. You can use different boxes and ice-shaped trays to get different types of ice cubes. You can also get large size ice from it.

Kitchenaid ice maker not working

Your Kitchenaid ice maker is not working because of the water inlet valve. If this part of your ice maker is defective or stops working, your KitchenAid ice maker won’t work, or it will stop working to produce the ice. Sometimes, resetting your KitchenAid might give you a perfect solution.

We will get through some fundamental reasons why your KitchenAid ice maker stops working and will show you the best repairing or solving ways.

You should first get the reasons and then sort them out. Before that, you must know the model number of your KitchenAid ice maker since there are the top six models for it.

Some problems would be very common, including the water inlet valve. If it goes wrong, the entire ice maker will stop lowering the temperature to make ice inside. So, you should get through the common problems and then find specific problems of different models.

Here you go with a few common reasons for your ice-maker. You should go through them and sort them out accordingly.

Defective Water Inlet-Valve:

The first reason is a defective water inlet valve that ultimately stops your KitchenAid ice maker.

When the water inlet valve gets damaged or doesn’t find enough water pressure, it will get stopped and will not allow the ice-maker to work correctly. The entire cooling system mostly depends on this part.

The external threats and rough uses will affect the water inlet valve. If you find any problem in the water inlet valve, you must take it seriously and repair it. You must replace the entire water valve if it has severe wiring problems.

Damaged Wire:

Sometimes, the damaged wire doesn’t allow the ice-maker to start. If the wire is cut and damaged, it will fail to flow the electricity to your ice maker.

Consequently, the ice maker stops working and producing the ice cubes. You cannot do anything but change the damaged wire.

You must check all the wires whenever your ice maker doesn’t work. If there is any damaged or cut wire, you should repair or replace it with a new one. It would be the most common problem & solution for your KitchenAid ice maker.

Less Water Pressure:

The water inlet valve works perfectly depending on the water pressure. If your water inlet valve fails to get the water pressure, it will fail to produce the temperature to make those ice cubes.

So, if you find any issues in the inlet valve, you must check the water pressure and repair it accordingly.

Faulty Reset Button:

Another common reason is faulty reset & on/off buttons. Sometimes, the reset and on/off buttons get internal damage that you can’t observe or find.

When you find those issues, you should check all the buttons on your ice maker and repair the damaged part.

In most cases, you can’t repair them since they will fail to maintain the electric flow to your ice maker motor.

Therefore, replacing the faulty switches or buttons would be your ultimate solution. Using your DIY skills and essential tools, you can replace them without hiring an expert.

Is Kitchenaid ice maker problem common?

The kitchenaid ice maker problem is common. Some common KitchenAid ice maker problems are clogged water filter, fixed or kinked water line, faulty water inlet valve, high freezer temperature, etc.

Kitchenaid krmf706ess01:

The freezer temperature is too high is one of the most typical reasons why a Kitchenaid krmf706ess01 ice maker will not produce ice. When the temperature is too high, enough water is not available to make ice cubes.

Kitchenaid krsc503ess00:

There is a possibility that the water entry valve on your KitchenAid krsc503ess00 ice maker is faulty if it is not producing ice.

The water inlet valve is electric, and sufficient water pressure must work correctly. If you have a faulty valve or if there is not sufficient water pressure, the valve will not open, and the Kitchenaid krsc503ess00 ice maker will not be able to fill with water.

Kitchenaid Superba:

If your kitchenaid superba ice maker is still producing ice, but a significantly lower amount than usual, it is best to test the water filter.

If the water filter is blocked, the flow of water will be restricted, which will prohibit the ice maker from performing as effectively as it should.

Kitchenaid kfxs25ryms4:

The water inlet valve is responsible for opening and closing so that the refrigerator may receive water from the water supply in your home.

If the valve experiences a malfunction, it may remain closed. It will prevent water from being supplied to the Kitchenaid kfxs25ryms4 ice maker.

Kitchenaid kfxs25ryms2:

The residual water in the water line of the Kitchenaid kfxs25ryms2 ice maker can freeze and form a blockage, which will then impede the water flow.

Directing a hairdryer to the water line can melt the blockage, and the water can flow freely again.

Kitchenaid krfc704fps:

Kins in the water line is the main problem of your kitchenaid krfc704fps. Kinks in the line might hinder the flow of water, which stops ice manufacturing.

Make sure there aren’t any kinks in the water line; if there are, try to straighten them out gently.

What to do if my Kitchenaid ice maker is not working?

If your kitchen ice maker is not working, you can do the following things.

Reset Your Ice-Maker:

Since the most common reason your KitchenAid ice maker is not working is overuse and hanging, you should reset it regularly. In most cases, you will get the instant result by resetting your ice maker using the reset button or manually.

If there is any minor problem, or your ice maker gets hanged, you must reset it.

Repair Inlet Valve:

Another most common reason is defective inlet water valves. Most times, this part of your KitchenAid ice maker gets damaged or can’t handle or get the proper water pressure.

It’s the only reason why your KitchenAid ice maker doesn’t work. You must find out this problem and repair or replace the inlet valve.

You may repair the water inlet valve more often and get the KitchenAid working. If you can’t find anything wrong in this part, you should check the other parts and solve that accordingly.

Replace Damaged Buttons:

I already explained why the damaged or faulty buttons might be another reason your KitchenAid ice maker doesn’t work. If you find any problems with your buttons, you should replace them and sort them out accordingly.

How do I reset my Kitchenaid ice maker?

You can rest your kitchen ice maker in two ways. One is the automatic reset option, and the other one is manual. Let’s get through both ways and reset the KitchenAid ice maker.

Shut Off Freezer Door:

For the automated reset option, you should shut the KitchenAid ice maker door for 10-15 seconds and let it reset by itself. You should keep the door closed for a while and go through the next step.

Press the Door Switch:

Before shutting the door, you must press the door switch consecutively. You cannot make any mistake since the KitchenAid will fail to get restarted.

Blinking Lights:

When you do the first two things, you must get the blinking lights; if they don’t blink, you did the wrong thing. You should press the door switch three times and shut off or close the KitchenAid ice maker.

Manual Reset:

You must be able to reset the KitchenAid ice maker by the following tips. What if the freezer door switch doesn’t work? You will unplug the ice maker and wait for a few moments to let the ice maker reset itself.

When you unplug the ice maker, you should keep that for a minute and then plug in the ice maker again.

It will reset the entire ice maker within a few minutes, and you don’t need to do anything else. You can turn the switch button and start getting the ice cubes again.

Final Thoughts

The KitchenAid ice maker stops working because of the defective water inlet valve. Maybe it’s not getting the water pressure to work correctly and fails to start on the ice maker motor. You may repair the entire ice maker using the door switch. Otherwise, the manual unplugs & reset option is there.